Celebrity Patients - Who would you want?

  1. Living in the "Entertainment Capitol of the World", we get a lot of celebs in the hospitals. In addition, there are the one's who live here, commute here, work part-time here and occasionally need home health, hospice, etc.

    My first assignment as a Nurse Case Manager was to a show on the Strip for the headliner, cast, and crew. No, this wasn't one of the 'showgirl' shows (did that too), this was one of the many broadway-based shows. When any of member of the show had an injury, I was called to get them to a doctor appropriate for the injury, meet them at the doctor's office to make sure they were seen NOW, go in with them to the doctor, make sure their needs were met, and relate all important info to the show manager. Yes, some of it meant going the extra mile and picking them up at their home and taking them to the appointment (MY KNEE! MY KNEE! I need help! ). That was just the tip of the iceberg - not to mention teaching about injuries, having to develop treatment plans for the injuries they could sustain from the choreography and the elaborate costumes with the physical therapist. Rendering first aid from burns from the pyrotechnics, etc. It was a lot!!

    Now, I was a rather naive girl growing up, and had never been exposed to "alternative" lifestyles so up close and personal before . Dealing with sooo many different personalities, extremes, and DRAMA kept me on my toes. After a year with this show, I was being called by cast members on anything from how to manage the $4,000 a week they were getting so they had money if they didn't get signed on the next contract, to crying with a cast member who learned his partner was dying of AIDS. It didn't matter if what was wrong had anything to do with the show or not, I was "their nurse". :kiss

    The other fun part was having to go out and interview the physicians that the show manager wanted me to hand-select to treat their celebrities. Wow, a nurse deciding a physician's fate for once! (ego boost! ). It was a GREAT job. It was sad because shows do end at some point and folks with stars in their eyes don't always get their $4000 a week (and that was just the supporting cast!) contract renewed, but it was a great reward for this nurse who didn't feel she could do bedside care anymore. At the last performance, I was given a panoramic picture of the cast and crew with all their signatures in a frame saying, "Thank you, our Angel".

    I have worked with more celebs since then, but, if I could pick one celebrity I'd like to have as a patient, bedside, I'd pick Harrison Ford. He's seems pretty cool to me.

    Who would you want?
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  3. by   mattsmom81
    What a totally awesome job this was....hmmmm case management seen in a whole new light for me now...

    I vote for Harrison Ford...also Bruce Willis.....Maya Angelou....interesting people all that I would like to meet!

    Are you a CCM? What special training (or OJT) have you found helpful in your career choice?
  4. by   pebbles
    Any of the members or REM... Mike Mills, preferably.

    That does sound like a cool job. Don't know if I'd have the "patience" to be expected to wait on people and cater to them like that though. Mike Mills, mildly injured (but doing okay!) in a hospital bed, recovering with my assistance... good enough for me
  5. by   kewlnurse
    What a great job! IU would have to say in not particular order, as usual, Yngwie, Ozzie, the dudes from Metallica. Michael Jackson the beer guy,not the talentless monkey loving freak, Ritchi Blackmore, Rik Emmett and a whole list of hotties that is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long to list, but some examples would be: Daisey Fuentes, Lita Ford, Mariah Carey...
  6. by   nursedawn67
    I'd have to say Garth Brooks....he seems like he would be the nicest and most fun patient to have....
  7. by   micro
    k' this is a deep stretch into micro imagination life......

    clint eastwood........on the day of his discharge........because.........

    arnold..........on the day of his discharge.........

    Jan Michael Vincent........on the day of his discharge..............

    Sharon Stone...........on the day of her discharge.........

    Sandra Bullock.........on the day of her dishcharge.........

    Bette Midler...........never..........cause I love Bette too much...........
  8. by   live4today
    hmmmm! i only get to pick just one? no fair! i have waaaaaaaaaaaay too many to just pick one! :chuckle okay, let me bother my brain a second to see if it wants to cooperate with me for once.... :chuckle

    okay, for starters my brain and body both agree - ha! that's a miracle in itself! -- sorry, distracted.... okay, i'll take sean connery for starters. always always always loved that man! head over heels in love with him, would marry him in a heartbeat no matter how old he got as long as those eyes keep sparkling that romantic glare that they have, and that great dimpled chin and jawbone structure held up during the romance between us. :kiss

    okay, my brain went back to sleep, and now my body is without control so i'll add a few more good looking male celebrities i'd like to bed -- i mean wed: :chuckle i'd love to nurse back to health all those cuban hotties on one of my favorite daytime soaps "the guiding light". i don't know their real names, but their character names on the soaps are: tony, danny, and father ray (yeah, the priest...those lips...sinfully delicious) :kiss

    okay, female celebrities i would love to personally meet are celine dion, mariah carey, whitney houston, dolly parton, brandy, christina aguilerra, britney spears, faith hill....and so many more. i'd agree to be their nurse for free as long as they sang my favorite songs of theirs during the time i spent in their hospital rooms taking care of them...say for every treatment or medication given, they'd sing me a song.

    oops! my brain just joined me again and read my list of male hotties i'd like to bed -- i mean wed. so, now i've got to get back to behaving like the married woman that i am. ah shucks! oh well, it was a thrill while it lasted. as soon as my brain returns to sleep, i'll sneak in a few more. :chuckle okay, dream a little dream with me why don't ya!
  9. by   aimeee
    Only ones that act like "regular" folks.
  10. by   e-nurse
    Would it be a breach of confidentiality to name a celebrity that you have taken care of? We had a pro wrestling icon from the 80's on our floor. He was super nice, had a big stack of autographed pictures he handed out to everyone, talked about his four kids (one who's a nurse) and 14 grandkids. He was the complete opposite of his "stage" persona. It was quite a thrill for us all.
  11. by   Lisah
    As facinating as it might be to look after Tom Cruise, I would have to say I would prefer average people. Where I work there is a small town near by where a lot of weathy live or vacation at, and they are always the worst pt.'s. They think you should be there for their every whim, I have had them ring and demand me to their room once there they tell me to hold the kleenex for them while they blow their nose or to push the button to raise the head of their bed. I can usually pick them out before I have completed their admission. I'll take an average pt. anyday!!
  12. by   Teshiee
    No I wouldn't breech their identity out of the matter of respect of their privacy.. I would love to meet Madonna, Oprah Winfrey, Sandra Bullock, Halle Berry, Maya Angelou these are strong women, they are true respentation in my eyes
  13. by   LasVegasRN
    Mattsmom - yes, I got my CCM certification in '99. This diploma nurse didn't have the time or money needed to get my BSN, so I'm "LasVegas, RN, CCM".

    It was a well-known older comedian that headlines here every now and then that said to me, "Honey, you're very good at dealing with us showbiz folks, you ought to specialize in it!" that encouraged me to go further. He was a BEAR to deal with, but I've always liked the Type A cardiac types.

    I'd mention his name but I'm not sure about the breach of confidentiality either, especially on the net on a forum.

    Garth Brooks strikes me as a sweetie also.

    Sean Connery is drop dead gorgeous even if he is 70+, but, I can say this because it's been on other boards and on some of the entertainment websites (E!, People, ET) but he's had a rep for beating his wife....:stone
  14. by   hoolahan
    This is a no brainer for me...without a doubt, Kevin Bacon.

    (Mr. Bacon, it's time for your bedbath..... :chuckle)

    Others I would like would be Steven Tyler, Roy DuPuis, I'm sure I'll think of more as soon as I hit the submit button.