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  1. beekee

    HELP! Don't know what to do.

    You may want to check on Texas eligibility requirements. For instance, Texas requires a Texas jurisprudential course. Also, I believe you have 4 years to take (and pass) the NCLEX.
  2. beekee

    Canadian RN trying to work in Michigan

    Take a look at these:https://www.michigan.gov/documents/lara/Nursing_Licensing_Guide_511817_7.pdf https://www.michigan.gov/documents/lara/Nursing_FAQs_updated_579848_7.pdf
  3. beekee

    new grad residencies or start working

    I’m not in SoCal but I’ve heard the job market for new grads wanting to go into acute care is extremely difficult. Add no tech/CNA experience and a pandemic, and I’m guessing your chances are next to zero. Not impossible, but certainly very unlikely. Where I am, we went from hiring new grads by the dozens to hiring a handful that were techs or had preceptorship. Some places here still have nurses furloughed So, you can stay unemployed and hope something pops up or take a job out of acute care or move to some place that’s desperate for nurses.
  4. Big_Mike, are you still debating on going to nursing school?
  5. beekee

    New RN, how to pick a specialty?

    You want the job that provides the best foundation for your career. If you have the opportunity to chose, pick the one with the best culture, staff and support.
  6. From what you said, chances are going to postpartum is not a suggestion, but a requirement for any chance of continued employment. There seems to be a big disconnect between how you feel you are doing (“I know I am a great Nurse, my Patients love me, and I have good Nursing judgement”) and what your preceptors, manager and educator believe (“They just keep saying that I am not SAFE and I need more work”).
  7. beekee

    Med/Surg to ICU

    Why not just try to transfer now?
  8. beekee

    Interested in L&D/NICU, but should I start in Med-Surg?

    You should start out with a job. They are hard to get. If offered both, take the L&D job. There’s no rule that says you must start in med/surg if you don’t want to.
  9. As a RN, my employer requires me to notify the provider of any “critical” lab value. I have no choice. They providers love it when they get the daily 6 am pages that a dialysis patient’s creatinine is 14. They know it’s ridiculous and the nurses know it’s ridiculous. I usually page with a note “no need to call, ESRD/dialysis.” I’m not a provider and I don’t work in an ICU, so I’m not going to opine on whether the order was appropriate or if the nurse should have implemented it. The situation sounds awful for all involved, however.
  10. beekee

    ineligible for rehire

    There’s no universal “do not hire” list. It’s by facility or system. Many areas of the country are not hiring right now and are even laying off nurses. And if you are in an area that is a hot spot, they might not have the ability to orient new grads. So, do what you can to clear your name, and keep trying. You may need to consider a non-acute care setting.
  11. beekee

    Shadowing Nurses Riverside/IE California

    No one is going to think about October right now. We don’t even know if you’d be allowed in the facility at this point. If the school doesn’t change the requirement (and I suspect it will), try in asking again in late Summer.
  12. beekee

    Applied for 150 jobs and can't get hired

    My first question to you is are your classmates landing jobs? If they are, you need to take a closer look at your resume and interview skills. If they aren’t, then you need to broaden your search to non-acute care Jobs and/or other locations. Keep at it. You will find something.
  13. beekee

    Exposed to patient positive with coronavirus

    Yeah, the protocol at my hospital is to keep working unless you show symptoms. Madness? Yup. I got nothing else for you. My thoughts are with you. It’s an incredibly stressful time. Next time, no PPE, no entry. Period.
  14. beekee

    Nursing for Intimate care for men

    If you are uncomfortable, you need to advocate for yourself. when you make an appointment, state that you would prefer all male staff to work with you. It’s your body, your health and your preference. If they are not able to accommodate your preference, find an office that can. However, I assure you that female staff are just as professional, provide just as good care, and as just as equipped to meet your needs as male staff. Sure, some providers/caregivers are inappropriate, but that has nothing to do with their gender. It wasn’t that long ago that nearly all OB/Gyns were male. Women spoke up and asked for a female provider. Now, it’s easy to find all female staff. So speak up! As soon as a clinic identifies an unmet need that’ll bring in business, they’ll hire more male staff.
  15. beekee

    Graphic Gossip

    Congrats Davey. Well deserved. I’m pretty sure that administration knows an award isn’t going to shut you up. 😂
  16. I took the NCLEX less than 2 weeks after graduating. I started working about a month after that. You should be applying for jobs before you graduate.

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