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  1. cazach0122

    What's in your bag (and/or car) -- the PDN version!

    In my car I have an extra pair of scrubs and socks, sweater, blanket, phone charger, a couple boxes of non-perishable food/snacks like Easy Mac (good in a pinch if I have to stay late), bottled water, toilet paper, paper towels, Clorox wipes, box of gloves, alcohol pads, disposable chux, a few syringes, manual BP cuff, economy sized bottles of ibuprofen and Pepcid... and probably some other things I can't think of. Into the home I bring my backpack which holds my laptop, a couple textbooks and notebooks, stethoscope, various pens/highlighters, lotion, hand sanitizer, chapstick, phone charger, and wallet. Also my lunchbox.
  2. cazach0122

    Roaches ON the patient

    Also kudos to you for even sticking it out at your shift. I can handle a lot of things with a straight face, but roaches is the one thing that gets to me (shivers)
  3. cazach0122

    Roaches ON the patient

    I've only been in PDN for 6 months but OMG, I think I would do everything possible to rectify that situation, including calling CPS. That's not just dirty but completely unsafe and even life-threatening for the child.
  4. cazach0122

    opinions please?

    Also if the state audits her agency's files and finds her BLS out of date, the agency AND the nurse will get fined. Wouldn't want to risk that.
  5. cazach0122

    opinions please?

    Ain't that the truth! Not that I'd try to get away with it anyway. Like eeffoc said, I take pride in keeping my certs up to date.
  6. cazach0122

    Philly hospitals still hiring LPN's???

    I'm fairly certain Holy Redeemer Hospital still hires LPNs.
  7. cazach0122

    Identification tag

    My agency doesn't have them. I feel weird about not having one on initial visits, because really, how do they know I am who I say I am? For this reason I carry the wallet size version of my RN license in my wallet, just in case.
  8. cazach0122

    LTC job and schoolwork

    These replies have been really helpful. Thanks for the insight!
  9. cazach0122


    That's absolutely ridiculous you can't even read a book. I would have to ask for a different case... 10 hours of doing nothing is absolute torture! I like 4give's idea of explaining to the mom of why you can't continue. It gives her a chance to reconsider her views (even though it sounds like she probably won't).
  10. cazach0122

    PDN and snow: how do they treat you?

    I'm near Philly and just drove home in about 10 inches of snow. I'm fortunate that both of my patients are within a 10 minute drive of my house. Even still, the families are very concerned about me - offering their guest bedroom if I don't want to drive home and asking me to text them to let them know I made it home safely. I cleared off the patient's family car this morning as well as my own since they are an older couple.
  11. cazach0122

    Is Netflix your BFF? What do you watch?

    Just started watching Nurse Jackie and The Walking Dead. Nurse Jackie is great because they're only 30 minute episodes so I can actually make it through one without having to pause.
  12. cazach0122

    LTC job and schoolwork

    That's really helpful, thank you! That's what I figured, more or less.
  13. cazach0122

    LTC job and schoolwork

    I definitely don't expect it, I was just wondering how it compares since I need to keep school in mind with regards to my decision. I wont have much time at all of my own to study with this new job so I'm just weighing my options.
  14. cazach0122

    LTC job and schoolwork

    I'm having a bit of a dilemma. I currently work 3rd shift full time as a private duty RN. I was just offered a job at a nursing home on what they equate to a med-surg floor. I'm a relatively new RN (been working for 6 months) so at first I was excited about the opportunity to increase my nursing skills... but now I'm concerned about how much (if any) time I'll have to do homework/study. As you can imagine I have plenty of free time working overnight in my current position and have more than enough time to get work done. I always hear LTC is extremely busy and hectic, even during 3rd shift. I know the nurse to patient ratio at this facility is 1:25 (give or take)... which is horrifying to me... but again, I realize that is the norm. Is it ridiculous to think I'll get any study time at this new job? I'm going to school full time to get my BSN and I should be done in December. Also... my ultimate goal is to land a job in the ICU, so any advice regarding the pros/cons of working in LTC vs. private duty would be great as well. Thanks for your help!
  15. cazach0122

    Anyone accepted to Roxborough Memorial SON?

    I felt like admission to Roxborough was less competitive than other nursing schools but that's hard to say objectively, especially since Rox was the only school to which I applied. They do take into account other things besides your GPA, for instance they have you write an essay and they interview you...which was something I really liked. In the interview they get to know you as a person and you can explain your academic background. I had a 3.2 GPA and a few repeated classes going into Rox which might not have gotten me into other schools. During my interview (which was just a sit down with Patti, very casual) I was able to explain the hardships I was going through and show how I repeated those classes to get the grades I was determined to get. As far as the TEAS, I think that's something they decide on a case by case basis. I did not have to take it but other students who had lower GPAs did. College algebra does not include statistics. Hope that helps.
  16. cazach0122

    Ideas for small gift(s) for unit staff?

    We always brought our units fruit and veggie trays. The nurses really appreciated something healthy!