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So the other night, I'm trying to put a diaper on this squirmy baby and I am having trouble getting it under him. The lights were dim. He goes left, he goes right, he flips, he turns, all in his sleep, mind you. So he finally settles I get it on him and pull up the tabs but I see I have the diaper backward, since there's no cutsie picture that you see on the front of diapers. RATS. So I flip it over, the baby starts squirming around again, and I finally get it straight and go to pull the tabs, but... no cutsie picture. I thought, maybe the diaper is a misprint and it didn't get a picture? I slide it out from under him and realize... with all the struggling to get this diaper on him, I was trying to put it on inside out.

What's your funny mistake?


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I do the inside-out diaper trick fairly often.


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Ha! Nothing ever with a patient, but I have been known to panic because I can't find my kid in bed, only to find they are sleeping head to the foot of the bed. LOL!

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I was priiming the feeding pump one night, just kind of on auto-pilot / in the zone

Priming......priming......priming.... all down my leg! Blech- Pregestimil! :(

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Instead of applying anti deodorant I helped a client apply A5-35 to her under arms.It was in a stick form and we both thought it was anti deodorant. We had a good laugh


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Flushing my patient's GT and thinking she was urinating simultaneously (which is typical for her)... not realizing the GT became detached. Duh. My excuse is that it was dark!

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Not funny to ME - but my kiddo is on one of those (I hate them) fixed-sided cribs. I'm really short and the side hits me just under my voluptuousness, if you get my drift. The family just moved into this house, and there's no overhead light in the room.

So of COURSE he decannulated himself (Bivona hyperflex) just as I had every other trach he owns boiling on the stove. I grabbed an obturator out of the boiling water and tried to put the one he was wearing back in - by flashlight - all the while trying to keep my boobs ABOVE the crib railing so I could reach him. Kiddo is not only OK, but highly amused by this. :)


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Not really a mistake per se, but I do have an amazing propensity for tripping over my patient's feeding pump pole.


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Sitting beside my kiddo thinking how nice his feeding is running......until I realize it's running down my leg.

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When I worked PDN I would some times try to give the medication via gtube when it was still clamped. The medication would come shooting back at me. Yuck!

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PDN is my second job- (I work at a pediatric hospital in PICU). I was at my PDN job one night, got my kid's sildenafil out of the refrigerator, and just about tore the kitchen up looking for the bar code scanner.....


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put AFO on wrong side, wondering what the problem was

forgot to turn stove off after placing bivona in boiling water

(they do melt)

wondering why tooth paste (A&D ointment) looked funny

fortunately didn't make it in the mouth