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So I've noticed an interesting phenomenon lately. Our unit regularly gets students of various kinds - nursing, EMT, APN, etc. The nursing and EMT students sit in on report. Because they come to the... Read More

  1. by   cleback
    Quote from Farawyn
    *curtsies to the Queen*

    What color are the penises?
    *grabs a pen from your pocket to take notes*
    Yep, this thread was totally worth the read.
  2. by   cleback
    PS what do you guys do on your off time that pens autocorrects to the male anatomy???
  3. by   LibraSunCNM
    If that makes you a crusty old bat, then call me a 32 year old crusty old bat! I would have snapped the same thing at them, even with EMRs it's just prudent to have a pen on your person. I regularly keep 1 or 2, plus a pencil, in my purse, and my work bag always has several.

    They should also just understand that if they're going to join the nurse club, nurses in general are pen fiends. PENS ARE AWESOME!!! I bought a pack of multi-colored gel pens from Costco a few weeks ago because my husband saw me ogling them from the checkout line with starry eyes and said "Just get the pens, you know you'll use them!"
  4. by   berdawn
    I'm going to add that when I attended orientation for my RN program, I was HORRIFIED by the number of people who didn't have a pen or notebook. Based on our tuition, I *kinda* thought we'd be given a portfolio and pen, maybe knock off Cinnabon, but I've been to enough crappy conferences that I don't count on it.
  5. by   picklerick
    I'm a student and I always have a pen!! One of the first things my professor told us to do was carry at least 2-3 pens because you'll be lucky if you end the shift with all of them
  6. by   Have Nurse
    I always carry pens. Computers can crash.
  7. by   beekee
    I carry 2 different types of 4 color pens, a plain black pen, a sharpie, and a highlighter. Why? No clue. I have no system. I don't think I've ever highlighted anything. Apparently, I have some sort of pen lacking phobia.

    But really, if a bunch of nursing students don't show up with at least one pen, that's kinda on their instructor (at least for the first time - really, students don't know. If you told them to bring a protractor, they would).
  8. by   decotes
    I'm a brand new nurse, as well as a PCT of 3 years during school and I always had/have/needed a pen. And not just any pen, a tri-colored pen. My first day of my PCT job I forgot a pen because I didn't think to bring one, but that's it.
  9. by   AceOfHearts<3
    Quote from Have Nurse
    I always carry pens. Computers can crash.
    THIS! A thousand times this! I've been working before when the entire hospital system crashed right in the middle of the day- talk about a massive mess. The system was down for hours and hours and it took us days to recover.
  10. by   NRSKarenRN
    For anyone attending critical care convention NTI 2018 - See you in Boston! , you may run into tnbutterfly in her black collared shirt with allnurses logo --- ask her for an pen...... they are the BEST pens lasting several months. Highly sought out by those attending past NTI conventions.
  11. by   hurricanekat
    So I was once a restaurant manager and responsible for hiring new servers. Interviewee shows up to fill out application without a pen. She politely asked me for a pen and I said no - I won't be hiring you so no need to fill out an application. She asked me why and I told her that as a server a pen is part of your uniform - its like coming to work without pants on. She understood, was obviously upset and left. She called me a week later to schedule an interview. She showed up with a pen and a pencil and I hired her on the spot. Fast forward 10 years and she is now a manager in another restaurant and she doesn't hire servers that don't bring pens to interviews either. Pen, pencil, sharpie, scissors to draw blood - everyone should have something to write with and write on also. You are in school - its part of the "uniform".
  12. by   pixierose
    Went into work with one pen in my pocket.

    Came home with three pens in my pocket.

    Alas, no penises. Hubby is working and I think he'd have a few questions ...
  13. by   meanmaryjean
    Quote from Caprica6
    OMG...I do the EXACT same thing...are we soul mates?
    Apparently so. We should do a DNA test...