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  1. ceebeejay

    Constant fighting amongst caregivers

    No, like all areas of life, there are good and bad. A lot has to do with how much they value respect and teamwork and promote that through policies and benefits. Look around. I found mine by world of mouth from parents I'd worked with in private duty.
  2. ceebeejay

    Self administration of medications

    Try calling someone in your states oversight office. Here in NY it would be the OPWDD. They can give you better insight.
  3. ceebeejay

    What is the dress code for nurses?

    Regular clothes if your are in the houses; the nurses at the programs where scrubs.
  4. I have the same question for a person in one of my houses. It's making me crazy seeing them sit all day in the chair. We change the lean from sitting to reclining but it's just not sitting well with me. Please let me know what you find out. I am staring with PT and my ADON.
  5. ceebeejay

    A Valuable Lesson

    Congrats, jojo489! I just started recently and I love it. I come home exhausted but I feel great. It's the first time, in my life and I am not a spring chicken, that I feel satisfied when I come home from work. I am trying to figure out how to keep track of things. I feel like a squirrel right now - ooh look at the shiny light, oh wait, there's that other shiny thing! Um, what was I doing? Just when I feel like I have it coming under control, it all goes up in smoke! I have had a death by fire experience so far, because everything that can happen is happening! ARGH! I don't even mind the on call. My husband thinks I am nuts. But, when you have a passion for what you are doing it doesn't feel like a chore.
  6. ceebeejay

    Applied to 2 Residential DD programs

    I sought out this group, because I kept hearing good things as a private duty RN in the community. I had been on several interviews and always observed that the employees seemed happy to be there. DDNA is definitely on my list of organizations to join and I glad to see members that endorse it.
  7. ceebeejay


    Depends highly upon the office/location. My experience has been very good with them, but this office is great. Just one office over and not so great.
  8. ceebeejay

    Applied to 2 Residential DD programs

    Signed my acceptance papers today! I'm hired. Looking forward to this experience.
  9. ceebeejay

    *giddy laughter*

    An agency that is testing me, training me, skills testing me, giving me constructive input... all before I even see the patient. *squeeee* Call me crazy, but I am so happy to have someone else with WAY more experience than myself check my work. Had to share my happiness.
  10. ceebeejay

    Attachment to patient and vice versa

    Yes, I have had this happen. As others have said, it may be a protective mechanism, a control mechanism, or something of both. When it's the patient, I completely understand the behavior. It's a complete submission on their part in many ways, and when the person they have been that open with has to "leave" it must be challenging. I am not really understanding where the parents come from yet. LOL! I do my best to not take it personally and remain professional.
  11. ceebeejay

    Breaking up is hard to do

    My instinct tells me to stay away, which is what I will listen to. They will remain in my thoughts and prayers though.
  12. ceebeejay

    Linked In

    Not my first job hunt, but I am still looking for that first full time "permanent" position. My question is about Linked In... When people view my profile, should I ask to link with them? I am not sure why they are viewing my profile, because they are not places I have applied for positions at. I am lost as to what proper etiquette is in Linked In.
  13. ceebeejay

    Breaking up is hard to do

    Due to changes in the 485 due to medicaid, I am no longer on my longest peds case. A part of me is relieved, another terrified, and my heart is so sad. I will miss this case. I would love to know about them as they grow up. How do you deal with moving on?
  14. ceebeejay

    Have bad attitude- RN to BSN programs

    I understand your frustration completely. However, here is a little story of a friend of a friend... RN - ADN, decades of experience in her field. Works in a hospital unit. She refuses to get a BSN, cannot transfer into another unit. BAM! Needs hip replacement surgery. Surgery goes good, everything is okay, but she's in pain constantly. Orthos say nothing wrong, it's healed nicely. She attempts to get qualified as disabled. You and I know that won't fly. So, she feels she's not able to go back to work, but has to. But, they have to qualify her/make sure she can do the work still. If she had her BSN, with her experience, she'd have a lot more options. Right now, she faces being unemployed or working in chronic pain. So, you never know what is down the road. I do the Univ. of TX at Arlington RN-BSN. The RN course are 5 week sessions. So, 5 weeks and you're done. They go fast. Any pre-reqs are 8 - 10 weeks. If I really could put my brain to the grain, I could have knocked it out and been done in just over a year. I take four courses per semester, which is not that bad. You can go as fast or slow as you wish. It's cheap too. Some of the people in the courses are in situations like yourself and they have said that some of the courses have re-energized their feelings for their career. Good luck in whatever you decide. I totally get the lack of enthusiasm.
  15. ceebeejay

    Quit my first nursing home after 1 day!

    Wow, you got through that?! And, you had the good sense at the end of the day to say "no". Good for you.
  16. ceebeejay

    Shoutout to all the PDNs out there!

    Back at ya'!