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  1. KATRN78

    PD is like the armpit of nursing

    I have been asked by another nurse "when are you going to leave pdn and become a REAL nurse?"
  2. KATRN78

    Yay first RN position accepted!!!

    Congrats. How is it going?
  3. KATRN78

    Roaches ON the patient

    CPS needs to be called asap
  4. KATRN78

    getting order changed

    Is the patient aaox3? If so, and they choose to take the medication orally, themselves. "Patient reported to nurse that he/she self administered X medication orally at 9pm."
  5. KATRN78

    Online Support Groups = Trash on Nurses

    JOB POSTING FOR MIRACLE NURSE: 7 years ago my deaf/blind son was struck by a spaceship. His head was knocked completely off but reattached by doctors. This accident made his severe congenital anomaly/defects flare up. He has seizures for 3 years straight. Now I am seeking a nurse to stand next to my son all day and night. I want nurse to be aware that my son is doing well and any moment he will awaken from his 7 year coma, walk into my arms and reveal to me the meaning of life and the secret to world peace, and probably the cure for cancer. The nurse should be able to perform miracles and help my son to wake up. The best way for the nurse to help this miracle happen is to stand next to my son, roll a ball around on his tray for him and play repeats of game shows and judge Judy. If you are a nurse that likes to sit during down time, refuses to titrate random medications and feedings per my orders or use the restroom, please do not apply.
  6. KATRN78

    Online Support Groups = Trash on Nurses

    If I knew what forum you all were talking about here is the post I would make on there: Guide to keeping nurses/reduce nurse turn over in your home 1. Be polite, be friendly, be respectful - these people are here to make your life easier not take your place as Mom/Dad. 2. Provide a chair for the nurses to sit in. A comfortable chair with a back and arm rests is even better. 3. Provide toilet paper, running water and bathroom use. Science has not perfected robotics yet, in the meantime your assigned nurse will be human with human bodily functions. 4. Remember the nurses are professionals. Give them space to work. 5. Provided internet, cable TV, air conditioning, electric and heat. 6. Once again, remember that your nurses are human beings. If you're ordering out for pizza, let them know and ask them if they'd like to buy something too. If they are coming in a snow storm, shovel a path for them. Nurses, I am sure you could add to this list!
  7. KATRN78

    Threatened by family?

    Fellow humans, women, nurses, ANYTIME you feel threatened with physical harm, please call the police. If someone is holding a knife and making comments to you that make you feel uncomfortable, call the police. Its better to be alive than dead. OP: did you explain the whole thing to your agency?
  8. KATRN78

    opinions please?

    It's been expired for 2 years.
  9. KATRN78

    opinions please?

    A co-worker nurse has bragged to me 3 times now that our agency has missed that her BLS expired. She is glad she didn't have to re-cert. What do you think of this?
  10. KATRN78


    I would resign from the case. We are professionals and should demand respect. Also, I would be sly and tell Mom about a case you recently left where the parents didn't want you to do anything but sit on a chair. Then tell her how odd that was because the kid was really sweet and most of the families let their nurses watch tv, bring an ipad, books etc.
  11. KATRN78

    PDN and snow: how do they treat you?

    One of my agencies acts annoyed when you cancel due to weather. the other one of my agencies sends repeated emails, texts and calls begging nurses to work. Once before a storm I was dropping off notes (it was my day off) and the receptionist said "Please wait a moment, the coordination manager wants to speak to you." very seriously, like I was in trouble. So I said "Sure, what about, do you know?" he said "yes they are trying to get nurses to work tonight for the storm". I said "nooooooo, I am trying to get home before the storm", by the time I got home, they had already emailed me twice and texted me once.
  12. KATRN78

    Is Netflix your BFF? What do you watch?

    Netflix: Call the Midwife, Bomb Girls, Sherlock, American Horror Story and random movies.
  13. KATRN78

    Vent about nurses

    Is she charting which lights are on in the house?
  14. I am worried but not because of Obamacare. I am worried and disappointed because the USA is too vapid to socialize healthcare.
  15. KATRN78

    How do I get my pt to cooperate?

    Ask the parents for advice. Depending on the developmental age you may try a sticker reward system.