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  1. berdawn

    All those books?!?!

    oh man! I have the Foundations book still but I gave them to a co-worker last week!!! I'd be happy to give you this one but I imagine that shipping would be a lot.
  2. berdawn

    Adjusting to NIGHT SHIFTS advice??

    I keep my night schedule most of the time, but if I have more than two days off, I'll have a day time life. Any one have ideas on how to avoid a caffeine headache?!?! There are times when I just can't have my usual coffee and these headaches are the WORST. I doubled up on my ibuprofen today and still woke up feeling like I was getting whacked in the head with a mallet.
  3. berdawn

    All those books?!?!

    Thanks. I'll try to post them there.
  4. berdawn

    Anyone out there attend a RN to BSN program?

    Following. I have a BA and will graduate with my ADN in December. I don't plan on starting my BSN for at least a year but "the more you know" and all
  5. berdawn

    A bit childish but...

  6. berdawn

    Contracts for tuition

    Charleston Area Medical Center in Charleston, WV has a program. You must be in a local, accredited program and employed as a "nurse extern" (pretty much nurses aide). If at any time you are not in good standing in your program, though, you must repay the tuition within 30 days. Contracts are typically 4 or 5 years. ETA--externs can work up to full time but are only required to work 12 hours per month.
  7. Same day surgery should help you learn pt assessment really well. Going to the Dean about this? Not a good look.
  8. berdawn

    Rehab Success Rate???

    Oh, I agree (and glad you're finding healthier ways of entertaining yourself/coping)
  9. berdawn

    Rehab Success Rate???

    Peer support can be huge, esp for ppl who need a sober community. For some people, total abstinence is the ONLY way they are able to be successful (and let's be honest, ETOH isn't doing your body any favors!) but the lack of attention on other methods is disheartening.
  10. berdawn

    Rehab Success Rate???

    This may be a useful look at other options The Irrationality of Alcoholics Anonymous - The Atlantic
  11. berdawn

    Struggling right now

    Ask for help! Talk to your friends who aren't in such a difficult program, your family if they are around, and your little brother (if he is old enough to be in school, he's old enough to make PB+J sandwiches). Focus and be gentle with yourself. Ask for help. If you need to take a break from school, take a break--find out if you can withdraw if necessary and come back in the spring. Take care of yourself--if you don't you can't be there for your family. Ask for help.
  12. I have a one-hour commute each way and this (my second) semester, I have to be on campus every day so I definitely feel your pain. The drive can be draining but do what you can to make it better: lectures if your school permits recording, podcasts, or just interesting interviews. Your future self will be grateful for that smaller loan balance!
  13. berdawn

    Long Term Care Nursing is Lame

    I hope you weren't one of those excellent LTC nurses who took such wonderful care of my mom :/ If so, they did a grat job of covering up their disdain for the work they did making sure the last 6 months of her life (and mine) were bearable
  14. berdawn

    How am I gonna pay for this???

    I would definitely stay at the CC until you complete EVERYTHING except the Nursing courses, especially if you may have to work PT. You'll save a LOT. It may take longer but you will get so much more out of your classes if you can focus on the material. I am so grateful I am only taking nutrition along with my 1st semester class--nearly every student who is taking physiology, psych, AND the 8 hour fundamental class is struggling.
  15. berdawn

    Failed Second & Third Exam

    I finished my first semester but then moved due to family. I did well at the community college program but I'm in a hospital affiliated program now and the difference is stark. There is SO MUCH support. Talk with your adviser and see what tutoring services may be available. Get a copy of "Test Success for Nursing Students". If there is a specific health science library, see what the staff there have to offer--the librarian can be your best friend--they know all the resources!!! Good luck!
  16. Can you start looking for a patient care position at a hospital? You will likely have much better training.