Flu is CRAZY

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This flu season has been insane already. Fingers and toes crossed for an early peak! I have been monitoring flu cases for 4 weeks and have been steadily seeing 10-15 cases a week until now. This week has been CRAZY! Out of 970 kids, we have 98 confirmed positive this week *so far*, which is now 10.1% of our kids with another day and a half to go ?

Several schools in the area have had recent closures due to flu. My entire faculty/staff is freaking out (except administration). However, after tomorrow, we're on Thanksgiving break for a week! One more day. Just gotta get through one more day.

Please tell me I'm not alone

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Not yet . . .

Scary! Are you in the South? Up here in the NE there are "some" cases but nothing like what you are dealing with.

I'm afraid to respond because I'll jinx myself...

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2 minutes ago, MHDNURSE said:

Scary! Are you in the South? Up here in the NE there are "some" cases but nothing like what you are dealing with.

Louisiana. And, of course, my city has the highest rate in the state ?‍♀️

So here I sit with my face mask and cracked, bleeding, raw, dry hands considering how much stock I need in Lysol

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According to my latest report, there are only 19 cases in my whole state. *knock on wood*

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27 cases in my entire state this week

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I don't think it's too late to get a flu shot. Might help! Maybe the Health Dep't would be interested in putting on a flu shot clinic @ your school site, or someplace near by. Just a suggestion. If someone is incubating the virus, the shot probably won't much, but, it would be worth a try.

On 11/22/2019 at 12:49 PM, Nurse Jen said:

27 cases in my entire state this week

I see that and then wonder how many people are walking around with flu but think it is a bad virus that isn't the flu, or are just not getting diagnosed because they don't get seen. I was at the grocery store yesterday and there was this woman in the check out line behind me practically breathing down my neck. Gross, wet hacking cough, looked so ill and was in a grocery store, pushing a cart that someone else will touch, touching produce...just really grossed me out. It's people like that who spread the flu. STAY HOME!!!!

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Curious - what is the vaccination rate in your district?

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On 11/26/2019 at 11:31 AM, JenTheSchoolRN said:

Curious - what is the vaccination rate in your district?

not very high. Unfortunately, I do not have accurate numbers for flu vacc rates

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I dont think half the kids staying home with fever etc are going in and getting swabbed. which isn't surprising. I am pretty sure myself and my kids had the flu last year but it started on a friday and happened over a school break I am pretty sure so we weren't missing school or work. Since we were all able to get fluids in and fevers were decently controlled with meds we stayed home and didn't bother going to walk in. nothing worse than going to walk in with a 6 & 3 year old while you are also sick. I am not interested in talking tamiflu after some of the side effects ive read and ive heard it tastes awful so doubt I could get my kids to take it either.

I assume anyone and everyone could have the flu during flu season ?. I just had a student today come in my office and immediately was standing way too close to me. touched his nose and started telling me all his complaints. ok first don't stand so close to me. second wash your hands at this sink while you tell me whats going on and don't touch your nose again unless its with a tissue. senior in high school. this needs to go on the c'mon thread.

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