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  1. by   kkk222
    I really really want to go into OB. By the time I graduate this coming spring (of 2010) I will have worked a year per diem on a med surg floor as a nurse aid. What did you do to stand out? What else can I do to stand out? Also, I have a 3.8 GPA which I plan on keeping up this year. I really want to be in OB/NICU. Please if you have an advice! Thanks so much!!!
  2. by   CoffeeGeekRN
    In August I start in the ICU. My first choice was a critical care area whether it be ICU, NICU, PICU, or ED. During one of my clinicals a staff nurse told me I was too "warm and fuzzy" to be an ED nurse and that ICU would be better for me. On a separate occasion, one of my instuctors told me that ICU would be a great place for me.
  3. by   star77
    Emergency. Super super excited.
  4. by   jleighroll
    I started in OB on June 1st.... definitely my 1st choice!
  5. by   Dreamer-RN
    Cardiothoracic SICU (nurse residency program)!!! First choice hospital and ideal unit. I feel so blessed to have received this job offer. Woohoo!
  6. by   mrsshifflette09
    I will be working on a Neuro Stepdown ICU and I am very excited. It is exactly what I wanted and I am thrilled about it. I will be working 3 12's a week, rotating shifts. Can't wait to start!!!
  7. by   cagumbo
    ED in SC. I'm calling it Mayberry by the sea. 6 month orientation. The job was offered and I took it. It is my ideal job as well. I feel very blessed.

    Can't wait to get in and start nursing again. Graduated at the end of May. Took Kaplan, school NCLEX review, sat for the NCLEX yesterday. It's been a long time since I've seen a patient. I'd like to start working, get paid and save some lives.

    Congrats to all those who have jobs and good luck to those who are looking.
  8. by   Patchouli
    none of the hospitals i wanted are hiring new grads. i went on three interviews. one an hour away for a snf, one 30 mins away for med/surg not full time, five days a week, and paid the lowest. last interview i went on was an hour and twenty away (only bad part), pays the highest, and it's on a progressive care unit (i believe that it's a telemetry floor, but not quite sure why they call it progressive care). my first pick would've been telemetry because i would like to go to the icu someday.
  9. by   lovethepeople
    I am staring on a med-surg floor which was not my first, second or third choice (lol) but in this tough economy, I cannot complain! Good luck new grads-- I applied to this job in April and the offer came in July. I know it's so frustrating and I am praying things get better soon because our patients need us!
  10. by   Patchouli
    forgot to add that i did take the progressive care unit job, and if it's similiar to tele, than i'm hyped! it's 7p-7:30a.
  11. by   lotstolearn
    I took a job on an adult med/surg floor. I have been there for 3 weeks and am seeing and learning a lot. It wasn't necessarily my first choice, but I think its a good way to start and get into the system. The paycheck is also pretty great!
  12. by   8jimi8ICURN
    I got hired into a MICU. Pretty much first choice that was available to me... I really want to fly, so one dream down.... one dream to go!
  13. by   shoegalRN
    Just got hired for an ICU position in a Level I teaching hospital. It's also a New Grad Residency program. It's for nights, 7p-7a. Also, I was offered weekend Alt, which is only Saturday and Sunday 7p-7a, and still get paid for an extra day. I can't have 5 days off in a row with nothing to do. My son is getting older, and he don't want to "hang out" with me anymore, so I opted for the fulltime nights, 3 12's a week. I start in August.

    I also found out I passed NCLEX! YAAAY!

    I went on an interview and got job offered the same day. God is good!