Do you have internet access at work?


At my hospital, we nurses are not allowed access to the web at work. Doctors, managers, educators and secretaries all have access, but staff nurses at all levels are not allowed!

There are many times when we have a patient with an unusual condition that I'd like to research, but I have to wait until I get home. Also, management expects us to do a lot of things online such as manage our medical/dental/vision coverage and even choose our "gift" for longevity awards - not a problem for me, but many of the nurses I work with don't have access at home, or are technologically challenged.

I just wondered what is going on in the rest of the world, especially after reading this article:



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Surely you gest ????!!!!!:D Heck no...methinks they are indeed afraid we would actually research something that would actually help someone. Thus, I do my research at home, print it,take it to work.

Did work at one hospital which had WWW access,but it was discontinued due to some staff members visiting the porn sites.



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We also have internet access, and the ability to use it. When someone decides to visit porn sites, they get terminated, not the use of the system.

Must have been an "all knowing suit" that decided it was better to deny the use of a valuable information resource than to discipline the person looking at porn!



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Yes, I have it here. I'm thinking is work-related. :D


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Originally posted by LasVegasRN

Yes, I have it here. I'm thinking is work-related. :D


We get much of our patient teaching information off the internet (drugs, procedures, etc), so we have to have internet connection.

I do consider "" to be work related . . . most of the time.:rolleyes:

I'm trying to get other people at work interested in the site. They all have their own pet sites they like to visit, though.

Happy surfing, folks!



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do have access at work...alleged they monitor our sites...but have not really ahd any problems of which i am aware...


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yes we do have internet access at has kept me alive and awake thru many a slow nite when my work is caught up.

and i discovered AT WORK, believe it or not. i use the internet at work for ONLY NURSING-RELATED surfing........we are allowed to use it "within discretion", but i see coworkers go to ebay and you-name-it. me, i can do that at home. i use it judiciously and consider a valuable info source. you are all so wise!

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Nell, I have traveled to three states and worked in big city hospitals, and the situation was always exactly as you described it. I have worked in lots of hospitals, public and private, state owned and privately owned, and have never seen nurses with internet access.


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[O/T]sunnygirl, love your doggie avatar! Sooo CUTE! [/O/T] :)


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I think just about every hospital in the pugent sound has internet access. But again...some people don't have any self control! I know that the VA hospital did have unlimited access to the net....but people abused that ended that...:o


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I have it at work...breaks the monotony sometimes.


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Not only do I not have internet access at work, I don't have computer access period. Apparently, I'd be spending all my time playing computer solitair.

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