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  1. pinkiepie_RN

    Travel nursing and relationships..How do you make it work?

    So I didn't have money for a security deposit or first month's rent and am otherwise financially unstable. I'm sure I'm losing money by taking company housing but it's a hassle that's not mine to deal with. Even though I'm extending my contract, I haven't saved at all so I decided to extend my housing too. I'm in D.C. and recently had to give up my car. I'm functioning on public transportation. I just got settled in after 3 months and decided even if I could just move somewhere cheaper...I don't want to move and unpack again!
  2. pinkiepie_RN

    How long can you be with one hospital as a travel nurse?

    I'm extending my first 13 week contract and feel like I've found my new home. Maybe it's still the honeymoon phase but I wouldn't mind settling down here! It was anxiety inducing waiting for my renewal to be approved by the hospital/negotiated by my company but it's a relief to know that I'm staying in a place that's so comfortable.
  3. pinkiepie_RN

    Is 2 years Psych Experience enough to Travel?

    Yes! Psych is my baby and I've been in psych for 7 out of 8 years. (I had a meltdown about 4 years ago and my life went to $hit so I ended in LTC for a bit.) I think traveling was a good idea now that I felt ready and comfortable. I got 2 days of orientation and it took a week to get access to the EMR/computer charting/Pyxis, but psych is psych. I'm actually on a much less acute unit than I'm used to, with great teamwork and a pretty good workflow. I'm extending my first 13 week contract and knew that I wanted to extend by week 4. Psych is a weird thing because sometimes you just don't know what you don't know, and every unit is different. I think I would have been professionally prepared to travel after 2 years. Know your milieu management, crisis de-escalation, meds and charting and you're golden!
  4. pinkiepie_RN

    Are Termed Contracts Becoming a Trend?

    I made a med error a couple weeks ago and was TERRIFIED I'd get terminated. Thankfully it was just a scolding from the resident, the weekend attending and an apology to both patients involved. I was terminated from two consecutive contracts 4 years ago because I was just not mentally stable - 1st time was for falling asleep after a long night of a screaming match with my husband over the phone and the 2nd was for handing a patient the completely wrong poured cup of meds. I won't be making either of those mistakes again but this recent thing was just a hiccup related to a tech malfunction. I spent the first 4 weeks of this contract walking on eggshells, worried about getting terminated over the smallest thing. I was like "There's no 'corrective action' chain for travelers, is there? Just "you're fired!"
  5. pinkiepie_RN

    Best travel nursing companies

    I'm with a sister company of AMN (Nurses Rx) and have heard people complain about them but I haven't had any problems. My recruiter left and I was assigned a temporary recruiter for about a week before I got a new one. The only issue I had was waiting for an offer to re-extend my assignment but that was on the hospital's end (required budgetary approval and they "had to" wait until the end of the month) and my recruiter was supportive through it. She wasn't able to guarantee that my contract would be extended but was very positive and I felt comfortable with her.
  6. pinkiepie_RN

    Does anyone else just take their housing?

    I'm new to travelling. My husband kicked me out six months ago, I lived with friends and then took a travel job close to home (1.5 hours) in hopes we could reconcile with space. I'm low on funds and have no savings, so I took company provided housing. My hourly rate is okay and I'm basically making what I was as a staff nurse, but I don't have to pay for housing, which is a big relief. I'm extending my contract and found looking for housing to be exhausting and overwhelming, so I asked to extend my housing. I realize that I'm missing out on money that I could be pocketing because the stipend is pretty great but how do you all foot the starting costs associated with moving to a new place? I *love* the housing I'm in - it's a safe community, transit friendly, pet friendly (I have a cat) and I don't have to worry about rent. Am I crazy or does anyone else feel the same way? I feel like I'd have to take out a small loan to afford security deposit/first month's rent and would be paying that back before I could actually save any money left over from the stipend saved from a cheaper place to live.
  7. pinkiepie_RN

    Oh, you quirky night shifter you!

    I have a problem with shifting my sleep schedule. Often I'm just off a day between shifts and it's almost not worth it to convert back to a day schedule. I slept from 0900-1200 on Saturday, did things during the day, went to bed at 2200 and then woke up at 0430 this morning. NOT what I had been planning. I usually try to sleep in and stay up late when I have the time between shifts.
  8. pinkiepie_RN

    Epic class

    You can't just take EPIC training outside of a hospital course. My hospital just went to EPIC and we had tons of online modules and 12 hours of in class training. I didn't really learn that much and I am supposed to be using EPIC myself. HTH
  9. Don't put off communicating with outside organizations when project planning! I'm working on a community health project for my master's program capstone and have had a hell of a time getting things squared away. I've finally spoken with someone enough about building a program that they're willing to consider me as a partner but I'm supposed to write a grant proposal that's due next week and I just don't have the material ready. I'm having to ask my professor for an extension and I'm really embarrassed.
  10. pinkiepie_RN

    Outpatient to Inpatient Psych transition

    Did you have your interview yet? How did it go?
  11. pinkiepie_RN

    I'm bipolar, can I be a psychiatric nurse?

    I have bipolar disorder as well as anxiety and have been a psych nurse for most of my career. I went into psychiatry because I was good with psych patients, but I think part of that comes from being able to relate. I also am not ashamed to admit that I have some Cluster B traits and I work really well with those type of patients because I can understand where they're coming from. That said, work is not about me. I don't do it because it's therapeutic for me and sometimes it can indeed be triggering. I think it's totally worth it though and I think there are probably a lot of people in this field with MI or who have loved ones/friends with MI.
  12. pinkiepie_RN

    Do your Doctors wear lab coats?

    I work in a teaching hospital and while they don't wear them all the time, residents do wear them as well as attendings. I mostly see them worn by residents when they're on call (for storage, like stethoscope, pager, etc.). Otherwise it's business casual.
  13. pinkiepie_RN

    discharge planning and aftercare

    Hi all! I currently work acute inpatient with adults and love it. I am in a MS program that requires a community health capstone project and I'm being offered an opportunity to do it in the inpatient psych setting (different hospital than where I work). I was thinking of creating a workshop/set of groups on discharge planning and aftercare follow-up but could use some guidance. Does anyone run groups on these topics right now that can weigh in?
  14. pinkiepie_RN

    How many hours is your shift?

    The general scheduling for my unit is 2-8s and 2-12s to equal 40 hours.
  15. pinkiepie_RN

    How long is your commute?

    31 minutes without traffic, 45ish between traffic and parking and walking to my building. 27 miles of almost 100% highway driving.
  16. pinkiepie_RN

    When you just don't want to go to work....

    This i probably not a favorable response, but sometimes I just don't go in if I feel bad enough. I have bipolar disorder and I'm not trying to cop out of my own behavior, but I frame it as a mental health day. Every couple months, I allow myself to call in sick if I'm really not feeling it. It's not like I do anything fun instead of go to work, just ride out the "blahs".