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"PT" means Physical Therapist. If you cannot bring yourself to type out "patient", the correct abbreviation is "pt". It's LOSE your license, not "loose" your license. I've seen this one so often... Read More

  1. by   Farawyn
    Quote from chare
    While non-standard usage, both conversate and irregardless are real, and becoming more accepted. Having said that, I have to say that I completely agree with you as to all three.

    And while we're on the subject, whatever happened to the comma, particularly the Oxford comma.
  2. by   Horseshoe
    "I took care of a women with COPD."

    I see that often.
  3. by   chare
    Quote from Horseshoe
    "I took care of a women with COPD."

    I see that often.
    Conjoined twins?
  4. by   djh123
    I have no idea what 'NETY' is, but I agree with you SO, so, so much. There are many, many other common errors that I could point out, but it's kind of been covered in another thread not long ago. The language has been in decline for a long time, in my humble opinion.

    I had to edit this after seeing multiple comments about someone calling themselves - or a patient - a 'women'. Since I've been single for (longer than I'd like, honestly), it's blown my mind to see women say, on dating sites, 'I am a women who...'. My policy is to never contact anyone who thinks they are a 'women'. :^)
  5. by   OyWithThePoodles
    If it makes you all feel any better... I just got this gem from an educator.

    "I already had planning. I will try to get down their at lunch."

    Yep. I tried taking a picture but it wouldn't show up.
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  6. by   TriciaJ
    My latest peeves: "dependency" instead of "dependence", and now "resiliency" for "resilience". Gag.
  7. by   djh123
    Quote from sevensonnets
    I go berserk over cloths instead of clothes, stripped shirts, yard sells, dinning tables, alot, awhile, ect. instead of etc., and then instead of than. Then there are people who turn up missing and those who are actively working threw there problems.
    Oh My God yes. Then instead of than is as inexplicable to me as the people who don't understand woman vs. women. How do you say it OUT LOUD? I've never heard anyone say 'he wuz bigger then me'. You pronounce it THAN, so why don't you spell it THAN?
  8. by   NutmeggeRN
    Quote from la_chica_suerte85
    It is still a thing because rampant "Special Snowflake Syndrome" is leaving a massive blemish on the Millennial Generation.
  9. by   djh123
    Another one that drives me mad is using 'an' instead of and. Yeah, I understand 'n' instead of 'and' in a text, but there are people who use 'an' instead of 'and' in a lot of things other than texting, and I want to say 'Do you not even understand the difference, or is it really just so difficult to type that 'd' on there'?

    And 'to' when they mean 'too'?!? I have a cousin with a master's degree who writes that all the time.
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  10. by   llg
    "It's a doggy dog world."

    Yes, I have seen that several times. How do people use that phrase when obviously, they don't know what it means?
  11. by   Extra Pickles
    Quote from sevensonnets
    I saw an obituary in the local paper for a man who was currently living in Chicago but was formally from Atlanta.
    While the word formally is the obvious problem I think it's worth noting that the dead man listed in the obituary wasn't currently living anywhere!
  12. by   amoLucia

    Am also seeing a trend of adding the suffix 'ATION' to many words, like 'colorATION. It's the 'color' blue, not 'colorATION' blue. I can't think of others but they are out there. TV people are big abusers.
  13. by   Extra Pickles
    How about seeing breath written when the correct word is breathe?

    As in "He couldn't breath".