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At my hospital, we nurses are not allowed access to the web at work. Doctors, managers, educators and secretaries all have access, but staff nurses at all levels are not allowed! There are many... Read More

  1. by   NurseDennie
    I have it at my work, but I'm not doing bedside care any more. I consider to be work related.

    When I was in bedside care, there was *A* computer terminal in the nurses' station, but it was restricted. We could access the intranet, but not get out on the www. There was an unrestricted computer in the education office, which we were "officially" allowed to use, but who has enough time to go off the floor like that? Nobody I know. Also, the powers that be took off ALL the games. My buddy, who is an excellent nurse, and quite quick at her work, sometimes had a few minutes she could play solitaire, so they had to get rid of it! Oh well.


  2. by   srnurse
    I work for a doctor and we have internet access at work, we utilize it to access the local hospital computer for lab work, xrays, etc,,,..My employer is very strict about the sites we are allowed to access,,,but our office charts are computerized so we have to access it alot on certain issues that deal with the charts.
  3. by   ceecel.dee
    Yes, we have access, but all have been lectured about carefully logging in and out with our individual passwords because "we are monitoring activity". I think we do need the access but I suppose a few spoil it for the many.
  4. by   shay
    Originally posted by SmilingBluEyes
    yes we do have internet access at has kept me alive and awake thru many a slow nite when my work is caught up.
    Amen to that!! Yep, we have access, and yes, admin. has some sites blocked. None that I visit, though. I'm a www nerd....when I surf, it's to check the news and weather. Color me geek.
  5. by   SharonH, RN
    We have access also. The only problem this creates is that occasionally we have people from other departments who come to the floor to surf but it's rare thank goodness.
  6. by   kaycee
    We have access but I have never have time to eat let alone play on a computer. I feel lucky if I can sit down once in a while to chart!
  7. by   MHN
    we have internet access , i use it at night betweens rounds ect to do research mainly we have passwords to log on individually for state wide sysytem
  8. by   nilepoc
    unlimited access, everyone gets an account, and then there are general accounts that we all sruf from.

    Very little supervision, we usually listen to streaming audio instead of local radio.
  9. by   VickyRN
    Yes, we have internet access at work, too, which is a very nice perk. Have instant access to the CareNotes patient teaching system, and it's great to be able to use the internet to look up information on anything related to pt care. Have internet filters in place, but, nonetheless, if anyone is caught going to a porn site, will be cause for instant termination.
  10. by   debbyed
    Our official hospital drug referrence is MicroMedix so all computers have internet access. There have been several staff fired for either porn or gaming violations
  11. by   sr moore
    i live in the bay area, and our 3 of the 4 docs have internet, our office manager has internet, and no one else has it. I go home and order vaccines on line mainly because i just don't have time to do it at work, and it saves my office an extra 2% of the price beyond our pedi fed contract. The only item on computer is our billing. Our office manager says it is to difficult to put scheduling on the computer because the docs change their schedules to much. So when someone calls we end up searching for appts manualy, and sometimes they have more than one appt. sched. I know that was off the subject. When new things come up at work I like to research them but I usually do it at home.
  12. by   Heather333
    The hospital where I work is a large teaching and research hospital and we have internet access. Mostly used for looking up info about patients or new meds, but I occasionally find my way to
  13. by   nell
    Thank you all for your replies. It helps to know what other places are doing. Some of us are trying to get access at work, but the paternalistic attitude of management is a great barrier.

    There are many times in the NICU when it would be helpful to look up rare conditions or med info, not only for nurses, but to give info to parents that we know is correct.
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