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  1. I am starting on my own tomorrow, three days in a row...I would rather do 3 in a row. I am nervous about everything- we are a small unit (not an ICU but an intense step down unit) most of the nurses are brand new grads like me....I really need help with time management and such....can anyone give me any advise/words of encouragement?!?!
  2. Starfish1

    How is the Math on the NCLEX-RN exam?

    I didn't get math either...just passed last Friday with 75 questions. good luck!!!!=)
  3. Starfish1

    can i get quick results on a Sunday?

    congrats,just found out myself as well that I passed!!!! what a wonderful feeling!!!!
  4. Starfish1

    Just finished NCLEX

    just got my results - i passed what an amazing feeling!!! just sooooo wonderful!!:w00t::clpty::dncgbby::dancgrp::anpom::hpygrp: i feel all of these emotions=) pearson vue trick worked for me
  5. Starfish1

    Just finished NCLEX

    thanks...still waiting...good luck to you too...
  6. Starfish1

    Just finished NCLEX

    thanks hope to know by 2 pm today?!?!
  7. Starfish1

    Just took NCLEX

    awating my results too...took Friday....any news yet for you??
  8. Starfish1

    For those who did Hurst review....

    loved hurst review!! thought her way of presenting the material was very good! great idea to refresh material learned in the nursing program and gave you advice on answering questions too! hope to have my results today...took nclex Friday 6/11/10
  9. Starfish1

    Cut off at 75

    great advice..i did the same thing when it came to any drug or disease i didn't know...best of luck to you...also cut off at 75 and got the good pop up. not knowing anything about a particular drug on this exam sucked!!!!! i thought it was awful!! but i did what you did regarding the answers!
  10. Starfish1

    can i get quick results on a Sunday?

    I am in the same boat as you...took my NCLEX Friday and soooo anxious for the results...got the good pop up is it 48 hours ater you test?!?! keep me posted when you get yours best of luck!
  11. Starfish1

    failed the NCLEX-RN

    you will do GREAT- you know what to expect now- good luck to you- keep your head up, take it again...dont let it get you down (I know easier said than done)
  12. Starfish1

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    what a positive attitude you have :yeah:you CAN do this- you know what to expect next time and you'll do great keep your head up!
  13. Starfish1

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    I got the good pop up...granted I only took my exam about 3 hours ago...but I am crossing my fingers with this trick...I was cut off at 75 questions.
  14. Starfish1

    Just finished NCLEX

    good luck to you...I tried the pearson vue trick and got the good pop up..::crossing my fingers:: how did you feel about your exam?
  15. Starfish1

    Just finished NCLEX

    Just got home from taking my exam...75 questions...I must say it was A LOT like the HESI exams we had to take in school...I had a handful of SATA and drugs I have never heard about as well as several priority questions....the waiting now is the hard part...some of my anxiety has gone away (seeing there is nothing I can change now) but the wait is going to be torture!
  16. Starfish1

    I'm done but YIKES!

    good luck=)