do you gain or lose weight while working


Do you gain or lose weight while working? I would think that because nurses are always on their feet and moving around a lot with minimal breaks for eating, People would drop a lot of weight or maintain a slim physique easily. IS this true?

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LOL - look at your title. If there's still time, you may be able to edit it.

I expected a whole different question based on gaining or losing weight "while woring."


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I feel like I gain on the floor, because I can't eat on a regular schedule.


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Gained on nights. Lost on days, evenings and the clinic, gained 10 being a School Nurse. :bag:

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I gain when I work because I eat a more junk there. At home, I eat healthier, get more exercise, and better rest.

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I have gained. I eat waaaaaaay too many baked goodies that coworkers and patient families bring in. It's ok. I'm too lazy and I like naughty things too much to be skinny.

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I've gained 20 lbs since I became a nurse 3 years ago. I've worked days and nights rotating, and now I'm straight days. Funnily enough, I gain more weight on day shift. I bought a rowing machine this year and I am going to work at losing that extra weight.


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I lost 10 pounds my first year nursing working days on med/surg.

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Gained. Lots of empty calories during night shift. (And oh, how I've gained.)

But I've decided that THIS is the year to get my diet under control. (She says as she's in a fast food restaurant)

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Gained on night shift, lost on day shift. There seemed to be way more food laying around during the night shifts, and more pot lucks. Day shift was just a constant run with hopes of getting to sit for 15 minutes to inhale your food.