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  1. KATRN78

    PD is like the armpit of nursing

    I have been asked by another nurse "when are you going to leave pdn and become a REAL nurse?"
  2. KATRN78

    Yay first RN position accepted!!!

    Congrats. How is it going?
  3. KATRN78

    "Wasteful Nurses"

    because they are expecting the family to pick up the cost of the additionally needed supplies. Technically the "kids" who get that government check each month, that should be going toward their needs.
  4. KATRN78

    "Wasteful Nurses"

    I work with actual wasteful nurses. I think they put on gloves to hand the kiddo a sweater. 3 boxes of gloves gone in one week of 8 hour a day nursing, no vent.
  5. KATRN78

    Nurse changing vent mode

    Not cool. I would ask the nurse about it.
  6. KATRN78

    Tired of unpaid OT

    Try being firm. "I have to leave at my scheduled time. If we do not start your care at X time, I will not be able to complete it and have to leave you incomplete or not done at all. Which would you prefer?" "I am required to leave at my scheduled t...
  7. KATRN78

    opinions please?

    She is very indifferent. I mentioned it to agency. They stopped her shifts till she did it. I felt like a rat but it takes a village to raise a child and an adult.
  8. KATRN78

    Do you know this nurse?

    I seem to be meeting the same type of pdn nurse again and again. She is 45+, divorced/never married, works 7 days a week, will pick up any open shift because "I might as well, I would just be at home anyway." Also, she is tired. Have you encounter...
  9. KATRN78

    Looking for a change?

    I felt this way too. I took on another case, cut hours at the old ones. Problem solved.
  10. KATRN78

    WWYD: Caregiver not home at end of shift?

    My agency: each patient has a form "who may assume care of ______ if you are not present?" Then the parents write a bunch of adults over 18. Then they sign it. Agency keeps a copy.
  11. KATRN78

    Craziest PDN/PDN Venting Thread

    Ok. I will call the news station from my ED bed too. I will give a bedside interview.
  12. KATRN78

    Craziest PDN/PDN Venting Thread

    If I fall on an unshoveled sidewalk I am just going to lay there and call an ambulance to come pick my butt up off the ground. Then I am going to hire a lawyer from my ED bed and sue. . . Just to be an itch.
  13. KATRN78

    Vent to/about my "coworker".

    I was so flipping mad, someone making marks for the shift I worked. I told the clinical manager. This nurse also was making circles for prn meds that I did not give on my shift. Mom likes to play Doctor and say "give albuterol q 4 hour tonight". I wo...
  14. KATRN78

    Craziest PDN/PDN Venting Thread

    IDK, How can there be this many crazy parents? I feel like only 1 in 10 that I meet via PDN are sane. The rest are coocoocajchoo with 2 scoops of crazy.
  15. KATRN78

    Vent to/about my "coworker".

    Dear nurse, Please stop making marks for my shift on the MAR. I drew a line through my initials, that does not give you permission to write "error, H, X, ?" or circle it. It is just not acceptable practice to do that. Its also not acceptable to giv...