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  1. NurseHeatherBSNRN

    School Nurse: Managing a scene/coworkers

    I'm blessed to have an administration who recognizes that I am the only licensed person, the only one with medical training/education in the building. My principal has told all staff during emergencies "Heather is the boss right now; do whatever she says or get out of the way". I agree with others give them something to do (call home/911/etc, retrieve student's belongings, get the custodian, crowd control, flag down the ambulance if called, etc) or tell them to back up. And anytime someone is giving potentially harmful advice (tilt head back during a nosebleed), this person needs to leave the area immediately. A simple, firm "That will hurt more than help. We can discuss this later. Right now, you need to go somewhere else" seems to work well in my experience. Debrief is a must for any emergency in any setting. Even something as simple as an emailed list of "things that went well, things to improve, and things that cannot be repeated". Definitely speak with your administration about the best way to hold a staff debrief.
  2. NurseHeatherBSNRN

    Flu is CRAZY

    I'm wondering the same. I know many parents refuse flu shots, but other states have the same issue. We usually peak late January-early March. Looks like we'll have an early peak this year!
  3. NurseHeatherBSNRN

    Flu is CRAZY

    Louisiana. And, of course, my city has the highest rate in the state So here I sit with my face mask and cracked, bleeding, raw, dry hands considering how much stock I need in Lysol
  4. NurseHeatherBSNRN

    Flu is CRAZY

    This flu season has been insane already. Fingers and toes crossed for an early peak! I have been monitoring flu cases for 4 weeks and have been steadily seeing 10-15 cases a week until now. This week has been CRAZY! Out of 970 kids, we have 98 confirmed positive this week *so far*, which is now 10.1% of our kids with another day and a half to go Several schools in the area have had recent closures due to flu. My entire faculty/staff is freaking out (except administration). However, after tomorrow, we're on Thanksgiving break for a week! One more day. Just gotta get through one more day. Please tell me I'm not alone
  5. NurseHeatherBSNRN

    "The Nurse doesn't really DO anything" -Middle school students

    @ruby_jane I just reviewed our disease/exclusion policy with a teacher yesterday, who then felt the need to talk to administration, because she wants every kid who vomits to immediately be sent home. Keep in mind that Little Bit yesterday vomited "clear stuff" in the middle of a coughing fit . Thankfully, admin agreed with the policy and my stance that one vomit does not mean go straight to home, do not pass go, do not collect $200!
  6. NurseHeatherBSNRN

    Why so long

    How long do you normally have to wait for parents to pick up a sick child? I have several parents who take over an hour to get here every single time I call. I have waited almost 2 hours, and then sent the child home on the bus because we couldn't get mom to answer the phone anymore. Of course, my administration says "just keep calling" Any ideas on how I should handle this?
  7. NurseHeatherBSNRN

    School Nurse Salary?

    Louisiana. Charter school. Aug-May. 7.5 hr days. $38k The pay SUCKS...but the schedule and time with my kids is worth it
  8. NurseHeatherBSNRN


    This may be an idiot question, but how do you go about setting up the students coming to help? Does your school provide additional screening equipment, or does the clinical facility send some equipment to help?
  9. NurseHeatherBSNRN

    Screenings Help

    We typically involve parent volunteers to help direct the kids. Specials is 40 minutes. Each class is 25-30 students. Absolutely not enough time. And of course I'm expected to make (and abide by) a screening schedule. *insert eye roll*
  10. NurseHeatherBSNRN

    Screenings Help

    Haven't thought about that. I'll certainly reach out to our colleges
  11. NurseHeatherBSNRN

    Screenings Help

    Good Friday! Do any of you have tips on getting help for conducting screenings? I am the only nurse at a K-8 charter school, so I'm by myself on getting this done. I'm not allowed to interrupt instructional time except for emergencies (screenings will be done during the kids' Specials period).