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  1. ibme

    Salary Washington DC area

  2. Yeah, that would be my husband!
  3. My husband is an RN and was hired a week ago and was quoted 28.00 an hour for starting pay.When he went in yesterday to sign the offer letter it listed 32.00 /hr and he signed it. The original recruiter no longer works there. Does anyone know which offer is the binding one? or if HR realizes the mistake can they change it back to the original offer??? And NOOO he is not going to bring it to their attention.. already told him to do that. I asked him if he was sure if he heard the original offer correctly and he said yes, and that it doesn't include the differentials. He thinks the hospital should honor the new offer and it was their mistake I am just curious if the letter he signed carries any weight in this matter..verses the verbal offer?
  4. ibme

    Networking while in labor

    I am not sure if it is the right time to talk to the nurse manager while having a baby..just depends how she interprets it. I say go for it- you have nothing to lose. I would throw in how wonderful your experience has been there etc etc.. and it prompted you to want to work there.. get what I am saying?
  5. ibme

    Spouse transferred to Houston

    I had to leave my first RN position after 6 months a year ago do to relocating, and didnt have any problem finding a job in Houston. They didnt like my little experience, but they said they lied my personality and enthusiasm-- so really sell it during your interviews!! For example, the job I have now required 2 years experience and an BSN because it is in the medical center, and I got it with only 6 months exp and an Associate Degree... You can also try North Cypress Medical Center off 290/huffmeister..it is a little further, but it is another option if the others dont hire you. Also, if you have a heartbeat, Triumph will hire you-- it is a LTAC but starting pay for new grads is $30 an hour DAYS with 6 : 1 nurse patient ratio. I turned it down because I love the specialty I am in and wanted to hold out a little longer for the perfect fit. I turned down 2 other jobs , one at North Cypress medical Center and another at an HCA hospital. Totally stupid of me looking back, but I ended up getting my dream job, so it all worked out!!! Hang in there! You will find something in Houston, just don't give up !!! I didn't :)
  6. ibme

    GN Pay at Methodist Children's San Antonio

    Hi, I just wanted to tell you guys that you don't have to apply to only the "new grad" positions at Baptist in SA. I applied to two of their hospitals for staff nurse positions over a year ago (as a new ADN grad) and was offered a position at both hospitals. I was desperate and didn't get hired in any new grad spots so I just started applying to everything and everywhere. The recuiter at their main campus was the most helpful, she let me pick the specialty I wanted if there was an opening-- so find a way to contact her directly... hope this helps
  7. ibme


    Anyone have experience with them doing chart reviews?
  8. What areas of nursing do you like? Do you like high stress, low stress? What floor do want to end up being on? I would vote "NO" on the psych floor because most nurses do not like that unit.. but, you may be one of the few that do lol
  9. ibme

    New grad starting salary- St-Luke's houston, TX

    Do any of these facilities pay for your parking? I heard it is $24 a day to park-- is that really true?
  10. ibme

    Memorial Hermann GN Internship

    I started as a GN at Memorial Hermann as GN in November 2009-- it is a good program-- I have to work nights and every weekend AND holiday for a year though! I was so desperate I accepted those conditions whereas other people in the internship refused those conditions and the nurse manager accepted it. It also depends on the floor you will be working--I was hired for SICU.. I actually like working weekends so far because I dont have any traffic on the way to work! It is a steep learning curve , but I am loving i! and the best part is I didnt have to take the only other job offer I got which was in San Antonio !! Good luck
  11. ibme

    Should I relocate to Texas from California?

    There are ALOT of May new grads in Houston who still haven't found a job yet. Myself included . Things are different than a year ago... if someone has inside information please share. :heartbeat
  12. ibme

    New Grad needing a job anywhere in TX or any state

    Hi.. I can relate to your situation- times are different for new grads than a year ago. If you are willing to relocate to San Antonio I know that Baptist (downtown) is hiring new grads.
  13. ibme

    Are there nursing jobs or not?

  14. ibme

    New LPN....charge nurse in SNF?

    Wow, I am in the same situation, only I am a new grad RN and will be charge for a 35 bed upscale facility. I have to let them know by tomorrow if I will be accepting the position. Keep us posted as to what you decide because it sounds like we are in similar situations. :sofahider
  15. ibme

    RN Having a hard time finding a job

    Nindot, I was just wondering if you found a position yet?
  16. ibme

    Salary to expect as a new grad nurse

    Hi, I start Tuesday and will be making $26 / hour in a doctors office/clinic in Texas.

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