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  1. Power point?

    I think it depends on your specific role and your level of comfort working with the programs. I do a lot of IEP meetings and manage multiple buildings, so I use Google docs/sheets (the Google version of Microsoft) a ton to write my reports and keep m...
  2. Do you get any real and regular supervision?

    C Yes. It was the superintendent.
  3. New to work and School Nursing.

    So, I don't want to discourage you, but school nursing isn't as easy to jump into as people think. Even having a medical assisting background doesn't quite prepare you for what you'll face (usually completely by yourself). Many seasoned nurses come i...
  4. Leftovers (meds, not food...)

  5. Do you get any real and regular supervision?

    This was a big reason as to why I left my last job. I was willing to put up with a lot, but the constant micromanaging got to be too much for me.
  6. Do you get any real and regular supervision?

    I am based out of 1 school, but cover the IEPs for mine and 6 other schools. So, between my building admin, director of student services, director of special ED services and the other admin that I work with, I feel like I have a million supervisors. ...
  7. Anyone have their masters?

    Anyone here have their MSN and have any programs they recommend? Bonus points if you're in IL. To be certified in my state (IL), we have to commit to a graduate level certificate program which includes a few graduate level classes and a 300 hour...
  8. Staying or Going?

    I think the schedule is a reason why many people get into school nursing. Don't ever feel selfish or guilty for doing what is best for your family.
  9. Summer Summer Summer!

    I just signed a contract to volunteer as a beach bum for the duration of the Summer. It'll be quite stressful 😜
  10. A strange surprise...

    Epic!! Thanks for the giggle 😂
  11. Considering Becoming A School Nurse

    I think that where the school nurse profession is headed is different in each state. Some states mandate that there is a school nurse in every building where other states are much like California where the nurse supervises multiple buildings/aids. Co...
  12. 40 days left!!

    I have 40 days after today! My kids have 45. We've been 100% virtual up until this week, so professionally, it's been OK. BUT it has been very stressful from a personal perspective as my kids' school has continuously changed their plans sin...
  13. Staying or Going?

    There has been no discussion of incentives to stay, but I'll be returning next year to my current position. Having left a district with a more toxic environment last year, my current district has been a breath of fresh air-even throwing COVID into th...
  14. Diabetes Delegated Care Aides

    I would do both. For the teachers/staff who will have direct contact with the student, I would have the diabetic educator teach them. For the remainder of the staff, I would do a shorter "what to look for and how to react" inservice.
  15. Epi pens and stomach pain

    Always look for the involvement of a 2nd body system. Yes, 90% of your allergic reactions are going to present with hives/rash/throat issues first, but there's always that odd outlier. The first time I gave epi, it was on a girl who ate somethin...