Am I the only one???

  1. Before family get togethers do any of you "brush up" on whatever new illnesses your family might be suffering from in order to be able to give out sound advice? I admit, at times I do. I'm a cardiac nurse...not an onc nurse, dialysis nurse, not a pediatric ICU nurse, not an ER nurse...geesh. It's funny how people expect nurses to know EVERYTHING but wouldn't dream of asking a dermatologist about a cardiac issue.

    Am I being silly?
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    poor nurse


  3. by   mattsmom81
    I'm amazed how people use nurses for 'freebie' medical advice. They are happy to pay docs for their 'advice' but think nurses should give it away.

    When this attitude changes, nurses will be on their way to being respected professionals, IMO.

    I have no problem saying "That's not my specialty". And today, people can find ALL SORTS of medical info online, so tell them to do the research themselves.

    I've gotten so sick of the demands I often tell my family/friends/kids to NOT advertise that I'm a lots of ya'll do this too, dontcha??? heheh
  4. by   shay
    Nope. I tell 'em that unless they're pregnant, I have no clue.
  5. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I tell em I am not licensed to practice medicine and go into all the legalities of then, they lose interest, get a glassy stare and walk away. works for me.
  6. by   ChemoRN
    Ya think chemo could fix that?
  7. by   fergus51
    I am with shay. Why would anyone ask an OB nurse "what kind of rash is that"?
  8. by   kids

    With 6 Nurses in my family it is pretty easy to dodge questions...if it is not about Peds I refer them on to the appropriate Auntie: Geriatrics, Psych, OR, Corrections or Internal Medicine.
  9. by   Furball
    Unfortunately I'm the ONLY medical professional in my family

    We had a BBQ yesterday and I think I ticked people off when I suggested that they take their concerns to their PCP...oh well.

    The next gathering I hope everyone remembers my advice...we'll see.

    Oh yeah, I DID get the stupid "What's this rash?" question yesterday.... AAAARGH!!!!
  10. by   GPatty
    Shoot~ I get that, and I'm still a student!
  11. by   LasVegasRN
    When they start talking medical problem stuff, that's when I casually get up and go to another room...
  12. by   RNIAM
    OMG This just happened to me this weekend. My sister-in-law had a rash on her arms and asked me what it was. I don't start nursing school until the fall. ummmm I wonder if I should have said and emema would cure it?
  13. by   fedupnurse
    I say, if you fall dead on the ground right this second, I am your woman, other than that I am either off duty for minor stuff or call 911 for not so minor stuff.
  14. by   uk_nurse
    I am still a student and people ask me all sorts of questions ranging from Gynae, adult stuff. I just tell them im a paediatric nurse not a qualified Doctor and i havent a clue! Do you think they get the message? NO! still get asked. i give up now.