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  1. DeeAngel

    State investigating

    Get an attorney and speak to no one about this, not even family. Take this post down as well
  2. DeeAngel

    Stop the Silence...Violence Against Nurses

    Hostile work environment lawsuits should be filed for every single occurrence. The only thing that will make them pay attention is if its going to cost them money or gain them bad publicity. Admin could not give a single crap if nurses get beat up.
  3. DeeAngel

    The Longest Forty Eight Hours

    Too many people don't get that to prepare for the NCLEX, that process actually starts when you start nursing school. There is no last minute hail mary remedy for those that didn't get the basics down.
  4. DeeAngel

    Controversial Patient Odors in Nursing

    Slender people do not have a pannus that droops halfway to the floor, so yes I think morbidly obese people smell sometimes to the point of needing a mask on when doing a skin assessment.
  5. DeeAngel

    Professionalism in Nursing? Yes, Please!

    The way people groom, dress and conduct themselves is very, very important. Whether it's right or not people will make all kinds of assumptions about a nurse and her practice just based on the way she presents herself.
  6. DeeAngel

    Former LVN With Current Felony Charge

    You need to speak with an attorney specializing in these issues, there is no substitute for doing this, no workaround, no shortcut. Your malpractice carrier can give you some names. If you've failed to maintain malpractice insurance then it's going to be en expensive journey. The first step of your journey starts with setting up an appointment with a nursing malpractice attorney. I would also not post about your issue on the Internet. at all.
  7. DeeAngel

    Is this real? Vein light

    They have been using them in my local hospital for 4-5 years I believe.
  8. Too many people don't understand that ticking a box to set your privacy settings to "private" does not mean others cannot see everything you posted with a bit of skill. The people checking the social media accounts for employers have those skills and yes, they can see everything that's there.
  9. Awesome writing, I hope you submit it to your local Letters to the Editor.
  10. I forgot to add the most important part. In two years of working I think I have accrued about an hour and a half of overtime and that was unrelated to patient issues and involved people being late during storms, that sort of thing. In other words, I have time to get all my work done, things ready for the next shift, loose ends tied up, charting done and out the door on time every day.
  11. I work night shift only since I've come back to nursing. There is a less supervision and no management types snooping around. I work with a great bunch of people, we all get along and laugh about things when there is down time. We work together to get things done. The pay is better and my living situation is such that I can come home and sleep without being disturbed by anyone. Day shift is an utter ZOO with the families there, admissions, discharges, Drs coming and going. I will quit nursing if I would ever have to work day shift. No meal breaks and nurses with 20 + years experience nearly in tears because they don't have time to do their work. Frequently I see staff do all their charting for the shift after they have given report since they don't have time to do it during their shift. No thanks. I work in a mid-sized general hospital in AR. We have no more than 7 patients on nights, often 6. Our charge nurse does our admissions. Days are supposed to have 5 but it's 6 every day, often with 3-4 discharges and then quick new admissions to those same rooms. The staff has to do their own admissions on day shift.
  12. DeeAngel


    Why don't you ask the pharmacist where you work?
  13. DeeAngel

    Old school nursing practices....

    I have seen it happen where the foley was cut and the balloon did NOT deflate necessitating a urology consult with a hospital visit about an hour later. You deflate the balloon with a syringe and then remove the Foley, seriously is saving two or three seconds worth the risk of having this happen? I wasn't the one that did this because I was taught never, ever to do this, apparently the other person was given different information.
  14. It seems like there are so many childish things around nursing and I just don't get it. The frumpy cartoonish uniform tops, the corny "angel" statues and dust catchers aimed at nurses. Our billboards at work speak of "Being on the Bus" and features a short yellow school bus and a "pledge" form that we are all supposed to sign that features lots of cartoon characters. The form is for us to say we agree with the hospital policies on working as a team, getting along with others etc. Seriously our bulletin board looks like something I would expect to see in a 4th or 5th grade classroom. Lots of big fat yellow smiley faces all over everything. IMHO it's demeaning, debasing and I hate having this nonsense aimed at me, a 58 yo nurse working since 1975! There are rolls of bright cartoon stickers we are supposed to put on glasses of ice water to give to the patients with phrases like "I've been a good patient"!, "You are awesome"!, "You are someone special"!. You know, the sort of thing you would expect to see in pediatrics, NOT on a general med/surg floor. Needless to say I refuse to use them. Our supervisor recently told us that if we hear someone say something "not nice" we are supposed to get one of those fat oily yellow face stickers and put it on the person upside down, so the smile will appear instead as a frown. Does anyone else see this, I know the other nurses I work with also find it stupid and ridiculous.
  15. Have you lifted any linen bags lately, do you have any idea how heavy they can get?