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Well, ours started today. Very nice cooler that holds a 6-pack that has a netted beach bag on top. Hospital colors and logo, of course. Inside was a beach ball, a bottle huggie and a frisbee..all... Read More

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    Well, my agency gave us a copy of Flo's "Notes in Nursing", plus some pens, Post-It notepads and luggage tags (all with the company logo, of course ). One hospital where I worked had a nice spread of food, with the administrators there to greet us and thank us. At the other hospital I was at this week, a "popcorn cart" came around (at 5 in the morning!). I'm not sure of the full extent of activities at either hospital. I agree with the writer who said: "However, the best gift from here is that I am treated like a professional, I have the oppurtunity for more education, and my manager treats me with respect every day of the year, not just one week out of the year. I think that is what we all want, and deserve, for Nurses Week."


    Happy Nurses Week to everyone!

    Not-so newly minted MSN
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    :chuckle :chuckle :chuckle
    Maybe it's the late hour or I'm giddy after working a chaotic 3-11 shift, but for some reason, I can't quit laughing at this!
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    There was a breakfast one morning on Nurses Week, I hadn't worked the night before, so I didn't go. This week there was an event everyday for hospital week, I'm sorry, I don't get up at noon to go eat when I work nights. Absolutely nothing was scheduled for nights. The unit did get flowers from the Medical staff..........Even the formula reps forgot us...............
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    Well, I have to say my employer goes all out for their nurses once/year at our yearly meeting which is usually around the time of Nurse Appreciation Week.
    Last year we were taken by limosine to a broadway show, with champagne on the way; this year we were taken to a day spa after hours and drew for either a pedicure or a massage; I got the massage! Plus, we had a wine/daquiri bar and a chef who cooked us our own choice of 3 entrees.
    I am lucky!
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    A banner at the front door that read:

    "Nurses...Our Unsung Heroes"

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    Originally posted by niteshiftnurse
    :chuckle :chuckle :chuckle
    STOP! STOP! You're KILLING me here! :chuckle
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    Originally posted by AHarri66
    A banner at the front door that read:

    "Nurses...Our Unsung Heroes"

    Sort of ironic banner, eh?

    For nurses week we were given the honor of wearing our pajamas to work on Friday. Too bad I didn't have to work Friday, I missed it.

    Our gifts: one free nursing home meal. Yum Yum eat 'em up! ; a lunch bag with "together we make a difference" on it, a bookmark with same logo, a pin with same logo, and finally a key chain with the same logo.

    As far as the differences between doctor gifts and nurses gifts: when I worked at a certain hospital all nurses and doctors were invited to a free "Surf and Turf" dinner. Before us was a huge buffet of steaks and lobsters. Just when we thought they were going to give us the steak and lobster too all nurses were coralled into a seperate line just for us where we got a choice between fish sandwiches or hamburgers. The doctors got a buffet of steak and lobster. We got one sandwich surf or turf.
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    My employer did well by us. For starters, each day someone from administration brought a nice goodie cart around with lots of desserts and fruit platters on both shifts. We had a humorist do a show; more cake, treats there. Everyone received a 20 minute reflexology session as well as a 20 minute massage. There were drawings where many received various gifts, the grand prize being a half day at a spa. I have to give them credit...they tried and did a pretty good job at showing appreciation this week.
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    Okay, I have to amend my earlier statement somewhat. I went to work last night and one of the doctors (!) had brought more than enough Krispy Kreme doughnuts to kill a diabetic three times, so we all got to have some. I had a bag waiting for me with some freebies in it from our suppliers (neck lanyards, key chains, stethoscope tags, inkpens- yay! always losing those so I actually was grateful to get them- etc. with a pack of gum, a bag of popcorn, a tiny pocket notepad. Soem bags had hand lotion, some had body gel, mine had neither (I was told that "someone" raided the bags and stole stuff out of them...gee, thanks, people...). The mom's also got (not me- no kids) a baby's first dining set with a peter rabbit theme (bowl, spoon, cup) that was really cute from one of the formula companies. Last year we got dinky cheap alarm clocks that broke right away, so this was a huge improvement, I admit.
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    Our agency gave us a little bag of chocolates and one day we had bagels and juice. If that was all, I'd have been cheesed, but we had a very nice dinner at a local country club. Open wine/beer/soda bar for an hour, a terrific buffet, prizes for playing little party games. But the highlight (esp for me) was when they handed out the awards. Each area/team's nurses nominate one of their peers for the nurse of distinction award. I, to my ever lasting surprise, won that honor on my team. This meant a lot, because I've had some very rough times the past year, leading to a position change this past January. This new position turned out to be very challenging and just as stressful as my former position. I don't know how many times I have felt like walking out because I feel like I just can't do the job. To get recognized in this way really meant a lot to me. So the opportunity to experience this recognition was very welcome.
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    the apples were so shiney, you could put your makeup on looking at them
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    Originally posted by catrn10
    Most of us sent it back to them, and told them if this was the best they could do, we perferred to be ignored. Not very gracious, but it made us feel better.