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Have Nurse has 32 years experience as a ADN, RN and specializes in Med/Surg/Infection Control/Geriatrics.

MN born and raised. Details not posted for security reasons. Served in the military 9 years. Had a family. Attended Vet Tech school and nursing. Traveled overseas.  Retired.

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  1. Do you ever get concerned about certain users on here?

    I think if one were honest, we could find "unstable" folks of any age in any environment. But when we do, we need to lift them up and encourage them. Let them know that they aren't alone, even if it sometimes feels that way. I am retired now, but ...
  2. They should be force to retire

    I can't help chuckling reading some of these responses. Oh sure, in my early years of nursing I inwardly questioned a few nurses myself. But they were a goldmine of experience for which I was grateful! And they weren't afraid of the doctors either...
  3. HELLLLLLLOOOOO, Retirement !

    Congrats to you, DaveyDo! I retired last July. It took me a few days to realize I didn't need to be somewhere! It finally settled in when I sold my house and moved to another country town.
  4. Nurses aggravating my patients.

    You could report her to the Patient Rep. That would give it some "teeth".
  5. Hello, All!  I've been gone a couple of years but am back now and retired-finally.  

  6. I don't know....I think if it were me and I had the time and money, I'd hire a lawyer and go after the family member who assaulted me, right mind or not. That's not okay.
  7. Hi, All!  It's been a while since I've been aboard.  Hope everyone is healthy and strong.

    So excited that vaccines becoming available. Can't wait!

    I sent in an update on Esther my cat.  You may remember her from Meet Me At The Wall, published a few years back, before I started submitting articles.

    Esther on blanket in hall moving day!.jpg Esther with paws crossed 2.jpg
  8. Is this legal?

    Maybe not, but for Risk Management purposes, it should be locked up with any valuable and a receipt given at the hospital.
  9. Question about applying for hospital job

    I wouldn't try Travel Nursing just yet. In the field, often you are alone and really need to be on top of your game. You won't have machines and others to bale you out. Until you are back in the office, you are it. You will have lots of overtime ...
  10. Question about applying for hospital job

    In addition to what our colleagues state, I might say that most hospitals have you assigned to a Preceptor and use a "Skills" checklist for you to get some experience doing some of the things that you may need to know. If you can somehow present yo...
  11. Pre-employment physicals: Who pays?

    It is important to note the difference between a "reaction" to the PPD V.S. an actual positive reading. They are not the same. Some folks are plain allergic and not "positive". We don't accept skin tests anymore because many nurses don't read them ...
  12. Pre-employment physicals: Who pays?

    My first Travel Nurse job pre-employment physical was covered by my employer. But later, when I left the company, I had to re-pay the cost. On my 2nd Travel Nurse stint, all was covered by my employer even after I left the company. It just depends ...
  13. New RN Grad Need Guidance Please :()

    I agree.
  14. Coworker violated HIPPA

    I agree that your "friend" violated HIPAA and as you aware of it, you are obligated to report it to your HIPAA or Compliance Officer. Secondly, the fact that you discussed your nephew with someone regarding his medical condition( am assuming without...
  15. Coworker violated HIPPA

    I agree.