For those who did Hurst review....


I do have questions for those who took Hurst review after being unsuccessful in the NCLEX-RN exam.

Right now i am studying from Hurst review but i need suggestions from those who already took NCLEX and passed.

Do i need to do content review from any other source rather than Hurst OR it is good to stick with the one as i found Hurst review so informative and easy to understand.


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I don't have an answer for you but am considering doing Hurst after being unsuccessful! Look forward to reading the responses!


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I took Hurst Review twice and passed NCLEX on the 1st try. According to Marlene Hurst, you have everything you need right there in her packet to pass. Don't forget all the information included in the 5th day content. Its very helpful. Especially the Mock Nclex exam and the video that accomodates the mock nclex...


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I purchased the Hurst Online review while I was still in nursing school to help me with our HESI Exit exam. I passed HESI and once I graduated, continued using HURST to prepare for boards. I pass NCLEX on the first try and seriously new the HURST core content forwards and backwards and could probably even recite it in my sleep. I agree with Marlene, you have to know the core content first.

Good Luck!


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You are the best judge of what will work for you. Good luck.


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hurst is ok, it will boost your confidence especially if you're retaking the test...


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loved hurst review!! thought her way of presenting the material was very good! great idea to refresh material learned in the nursing program and gave you advice on answering questions too!

hope to have my results today...took nclex Friday 6/11/10

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Thank u everyone for ur response.

Whatever u people told meh i came to a conclusion that i must stick with Hurst rather than mixing my information with other books.But no wonder i need to consult other books to practice more question.

Starfish1:Gud luck for ur result:)

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I just finished a live HURST review and thought it very informative. Haven't started on the 5th day materials yet and no NCLEX test date yet but will keep you informed.

I very much enjoyed the live review. I have no sound on my computer so I'm not so sure about the videos I need to view.


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I did the Hurst online review, too. It really helped me gain confidence to pass the Hesi exit test at school and then helped me focus in on my weak areas before Boards. I graduated May 21, 2010, and just found out today that I passed Boards. I know without the Hurst review, I would have been totally lost. The Saunders NCLEX-RN review book and disc helped while I was in school, but for Boards, the Hurst really helped me.

Good luck!!


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I took Hurst Review and found it very good for core content, but weak on testing strategy. So I'm now studying form the Kaplan NCLEX-RN 2010-2011 edition as well. It's an easy read and gives pretty clear advice on how to figure out the stem question and how to eliminate choices. I also love their priority strategizing. It comes with a CD that has 500 NCLEX sytle questions for more practice. I wish I had given myself a little more time to study. I take the exam tomorrow. Yikes~! :eek:

Good luck everyone!!!:redbeathe :nurse:


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I'm glad you started this thread because I'm thinking the same way. I find hurst easy to read, and it does boost your confidence. I have kaplan, saunders Q&A, lacharity, and nclex 4000.

Starbelly- did you have any other comprehensive resources or did you just read hurst and kaplan? good luck with your nclex and let us know how you did! :yeah: