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  1. Truth vs. myths

    I see they are still passing on the *** and lies from the 1970s. Only the financially illiterate do not have malpractice insurance.
  2. Struggling

    You are liable for the poor care you give to residents, excuses do not count. Do not return to work there.
  3. Caring for the Caregiver

    Leaving nursing forever is GREAT self care!
  4. Ageism in Nursing?

    At 67 I was perfectly capable of keeping up with any one of the younger nurses.
  5. Yes, I'm Vaxxed But...

    Enjoy dying from Covid then…..
  6. I would have quit on the spot, literally. I have abandoned nursing due to the corporate nonsense and the willfull controlling every aspect of the staff. bye.
  7. I want to quit....Or find something new

    Changing jobs every couple of years is the best way to get ahead and get raises in nursing. Employee loyalty is no longer valued or rewarded by employers, so job hopping it is.
  8. I will not be “grateful” for what I earn because I worked for what I have. No one gave me anything for free. Gratitude simply doesn’t configure in it.
  9. Without the vaccine you cannot do your clinicals and graduate. Choose accordingly.
  10. Valid Reasons To Not Get Vaccinated

    If someone is unvaxxed they have absolutely no right to touch or be around a patient.
  11. Termination From Employer For Refusing EUV

    We do not need people selfishly infecting innocent patients It’s offensive to even hear
  12. Asked to change my Nursing Note...

    I would never change a nursing note. It admin doesn’t like it maybe they should be better at their jobs.
  13. Then quit complaining about being called at home or get a decent job that doesn’t expect 24 hrs a day work for one *** salary. Stop being a doormat by choice.
  14. Grocery store workers hazard pay

    That when you given them a public *** chewing and a complaint. Don’t tolerate being treated this way.
  15. Just a Little Venting

    We used to work under the same policy and I told a couple of the hospitalist docs to please call and complain about it if they were tired of the ridiculous calls. The policy was rescinded with the week.