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  1. beekee

    Looking for Advice/Perspectives

    What are your goals as a future NP? If it’s family practice, critical care might not be very beneficial. Whereas a TCU might be an excellent learning ground. And if you think days on a transitional care unit is “slower pace,” you are likely very, very mistaken.
  2. I am currently a bedside nurse, but I see myself transitioning to an educator role in a few years. I think I’d like to work with students at the community college level. I have a masters in nursing with an education focus. For those of you who teach, is there a preference for an education doctorate in nursing education versus a DNP with an education focus? I probably don’t need either? And my current employer won’t help pay for either, so that doesn’t factor into my decision either. Any insight you can provide would be great! Thanks.
  3. beekee

    I cant be a nurse anymore

    What about home care? Or wound care, PICC nurse, utilization review, quality, infection prevention, MDS? There are options for introverts in nursing. But it’s OK to try a different care too. I’m sure there are a myriad of posts on this site that could give you ideas. Good luck!
  4. beekee

    Longest Shift You've Worked

    If I was your manager, I’d fire you. If you are working 16-20+ hours a day, five days a week, you are incapable of doing your job effectively, proficiently or capably. You are modeling atrocious behavior to your staff. Nothing you are doing is appropriate workplace behavior.
  5. beekee

    Concerned - New Grad from Excelsior

    Excelsior states on its website that Maryland does not accept Excelsior graduates via examination or endorsement.
  6. beekee

    Should I quit my program?

    To build on this: This will sound harsh, but no one cares why you made a mistake, are awkward, have poor social skills or clinical skills, etc. The focus is on the patient. No matter what is going on with you, the priority is patient safety. No one is ever going to sympathize, give you a break or support you if you compromise patient safety. If you can’t provide safe care, you need to ask for help. If you don’t, that’s on you. I get the sense that you are fairly young with minimal to no work experience. You will learn much by listening and watching others instead of criticizing them.
  7. Nurse here. 5 years. I hate those machines. I’ll beg and plead for anyone to do it for me. But, I’m still a nurse and you will be too someday. I don’t think you need to drop out over it.
  8. beekee

    Meltdown at Work and Feel like a Failure

    I am a crier. I cry at EVERYTHING. Like OP, I am also an introvert, not very social and very shy. Early in my career, a coworker passed me in the hall and flippantly inquired why I wasn’t crying (because I usually was crying). It stung. Fast forward a couple years. I’m still there. Now, I’m the nurse others look to for advice. I work charge and a precept. I am respected on my unit. I still cry. In fact, I cried today. It’s not something I’ve ever been able to control. In fact, the harder I try, the more I cry. Hold your head up high, take a deep breath and be the best nurse you can be. Don’t fret about the tears. I do agree, however, that some counseling might help re-frame the situation for you. Best wishes to you.
  9. beekee

    Please Read: Fired from first nursing job

    It is extremely unlikely that your old job would hire you back into the residency program after firing you. To put it bluntly, they don’t care why you failed, just that you failed. I would not send them a letter outlining your eating disorder and treatment. You need to move on and look at other employers.
  10. beekee

    10th grader forced into nursing by family

    From this quote, it appears that you might want to try nursing, but you are afraid of the difficulty...and possibly letting your family down? I say go for it. Set yourself up for success by participating in study groups, meeting with your instructors regularly and staying on top of your studies. Is it hard? Absolutely. But I think you can do it if you really want it. Nursing is a very malleable career. It’s possible to pursue other things (arts/creative pursuits) at the same time. If you hate nursing, it’s no big deal. You can always try something else. Heck, nursing is my third career. It’s a stable job in a crazy world, which right now, is perfect for me. Good luck with whatever you decide. It’s OK to not be a nurse too, by the way, but don’t let your fear dictate your decision.
  11. The President can’t force people to wear masks, social distance or wash their hands. The President can’t force law enforcement to enforce the laws. The President can model and encourage appropriate behavior. But, in the end, it’s up to all of us to do our part in controlling the virus.
  12. beekee

    New Grads and Acute Care Hiring

    Yeah, and working nurses don’t have hardships? They have family, work and sometimes school to juggle too. If, for example, I’ve worked night shift for 5 years, you should get the day shift before me because why? Everyone wants day shift and weekends/holidays off. Someone has to work them.
  13. beekee

    Small versus Large ICU

    It will be beneficial. Sure, you won’t see everything but it’ll be a good place to hone your critical thinking and skills. You can transfer to a larger ICU in the future, if you want. In my opinion, the unit culture is one of the most important factors when deciding between job offers. I’d focus on that more than big versus small.
  14. Sure, you can specify day shift, no weekends or holidays, or COVID patient. However, if an employer has the option to pick between two agency nurses, are they going to be picking the nurse that’ll only work the shifts that are the easiest to fill from a staffing perspective? You are not likely to get very many hours...and when you do get hours, the employer is likely going to be pretty darn desperate for a warm body. Not exactly the environment you want to be in.
  15. I’d recommend against taking the agency gig. Why would LTC need agency nurses? It’s going to related to poor staffing due to COVID, poor management, and/or ridiculous workloads. Add that to the fact that agency nurses are often used as “relief” nurses for the regular staff (you get assigned the more difficult patients to give the staff a break from them). So...I can’t imagine that’s going to be a good direct to go. Any public-facing job is going to deal with COVID. It’s everywhere. I’d rather work in the dialysis clinic with covid patients because you know you’ll get the proper PPE. Stop chasing the dream job. If you like psych, find a psych job that has the proper PPE. At this point, most places are getting much better with dealing with COVID. Your old psych job likely has much better policies and PPE than a few months ago.
  16. Nursing can be a tough gig. Lots of responsibility, but little authority. Staffing ratios are often dangerous. Moral distress is all too common. However, I think you can find something within nursing that works for you. Do you prefer working at the bedside or away from the bedside? What parts of nursing do you enjoy? What age group do you prefer? There are a myriad of opportunities in nursing. Not all of them are at the bedside. Spend some time looking at job postings and see if anything outside of bedside excites you. Teaching, staff/patient (diabetes, lactation, etc) educator, case management, research, sales, management, etc. all come to mind, but there are many others if you look .