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NurseHeatherBSNRN has 6 years experience as a ASN, BSN and specializes in School Nursing.

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  1. NurseHeatherBSNRN


    Does anyone have a sample letter of verification of hours to use for NCSN testing eligibility? I'm interested in applying for this Summer's exam and starting to put everything together before the registration window opens next week.
  2. NurseHeatherBSNRN

    Mobility Impaired Evacuation

    Wheelchair bound student with brittle bones. Most classes will be upstairs. Day to day, student uses the elevator. However, does anyone have suggestions on evac plans and/or evac aids to use in the event of emergency?
  3. NurseHeatherBSNRN

    I hate to tell you I told you so........

    Yes please
  4. NurseHeatherBSNRN


    Aft section I'm gonna have to use this one
  5. NurseHeatherBSNRN

    Diabetes Question

    I've always been instructed to calculate completely first, then round the final answer.
  6. NurseHeatherBSNRN

    question---How many?

    https://www.nasn.org/nasn/research/everystudentcounts/school-nurse-capacity-building I have started using the "Data points health office visit tracking form" this school year. It breaks things down to # of visits per day, how many returned to class/sent home/called EMS. Each day is then calculated into weekly, and subsequently monthly numbers. My administration did not realize exactly how many students I see regularly until I started sending them a report each month (I do not include daily meds, nor mandated screenings on my report). This may or may not help, but it's at least something to consider.
  7. NurseHeatherBSNRN

    New Normal Temp

    I'm stuck at 97.6 or 98.3. Seems like every afebrile (less than 100) temp I get is one of those.
  8. NurseHeatherBSNRN

    Altered MD Excuse

    My thoughts EXACTLY! We've had ...um....issues with this parent for a while, so I'd rather not kick the hornet's nest. Attendance clerk, Receptionist, & I brought it to administration. They can handle it from here.
  9. NurseHeatherBSNRN

    Altered MD Excuse

    My school's receptionist brought me an excuse which was obviously altered. The parent had used white-out over the dates excused and wrote in different dates. I called the doctor's office, who assured me that they never use white-out on excuses because "there's no way of knowing what is correct for audit purposes". Obviously, we are not honoring this excuse and those dates will continue to be unexcused absences. Parent is p!ssed. How would you have handled this situation? Obviously, the school is not able to file a police report. I can only hope the doctor's office does, though.
  10. NurseHeatherBSNRN

    Flu is CRAZY

    not very high. Unfortunately, I do not have accurate numbers for flu vacc rates
  11. NurseHeatherBSNRN

    Flu is CRAZY

    This flu season has been insane already. Fingers and toes crossed for an early peak! I have been monitoring flu cases for 4 weeks and have been steadily seeing 10-15 cases a week until now. This week has been CRAZY! Out of 970 kids, we have 98 confirmed positive this week *so far*, which is now 10.1% of our kids with another day and a half to go Several schools in the area have had recent closures due to flu. My entire faculty/staff is freaking out (except administration). However, after tomorrow, we're on Thanksgiving break for a week! One more day. Just gotta get through one more day. Please tell me I'm not alone
  12. NurseHeatherBSNRN

    Seizures! Diastat!!

    CDC recommends no attempt of CPR/rescue breathing during the seizure; only if s/he is still pulseless/not breathing after the seizure ends. https://www.cdc.gov/epilepsy/about/first-aid.htm As far as the bus, I would recommend CPR training for the bus driver/aide. Most 911 dispatchers are able and willing to give CPR instructions over the phone, so a face mask would also be excellent idea.
  13. NurseHeatherBSNRN

    Why so long

    Seriously!? Not just no, but H-E-double-hockey-sticks NO
  14. NurseHeatherBSNRN

    Why so long

    I fully understand that people have to work and can't sit in the school parking lot all day waiting for their child to *maybe* get sick. A little communication goes an extremely long way, though. Parents know that it'll be a while before someone can get to the school. Just let the SN know. If I don't know what's going on, I'll give you an hour. After that, I'm calling you again and again and again until you arrive. Unfortunately, I do not have a resource officer And, no, I will not send your feverish, vomiting, flu-like symptoms child back to class because you're out shopping!
  15. NurseHeatherBSNRN

    Why so long

    I'm good with that. Just let me know what's going on. Don't tell me 15-20 minutes and you're still not here 2+ hours later. AND, if I call you back while waiting, please answer the phone.
  16. NurseHeatherBSNRN

    Why so long

    How long do you normally have to wait for parents to pick up a sick child? I have several parents who take over an hour to get here every single time I call. I have waited almost 2 hours, and then sent the child home on the bus because we couldn't get mom to answer the phone anymore. Of course, my administration says "just keep calling" Any ideas on how I should handle this?

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