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  1. nilepoc

    CRNAs and 40-Hour Weeks

    All of the CRNAs where I work are on forty hour weeks. We self schedule and work any combo of shifts. though no one works a 24 and a 16, I personally do a 16 and two 12s. 40 hours is a possibillty as is any other amount you wish to work.
  2. nilepoc

    Stepping down

    Hello, This is a quick note to announce my departure as a moderator of the CRNA forum. I have not bee spending enough time here to justify continuing to hold a moderator position at allnurses. As a result i have chosen to step down. Many thanks go out to all of the members of allnurses. I plan to remain a member here and will post occasionally. Good luck to you all, Craig Copelin
  3. nilepoc

    Aldretti Scale

    Here is a link to a full text PDF on the revised Aldrete scoring system. (note spelling) google is your friend. Aldrete JA: The post-anesthesia recovery score revisited. J Clin Anesth 1995;7:89 - 91
  4. nilepoc

    did you have a hard time finding work?

    Whats up, is that some states are more desirable to live in than others. For example, Colorado. In colorado the Anesthesiologists have a huge presence and are very influential. So much so that they bullied the governor into withdrawing a request to grant independant practice to CRNAs. I looked into jobs in Reno Nevada and found a similar situation to Colorado. Anesthesiologist only practices dominated the landscape. Federal jobs exist, but are few and far between. If you are willing to move to a less desirable local, you will find jobs a plenty.
  5. nilepoc

    Hours that you work ?

    400 bed hospital, 24 OR's I work three days a week, one 16 and two 12's. week one Monday 1500 - 0700, Tuesday 1900 - 0700, Wednsday 1900 - 0700 week two Wednsday 1100 - 2300, Thursday 1500 - 0700, Friday 1900 - 0700 week three sunday 0700 - 2300, monday 1100 - 2300, tuesday 1100 - 2300 repeat, This gives me two six day weekends a month, and I do not do call or overtime. I'd have to say its a pretty sweet gig.
  6. nilepoc

    I Passed!!

    Thats great, congratulations.
  7. nilepoc

    How does CRNA school differ from nursing school?

    It gets easier when you graduate. I won't forget the first novel I read after getting certified.
  8. nilepoc

    SRNA with a problem, need some help fast!

    This is a note to explain my need to edit out the identifying information in the first post of this thread. quailoh it is not a good idea to identify yourself in a public forum if you are trying to work with your progam to get back in. It is however a smart idea to seek advice from others, just try and do it more discretely in the future. As far as your situation goes, you need to be humble as you aproach the apeals process. I was in a very similar situation and am now a CRNA. I worked with the system, and did not lash out at them. There is usually more to the story than can be conveyed in a public forum. You should tread lightly with your program and see if they can work with you. As far as getting into other programs goes, you may find it incredibly difficult to get into another program, especially if you are seen as a loose cannon. As of now, you have been pretty reasonable, I am just trying to prevent you from damaging yourself in the eyes of the anesthesia programs. All members of this and other forums need to remember that this site is public and that the schools read it as well. It is not hard to figure out who is who when you give yourself away with specifics of your program. Good luck in your quest to remain an SRNA. It is possible to get around a momentary stumble, but you need to be careful how you aproach it. Craig
  9. nilepoc

    Propofol providers

    That site looks a little dead to me. The last update was in December of 2004, and there is only one page of information there. I hope they came to their senses and backed off on the training.
  10. nilepoc

    MAC vs PC for SRNA

    ditto of the above experiences. I made it through my entire program with a mac and had no problems.
  11. nilepoc

    Are you really >$100,000 in debt after school?

    Yes, I am in that much debt. There is no way to work while you are in school full time. So choose your geographic location wisely. Washington DC where I was, is very expensive. There are many schools in areas that have a lower cost of living. You live like you do now except you don't do much fun stuff, so you actually save money. Besides you will be studying not travelling.
  12. nilepoc

    prone positioning and pt. blindness

    What Pete said. I have heard that the MAP should be maintained altleast greater than 60, and preferably greater than 70. Personally, I use goggles, and a foam head block on all of my prone patients. Craig
  13. nilepoc

    Spinal gone bad

    Without knowing specifics, here are a couple of reasons. Physiologic narrowing of the spinal canal, causing an upward spread of anesthetic. Patient positioning post injection causing cephalad spread of anesthetic. Too large a volume of anesthetic injected, again causing cephalad spread. Hypobaric solution rising. Any one of these, and possibly many more. I am glad to hear that the outcome was without lasting problems for the patient.
  14. nilepoc

    Mass application vs Eggs in a Basket Approach

    Read this thread old thread on how many applications to send. good luck.
  15. nilepoc

    Practice Issues

    I agree Deepz, it probably was a troll. Unfortunately I let it get away from me. Thank you Yoga for your well stated views. I agree with you whole heartedly. Craig
  16. nilepoc

    Nurse Anesthetists: We Have the Wrong Attitude!

    When I first saw this thread, I almost took the bait and responded. I thought about it long and hard, but could not bring myself to rehash this arguement again. So I let it go to see what would transpire. It started well, but has lately become a personal attack thread. I am going to let this thread continue for a bit longer, but will be watching to make sure it does not digress any further. If it does, it will be locked. This is an issue that is worth discussing, and needs to be kept alive. Unfortunatley it is an issue which does not have an easy answer and tends to cause people to argue rather than discuss. I would like to suggest that interested readers look up this topic in the old threads via the search function. Craig