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calling all seasoned school nurses

How about some words of advice from the seasoned school nurses for us newbies?


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You can do this!!!! You will feel like you are over your head in water and no live saver around. That is just the first 6 weeks. Then you will get into a nice flow with the kids and you will be able to breath once more. Just know that you will always have support here on allnurses. When you are looking around you and there are 10 kids in the office all NEEDED to be seen just remember your ABC's. Take a deep breath and tell yourself that you can and WILL be able to see all of them and care for them. Its ok if you take 10mins with one kid and only 3 mins with the next kids. You do not have to give the same amount of time. When you see the same kid for the 100th time this week stop and sit with that child for 5 mins. They more then likely just need to know that you care about them. I have heard more things from kids doing that that helped lead the doctor to find out what was going on. That or if CPS needs to be called. Yes you will have to call CPS more then you will think. When that happens just stop and allow yourself to breath and cry if you need to. I know that I have cried over what I have seen leading up to a CPS call. Just remember that you are a nurse and that you can do this.

NutmeggeRN, BSN

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Maintain your sense of humor!

Follow your gut instincts!

JenTheSchoolRN, BSN, RN

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I'm not very seasoned, given I've only been at this a year and a half, but I offer these things I've learned in that time: be nurturing and caring, yet firm. You will have to set some limits with your frequent fliers after you have discovered the issue isn't physical in order to maintain their emotional well-being. If your school has a counselor/psychologist/student support office - use them and build a good communication line; this is SO helpful with the deeper issues you will encounter.

And yes, sadly, expect to call CPS at least once or more. I had to file with CPS three days into my first full time school nurses gig. It made me feel terrible, especially when I learned this was the 3rd time a report had gone in that school year for that student. But at the end of the day, you can only do so much.

Good luck! Hopefully you love us much as the rest on this board do! :)


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