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  1. CRNAs and 40-Hour Weeks

    All of the CRNAs where I work are on forty hour weeks. We self schedule and work any combo of shifts. though no one works a 24 and a 16, I personally do a 16 and two 12s. 40 hours is a possibillty as is any other amount you wish to work.
  2. Stepping down

    Hello, This is a quick note to announce my departure as a moderator of the CRNA forum. I have not bee spending enough time here to justify continuing to hold a moderator position at allnurses. As a result i have chosen to step down. Many thanks go...
  3. Aldretti Scale

    Here is a link to a full text PDF on the revised Aldrete scoring system. (note spelling) google is your friend. Aldrete JA: The post-anesthesia recovery score revisited. J Clin Anesth 1995;7:89 - 91
  4. did you have a hard time finding work?

    Whats up, is that some states are more desirable to live in than others. For example, Colorado. In colorado the Anesthesiologists have a huge presence and are very influential. So much so that they bullied the governor into withdrawing a request t...
  5. Hours that you work ?

    400 bed hospital, 24 OR's I work three days a week, one 16 and two 12's. week one Monday 1500 - 0700, Tuesday 1900 - 0700, Wednsday 1900 - 0700 week two Wednsday 1100 - 2300, Thursday 1500 - 0700, Friday 1900 - 0700 week three sunday 0700 - 2300, ...
  6. I Passed!!

    Thats great, congratulations.
  7. How does CRNA school differ from nursing school?

    It gets easier when you graduate. I won't forget the first novel I read after getting certified.
  8. SRNA with a problem, need some help fast!

    This is a note to explain my need to edit out the identifying information in the first post of this thread. quailoh it is not a good idea to identify yourself in a public forum if you are trying to work with your progam to get back in. It is howeve...
  9. Propofol providers

    That site looks a little dead to me. The last update was in December of 2004, and there is only one page of information there. I hope they came to their senses and backed off on the training.
  10. MAC vs PC for SRNA

    ditto of the above experiences. I made it through my entire program with a mac and had no problems.
  11. prone positioning and pt. blindness

    What Pete said. I have heard that the MAP should be maintained altleast greater than 60, and preferably greater than 70. Personally, I use goggles, and a foam head block on all of my prone patients. Craig
  12. Spinal gone bad

    Without knowing specifics, here are a couple of reasons. Physiologic narrowing of the spinal canal, causing an upward spread of anesthetic. Patient positioning post injection causing cephalad spread of anesthetic. Too large a volume of anesthetic inj...
  13. Mass application vs Eggs in a Basket Approach

    Read this thread old thread on how many applications to send. good luck.
  14. Practice Issues

    I agree Deepz, it probably was a troll. Unfortunately I let it get away from me. Thank you Yoga for your well stated views. I agree with you whole heartedly. Craig
  15. Nurse Anesthetists: We Have the Wrong Attitude!

    When I first saw this thread, I almost took the bait and responded. I thought about it long and hard, but could not bring myself to rehash this arguement again. So I let it go to see what would transpire. It started well, but has lately become a ...