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SandIsMyGlitterRN has 20 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in School Nursing.

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  1. SandIsMyGlitterRN

    PPE concerns as we return

    What are your plans for isolating students that are possibly contagious with COVID when students that need ice, meds, bandage, etc. come in to the office??? My space is very small. Worried about how I will handle this.
  2. SandIsMyGlitterRN

    ED nurse to School Nurse

    Once I became certified as a school nurse my pay increase put me slightly under what I was making in the hospital. It really depends on your district. I factor in that I now have government retirement to look forward to as well as the amazing hours.
  3. SandIsMyGlitterRN

    Spring Break

    We do not have break until the 3rd week of April. So jelly!
  4. SandIsMyGlitterRN

    S/s x 3, 4, 7 days??

  5. SandIsMyGlitterRN

    School Aide Jailed For Stealing And Replacing Students' Medication

    They let students bring in their own meds in backpacks!??? Now that is trust. Would never fly now.
  6. SandIsMyGlitterRN


    In my state we are required to have our BSN as well as complete our certification for school nursing. RN, BSN, NCSN
  7. SandIsMyGlitterRN

    Lord- Coronavirus drama

    Please share any info that you learn at the conference with us that would help us evaluate our kiddos and also help keep the hysteria at a minimum. Interested to see what they say?
  8. SandIsMyGlitterRN

    Lord- Coronavirus drama

    Here is my concern....the symptoms sound like any other respiratory illness. How do we decide who needs to be tested now? In the beginning it was noted to only test if they have traveled. Now, with cases not travel related, who should we be concerned with? I am not freaking out but want to know to be on top of it if (and when) it shows up.
  9. SandIsMyGlitterRN

    50 school days left until Summer

    It has been a longgggg year already!
  10. SandIsMyGlitterRN

    Face masks

    That is what was recommended. Wish we had a crystal ball to see how this was all going to go. Right now I am more concerned about the flu in our area but, since COVID19 is so new, we need to be cautious. Once the CDC came out with their statement, I started to really pay attention.
  11. SandIsMyGlitterRN

    Who can cath???

    If you cannot get a sub and you MUST be out. Who do you get to cover your procedures such as a cath????
  12. SandIsMyGlitterRN

    How do you get a sub?

    So hard to get reliable subs! I must call subs from our list if I need one. If I cannot obtain one, I have to ask a nurse from another school in our district to come and care for my students. Worst comes to worst, the secretary is trained to give meds but not my cath!
  13. SandIsMyGlitterRN

    Parent harassing me in clinic

    I was just discussing this with a co-worker. I have had this same situation before. If a CPS report is made the parent always assumes it was the nurse. What an uneasy feeling to have when a parent walks in and demands to know why a call was made! One of the scariest parts of my job.
  14. SandIsMyGlitterRN

    "Can you do something about this?"

  15. SandIsMyGlitterRN

    "Can you do something about this?"

    Yes and much more at times. I feel as though I need to have a meeting with the teachers at least 3 times a year to remind them what my duties are. I do not mind being a team player and stepping into other roles at times but that can cause me to become a big rug that gets walked on.
  16. SandIsMyGlitterRN

    Your favorite extracurriculars?

    We all wear so many hats! Some days include me as secretary, disciplinarian, custodian, counselor, bus monitor, lunch lady, hall escort, classroom monitor, and anything else that comes up!

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