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  1. DeeAngel

    Asked to change my Nursing Note...

    I would never change a nursing note. It admin doesn’t like it maybe they should be better at their jobs.
  2. DeeAngel

    Mandatory Staff Pictures In Patient Rooms

    I won’t participate, as a woman who lives alone it’s no ones business what I look like. Many woman have reasons for keeping private thing private. Personally, I don’t give a crap about “engaging” with patients, admin can do that if they feel it is so all important.
  3. DeeAngel

    Quick! Blame the Nurse!

    Stop it. Do your assigned duties and let everything else go.
  4. I don’t know of any facility that would ever hire your daughter due to liability.
  5. DeeAngel

    Time to get rid of care plans?

    Nursing school really has no bearing in preparing you to actually work the floors as a nurse.
  6. DeeAngel

    Digital/ Hardcover Books

    Never buy books if you can get them for free....https://1lib.us/s/Nursing
  7. DeeAngel

    New Grad RN hired as an “RN Supervisor” at a SNF

    For all that’s holy I hope you have the sense to have malpractice insurance, you desperately need it.
  8. DeeAngel

    President Trump and the First Lady Test COVID Positive

    I wish for them what they wished for the American people.
  9. DeeAngel

    Being written up

    Contact your malpractice insurer.
  10. DeeAngel

    President Trump and the First Lady Test COVID Positive

    Bed. Made. Lie. The chickens are coming home to roost.
  11. DeeAngel

    Being written up

    Stop talking to anyone about this, remove this post and get an attorney through your malpractice provider. Not one more word to anyone, you are being set up to be goated. Refer all future questions to your attorney.
  12. DeeAngel

    Has anybody else switched from an RN job to a CNA job?

    You will be held to RN standards of care as long as you posess a valid nursing license.
  13. DeeAngel

    Blacklisted from HCA

    No one is obligated to hire you for any reason.
  14. DeeAngel

    BLM rioters cheer as Trump supporter murdered

  15. DeeAngel

    Changing jobs in the pandemic?

    Just because its a pandemic doesn't mean you can't change jobs just as before....
  16. You're damn right we get to chose to die on our own terms, my life, my choice. Get over yourself. My mothers nursing home six years ago cost me nearly $10,000.00 a month so she wouldn't go to a hellhole. You know absolutely nothing about the costs of senior care.