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AmberBradford has 2+ years experience and specializes in Peids.

I have been a home health nurse and a school nurse. I love my job. I love being a nurse to kids that need health care.

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  1. AmberBradford

    Why do you think nurses leave the profession?

    I have been a nurse for over 2 years now. I have done school nursing and home health care for two very sick kids. I am now looking outside of nursing for a job. I like working with kids but that is not my LOVE. So as I have been looking for a new area of nursing I hit the same road block every time. I apply for a job. They call me and we sit down for am interview. At that point I hear "oh you have all of the skills we are looking for, but you have only worked home health care and schools. So we are sorry but you are not the right person for this job. But you have all the right skills just wish you had not worked home health care." I hear that every time. I need more hours then I have now at my job. I have applied for jobs at LTC, Doctors offices, staffing places. If I cannot find a new job but the end of the year I will be forced to look outside of nursing. When that happens I will never go back to nursing. I love nursing. I feel that its a calling. I feel that calling down to the core of my soul. But once more other nurses will not stop killing the younger nurses that want to move to a new area of nursing.
  2. AmberBradford

    Pre-Nursing Students - What to do while waiting...

    If you can look into getting your CNA. If you cannot do that then I would say that the next best thing would be to volunteer at a hospital as a transporter. That is the best way to meet the whole health care team on each floor. Also will help you later to get your foot in the door. Look at LTC's and see if you could volunteer there. Also if you know any student that is IN the nursing program now see if you can help them will flash cards. (flashing the cards for a study group) that will help you learn the info and let the teachers see that you are for real about being a nursing student and that you know what it will take to get there. If at all try to stay in school. Even if you can only do one class at a time. It looks better if you stay in then to remove yourself.
  3. AmberBradford

    3 more Classes

    Good for you! I remember when I was only 3 classes away from starting my LPN program. Just remember that when you feel like the end will never come (trust me it will feel like that) you are really closer to that point then you think you are. :)
  4. AmberBradford

    New to methadone nursing

    Hello! I just got a job as a methadone nurse. This will be the first time that I have done this kind of nursing. I have been a school nurse and home health nurse for a child. What kinds of things will I need to take note of when I start? I am not even sure where to start. Super happy:) for the change in area of nursing but also on pins and needles:nailbiting: about it. Any heads up would be nice. Thanks
  5. AmberBradford

    Anyone work for Professional Case Management (PCM)?

    I still have not heard anything more. They asked me if I could start on the 23rd. I was like yes. I have not heard from them after that. Its been like 1.5 weeks now.
  6. AmberBradford

    Anyone work for Professional Case Management (PCM)?

    I was just hired today. They gave me very little info can anyone tell me how it is working for them and what do you do while in the pt home? Thanks