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Ok y'all, I have a confession to make...I AM ADDICTED TO ALLNURSES.COM!!! I want each any everyone of you to know that I appreciate your views, opinions, questions and concerns that you post on... Read More

  1. by   Ted
    With all of the people addicted to "", I just hope Brian doesn't get the idea to start charging for the use of this Bulletin Board!!!

    I just decided to pay $24/year for an audio recording Bulletin Board. It used to be free!!! In fact, members actually encouraged the owner of this audio-recording focused Bulletin Board to start charging a fee for membership to help defray the costs of maintaining the web site.

    I bet Brian could make a mint if he started charging. Heck, I'd be willing to pay. . . . but please don't tell him that!

    Happy addition, folks!
  2. by   Ted
    . . . . O. K. folks, its great to be back. Been away for almost 7 minutes, you know!!! Had to put a patient on the bed pan. (Code Brown!!!)

    . . . . But I'm back, and it's good to be here.

    . . . . It was a little hairy there while I was away. . . the constant shaking and trembling. . . the frothing from the mouth. . .murmuring to myself. . .

    . . . . how long does it take for a persong to crap anyhow?!?!?. . .

    The shaking. . . . the murmuring. . .the frothing. . .

    . . . But I'm back!!! What was it that I was doing 7 minutes ago? Before "Code Brown"?

    . . . . Oh yea, reading and typing on the " Bulletin Board"!!!

    . . . addiction?????

    (Oh my Gracious, . . . ."Microism" dots. . . )

    A harty helping of :chuckle 's to all us healing hearts. . .

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  3. by   Sleepyeyes
    Yes, I check this board about 5 times a day when I'm not working. I thought I was just ADD; now I see I'm ADD-icted.
  4. by   mattsmom81
    You guys 'n gals are all SOOO cool...I never fail to get a smile or a belly laugh here when I need one, or a friendly (((hug))) and understanding when I'm down .

    I think my hubby gets a tad jealous too "You on that thing AGAIN?'...then comes up behind me and peeks to see what I'm up to and why I'm chortling.

    I definitely won't eat in front of my computer or I would balloon to huge(r) proportions...LOL!:imbar
  5. by   Fgr8Out
    ACK!! I just inadvertently deleted my post before submitting!!! Grrrrrrrrrrr..... :roll :roll :roll :roll

    What I typed was... My aol chat buddies are even miffed at me for "abandoning" them for Coming here has been one of the best things for me... it's certainly renewed my enthusiasm for Nursing and I've even noticed my attitude at work is much improved as well. My co-workers and i now find ourselves having lively discussions based on the threads from this site. We're coming together as a team and it's GREAT!!! I guess seeing others venting the same frustrations and relating similar joys just serves to bring about a positive attitude in me.

    Now then... about those of you who get to access while on DUTY!!!! :: sigh :: Management where I work even deleted the SOLITAIRE from our computers to keep Nursing from "wasting time" while on the job.... :P Don't they remember that "all work n no play" saying????

    :: working towards my goal of reaching Micros number of posts ::

  6. by   night owl
    This is one of the reasons why I can't clean my d@mn refrigerator!!!
    It's a good excuse anyway...but I will confess, I am an addict!
  7. by   Teshiee
    Okay! I confess I am addicted. It is nice to go to a site on the computer and feel like you are visiting your relatives. I love the advice and the debates we have it is wonderful.

    I think every year there should be a convention where we can all see each other once or twice a year have guest speakers come and get all that free stuff from vendors. I think it would be so much fun.
  8. by   MHN
    addicted yes do suffer from withdrawals.
  9. by   ma kettle
    You guys are all very funny. But I think with confession of guilty plea. I have to say that the general public really doesnot think the same way a nurse does. I had an Attorney tell me this weekend that the medical profession is something you have to be in to truely understand and appreciate. What do you guys think. But I find myself running to the computer to see what the reply was to a particular subject or question. IS this the real life version of a Soap Opera??
  10. by   raiderron
    I'm one of the groupies too!!!!!!!!!
  11. by   micro are too funny.........

    don't do it...........don't do it.............

    ted.....code brown, I can relate...........code crackers.......that have been work lately.........anybody relate........not micro......micro been off for two days..............and here i am on and Brian***********shhhhh'everybody or brian may get an idea$$$$$chargin for the privilege.........

    to sit down, have some time to take your shoes off, sit a spell..............ya'll come back now ya'here.....

    after #999
  12. by   nightingale
    Oh yeah.....
  13. by   Paris
    I'd have to say I'm sort of addicted. All day at work when I don't have much to do I'm reading the threads. Sometimes I'm so destracted on what I'm reading I forget what I'msupposed to be saying when I answer the phone. Then I laugh about it when I'm finnished.