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  1. How long is your journey?

    I'm a fifteen minute walk through a very nice neighborhood to work. 1 mile each way. It's great! Even on days I don't make it to the gym I've still managed to get a half hour of cardio in (i use this as an excuse alot NOT to go to the gym).
  2. Ethical Dilemma

    Get the social worker involved.
  3. Respect of co-workers

    I remember being in a similar situation not too long ago, and I learned alot from the CNA's in terms of what not to do after I become an RN. Training to be a CNA you're going to pick up from them what kinds of things RN's do that tick them off. Lis...
  4. Getting Dumped on

    I've been in similar situations and @ first I would make a stink about it. It took me a while but I realized that if I made a stink then these sicko's dumping on me would just do it more, and it made me miserable thinking that I was being dumped on....
  5. 6month Internship

    I'll let you know in 5 months. I just passed the test after my month of didactic today. I am also in Maine. Just moved here for the job. Where are you applying? I think 6 months should be pretty adequate considering that there's orintations out ...
  6. Christmas Schedule

    I had Thanksgiving off and will have X-mas eve and X-mas off this year. Last year I had to work all three of those. I've been trying to move out of CT for over a year and will be starting a new job in Maine in February, so having the holidays off m...
  7. Accepted position! Moving!

    Psychnurse, it's Mr. Yankee. Monterey huh, what a beautiful area. I only drove through on my way up the PCH to San Fran, but God is it beautiful there.
  8. Accepted position! Moving!

    I finally got my ticket out of this God-forsaken state! I grew up and went to school in RI, moved here 2 years ago after graduation to get experience @ a large hospital, and have been trying to get out of here ever since. Earlier in the year I was ...
  9. Why do potential employers do this?

    Love the thank you note! I think it got me hired too.
  10. Dad needs 5 vessel CABG

    I've been doing cardio-thoracic step-down for 2 years and I agree w/ everything Mollymo says except the 50/50 chance. His chances of geting through the surgery and doing well are probably in the 90%'s. Everything about the incentive spirometer, pai...
  11. I'm Waiting

    Re: the thank you letter, it's best to write it and send it immediately following the interview.
  12. I'm Waiting

    Did you send a thank you letter? I like to do this to further show them that I am interested in the position and closing by telling them I will be in touch w/in the week and again telling them how I can be reached.
  13. How to please a woman and a man

    Yeah, that's about the long and the short of it.
  14. Re: Movies with Nurses

    "Meet the Parents" w/ Ben Stilller playing the nurse opposite Bob Deniro as the father of the girlfriend is both good and bad. It's good in my opinion b/c millions of people saw this movie in which the lead male role played a nurse. It's bad b/c it...
  15. Where do you work?

    Hi. Welcome to home away from home. http://www.ynhh.org