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Have Nurse has 25 years experience and specializes in Med/Surg/Infection Control/Geriatrics.

MN born and raised. Details not posted for security reasons. Served in the military 9 years. Had a family. Attended Vet Tech school and nursing. Traveled overseas.

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  1. Have Nurse

    Inclement weather conditions...mandatory to work?

    They shouldn't have to think for you.
  2. Have Nurse

    New nurse and I had a breakdown at work

    So true! Are you able to sit down with your husband and share what you've been experiencing? He needs to understand that it takes some time to find your way into a workable routine. Also, you need to step up and tell someone when you are just too exhausted to function safely. Your little one will adjust with time, and so will you. Don't worry about the acting out. Drop her off, kiss her and tell her you will see her later and go. Kids do better with a routine. She is old enough to learn that. It's okay not to let her make you feel guilty, Hon. (Grandma here) You're doing this for her remember? Get some sleep, have Dad babysit for a day to let you catch up with your rest. Leave the chores alone, really. Let them alone. You need to nourish both your body and your spirit. Sending virtual hugs and chocolate your way! Lord, please help her know that she isn't alone. Give her rest, strength and calm. In Jesus name, Amen.
  3. Have Nurse

    Denied from nursing school...

    I agree.
  4. Have Nurse

    What to do?? A whole BOX of crazy!!!

    Actually, that might give you some leverage, since she's receiving State money. She can either give you a decent reference, or you can offer to have her sit down with you, the State and the IRS.... Seriously though, most states have laws regarding what she's doing and as far as a reference goes, for risk management purposes, most employers only need to verify employment, dates and wage. It really shouldn't be a problem. If she is compelled to intimidate you with her body language that you mentioned, (eyes narrowing etc.), she is weaker than you think. Be respectful, but direct. And don't back down.
  5. Have Nurse

    What You Need To Know About Older Nurses: Myths and Realities

    Thank you. And some family members prefer an older more experienced nurse. (smile)
  6. Have Nurse

    Do you ever get concerned about certain users on here?

    Yep. I agree with you. Sounds like someone's trying to sow discord. Enough of that.
  7. Have Nurse

    Did I cause this rapid response?

    I agree. Please don't quit.
  8. Have Nurse

    Report or not when administrators have favorites

    This is where you actually get to use those nursing skills you were taught: Checking labs, previous notes, doing your own physical assessment, interviewing your patient (if you can,) reviewing the M.A.R., and speaking with your colleagues. It was perfectly appropriate for the nurse who was on a family emergency not to respond. For HIPAA reasons you should know better than to text anyway. Secondly, she wasn't irresponsible if she contacted the Admin and that person offered to help you by instructing you when should have known what to do anyway. She opted to speak to someone, not text you. Hence, she followed up the best she could. The responsibility lies with you and this other nurse who took her place. Perhaps there was a safety issue here, but you could address this with "Risk Management" or the Pt. Rep if needed. But don't you dare throw that grieving nurse under the bus! She did nothing wrong. You really do need to understand what "Patient Abandonment" really is before you go off have cocked. I'm sorry. My dander is up and it really frosts my cookies to read about something like this.
  9. Have Nurse

    Please Give ME any Good Reason to Stay in the Nursing Field

    Get out. Now. You'll feel better because deep down, that's what you want. You just needed someone else to validate it. Nothing wrong with being honest with yourself. Your nursing wasn't wasted....Now go forward.
  10. Have Nurse

    Mandatory Hurricane Evacuation - Can I be Forced to Work?

    Fortunately, Hurricane Florence has been downgraded to a 1 this morning. She hit shore today.
  11. Have Nurse

    Can I please get a Parking Spot!

    Preach it, Friend! Our lot is so tiny that if you don't get here before 7:00 a.m, you have the privilege of parking a block away for free. The only problem with that is the neighborhood, the weather and the lot owner who will charge you 15.00 dollar parking fee if you are there after 3:30 p.m., in the event that there is something going on downtown at the Xcel Center. (A concert or what have you.) I drive a very long way to get to work, fight traffic and then dash to find a space. I am allowed to come later if I want, but then the lot is full and I might end up paying a fee. I can't afford that on a regular basis. Believe me, I hear you!
  12. Have Nurse

    7 Questions About Near Death Awareness

    I enjoyed this read. Thank you. While my mother was dying she said to me: "Russ" (her dead brother), was here last night." She sailed out at 11:08 the next morning. It's been nearly 16 years. I still miss her....
  13. Have Nurse

    Is It Me? Or My Generation?

    Interesting perspective. Yes, a lot does have to do with what things we grew up. But I also blame it on lack of education in the schools. The focus is so tech and politics oriented. When I was growing up, we visited farm museums, the telephone companies, bakeries and the Science Museum in St. Paul. We learned about old technology and how it's changed over the years. We got to "try" to use the older equipment at the place we visited on the field trip. It was great fun and posed a lesson on how pioneers communicated before the crank phone, the candlestick phones, etc. We learned how to create fun instead of zoning out at a computer screen. Today, I share the old stories with the younger generation and they are truly intrigued. It makes me smile. But I also have to say this because it's bugged me for years. There's no such thing as "Generation X-Y-Z or what have you. I find those terms demeaning and categorizing regardless of their purpose. Labeling is wrong. They're just kids...people.
  14. Have Nurse

    Sign a consent without witnessing actual signature

    There would be a conflict of interest if it was he/she who was about to do the surgery. Witness means just that. Witness. If you did not witness it, don't sign it.
  15. Have Nurse

    Accomadating patients racist request?

    I have seen this too, however to be fair, those "little old white ladies" at least were raised during a time when their culture was such that discrimation was accepted. Also, they were not allowed to be alone in the room with anyone without a chaperone, and that included the "white" doctor. I don't agree with discrimination practices of course, but in order to deal with it appropriately, one has to approach the issue on the level which they understand. Some of this is also based on fear, so tread gently while you address the issue.
  16. Have Nurse

    New nurse getting dumped on. Ready to switch.

    Very good advice. I might only add that if your blood sugar has a tendency to take a dive, have some healthy snacks in your pocket..nuts, cheese stick? If you have to wear a fanny pack with some small juices in it, do it! (Just don't wear it in Isolation.) :) And if I may add, based on what you have shared, it wouldn't hurt to share your concerns with your manager. She may have some better assignment ideas going forward while you are still getting your feet wet in nursing. And well done to you for passing your tests!!