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  1. KATRN78

    The nurse you dread working after

    Ugh, came in today to find a note to all nurses, from super nurse, about how we should be positioning our patient and what setting the fan should be at. Also, where the tubing and wires should be placed while attached to the patient.
  2. KATRN78

    manikin names?

    Ivana Heart
  3. KATRN78

    calling all seasoned school nurses

    How about some words of advice from the seasoned school nurses for us newbies?
  4. KATRN78

    I am a nurse, darn it!

    To me its a case by case basis. I have a long time client, the parents are professional. After they call our inefficient office, they text me a heads up. They never abuse my number. Its great to know if my shift is being cancelled right away since the office had forgotten to warn me previously. Other families... no way.
  5. KATRN78

    New PDN...which case to choose

    Agency health benefits are usually expensive and/or terrible.
  6. KATRN78

    Time to Say Good Bye

    I did resign. I told Mom and she was calm, sad but understanding. I am very sad but as nurses we need to acknowledge our limitations.
  7. KATRN78

    Time to Say Good Bye

    Yes, I do use a hoyer lift. However, the child is still too heavy. You have to boost her in bed, reposition her in the wheelchair, roll her around in bed. She is contracted and very tight, she is a total assist. Its just too much for me.
  8. KATRN78

    Time to Say Good Bye

    Ugh. Its time for me to say good bye to a dear client and her family. They are amazingly nice people who I have enjoyed working with. My problem is that my patient is getting to big for me. 150 lbs teenager is too much for my back to handle. I want to protect my back since I have another 35 years of work ahead of me. I am dreading saying good bye and telling them that I am leaving. Any suggestions on how to break it to them?
  9. KATRN78

    How much personal info do you share with parents?

    I share simple or funny things like traffic, sewing, tv shows, food, cooking etc... I will ask appropriate questions. Many families share with me so that then makes them feel more closer to me. I use phrases like "that must be so difficult for you", "I cant imagine how hard that must be", "really, tell me more?" I sorta lie about some topics: Politics= "Oh I am not following any of that." Truth is: I am an educated libral that understands the workings of government, economics and politics. Homosexuality/homophobia= "I do not really think about that, I just try to be nice to everyone." Truth is: I want equal rights for all and homophobia makes me ill.
  10. KATRN78

    oh, you were just laying down?

    The nurse was not caught sleeping. The same nurse brags that she gets "refreshing naps" on her overnight cases. Plus she makes claims like "oh the moms must know we all do it. It gets us through the night as overnight nurses"
  11. KATRN78

    Two patients one client-revisited

    That's why we don't work in a hospital. Too many patients for too little pay. Private duty is one on one.
  12. I am currently working a case where the patient is an adorable preemie with a pacifier addiction, haha. One of the other nurses who worked over nights was fired because Mom caught her laying on the chaise couch with the baby. The nurse called me and complained to me "oh I have seen Mom lay down with the baby many times. Now I am fired for doing it. I was just laying with the baby because I got tired of constantly getting up to replace the dropped pacifier." I am just dumb founded. I just can't believe she would think she is being reasonable. Babies die because adults take naps with them. We should not be laying on the job. How can a nurse be so..... vapid?
  13. KATRN78

    The nurse you dread working after

    Don't know why but paperwork out of order makes me crazy annoyed!
  14. I started in pdn as a new grad. It is possible but you need to be on your toes. Take as much training as possible. Take any class offered. Read about all of your patients diseases and disorders. Read about any med or treatment you encounter. Don't be shy or afraid to ask your manager questions. On overnights I read, organize, clean syringes and equipment, I watch movies on my laptop. YouTube has videos of nurses doing skills like changing Mic-keys. Good luck.
  15. KATRN78

    Nasty homes

    It is easy for me to forget that not everyone lives the way I do. I like a nice clean, tidy home and sometimes have a little mess but never filth. I have seen rotting dish water sitting in sinks with mold, piles of dishes on counters, dirty, moldy, etc. Oh the best was one family had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner and never cleared the table afterwards, for weeks.
  16. KATRN78

    Oh, the places you'll go!!

    Disney World and Special Olympics Camp! Lots of fun on both trips.