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First week of school! :-)

CrazziiRN913 specializes in Electrophysiology, Medical-Surgical ICU.

So I just started my ADN program on the 23rd of this month. Was kinda freaked out but I made it through the fist week still alive. We have so much reading to do it's crazy, but i already expected that, I started putting key terms and everything on flash cards.....lets just say i'm already almost at 200 for just the first week. But anyways my week was good overall just wonder how everyone else's was. O I just found out my clinical instructor is a NP and she helped deliver my baby who is now 20months old...lol crazy right??? Tell me about your first day or week of school!!

Hahah man that is crazy. Small world eh? I don't start until another week (Sept 7th) and I'm freaking out but so excited to get into it.

I started on the 23rd, too - we have our first test tomorrow and yes, we have had quite a lot of reading! I'm going to go over all of my notes tonight, and then again tomorrow during my break.

We don't start clinicals until the end of September. I am excited, but probably more nervous about my first clinical than I am about anything else. I've read so many horror stories about horrible clinical instructors on here.

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We start our 3rd week tomorrow. Lots of reading, but I finally got it all in and I'm review patho-pharm notes before bed. First test in research on Thursday.

CrazziiRN913 specializes in Electrophysiology, Medical-Surgical ICU.

well i don't start my clinicals until the 2nd week in October after skills testing. And as for my instructor, she was an excellent nurse when i was prego so if she teaches anything like that she'll be great. @ guiltysins if you haven't got your books yet go get them because most nursing programs expect that you you read that weeks information already, at least i know mine did, so use this last week wisely !!!

My first week went great. So far my instructors seem sweet, nice and helpful. I love what I am learning. We do have lots of tests and assignments but you know what it is worth it, that is the only way we can learn and become successful nurses. I work well under pressure it prepares me for reality and it has helped me alot. Nothing is easy.

Good luck to all of you, just believe in yourself, study hard, and ask questions if you don't understand something. Relax and avoid negative people before you take a test, that way your anxiety will go away.

I remember when I was typing in a thread similar to this a year ago when I first started school. A year later and I'm still here, after much stress, heartache, and near change of major. Hanging on with 5 As and 2 Bs so far. 2 semesters down...5 more to go! :eek:

As far as my first week my second year in: great so far. Trying to keep up with my reading - so far so good. We'll see what happens next week after my Foley catheter check-off and when the grades start coming in. Don't forget about clinicals!

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this is my second year in nursing school, and nothing has me excited about this term. i have no clinicals either, just a few sciences this term. i don't know how i'll make it!

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First day of class, covered a chapter, rieceved take home quiz

2nd day of class- turned in quiz, did class part of quiz

1st day of clinical- learned about our OR rotation and toured the new OR

2nd day of clinical, covered a chapter or 2, went over peds objectives and took a quiz

I started the 23rd as well!

My first week was just crazy! They had us there every day of the week (we're generally only supposed to be there 4 days/week) at crazy hours and for super long days...and they wasted no time getting right into things! I've had a lot of reading, and my first test was this morning and my first competency for lab is on Wednesday.

We don't start clinicals til the first week of October, but we go over to the hospital for the first time next week.

Well I go to a univ. that does 1 course q month so it's not anything I cant handle. My 1st course was intro to computers and that was easy peasy. Pretty frustrating too bc all those older people didnt know what the h*ll they were doing. I was like "wow, seriously? No, seriously?" But today I start my next course English Comp. and I'm actually kinda scared.

Well, at least I've got my first test under my belt...

Honestly, it wasn't that tough, but there were a couple questions that I'm pretty sure I missed. There were 25 questions total. I'm used to being a straight-A student and honestly it's taking me a little while to get used to the fact that that very well might change in the nursing program. :down: I'm trying my absolute hardest, but these tests and quizzes are a whole different style of assessment. It'll definitely take some adjustment.

On Thursday I had my first Nursing class - it was a Nursing Lab class. We learned about hand washing; donning on ourmask, gloves and gown; and therapeutic communication.

On Friday was my first clinical - for the most part, we went over hospital procedure, expected behavior, patient confidentiality, hospital layout and we got to interview a patient.

Tomorrow I actually have my first nursing theory class and medical calculations.

So far, I absolutely love my professors - they seem very helpful and informative. For my clinical day, my clinical instructor could see that I was kind of nervous to interview my patient and she was cracking jokes to ease my nervousness - it worked. =D

Well, I got an 84 on that test. :crying2: I'm really going to try to do better on the next one - I studied so much for this one, so it's just disappointing.

Woohoo! I got an 80 on my first test!

And today, we did our first 2 hours of our vitals lab and learned how to do BP...so I have a bunch of guinea pigs lined up to practice on...

I have orientation tomorrow and I'm excited and nervous. I'm taking five classes this semester (required sequence for our program). My first day of class is on Tuesday and it's my nursing lab class. I think it's weird to have that before you have the lecture component, then on Wed I have Fundamentals lecture and Pharmacology, Thurs I have Med Calc till 12, no class Friday's. Mondays I have Fundamentals lecture again and Patho. Nursing Fundamentals and Lab are only for 7 weeks and then they get replaced with Geriatric nursing and clinical.

I actually have a GREAT schedule because I registered as soon as it was available online, which was back in March. Some of my friends who didn't register till May or June got some really crappy schedules like clinicals on Sunday, class till 10pm, ect. I have a feeling we'll be coming home from orientation with an assignment so I'm preparing myself with it. I'm looking foward to meeting the other 175 first semester students starting with me though. Some of them I know from pre-req classes so hopefully we can just sit down and compare schedules.

My husband said that he'd let me practice finding an apical pulse on him. :) We have a practicum on that next week, and I want to get in as much practice as I can.

I start my RN program on the 13th and i'm really nervous and excited!! Good luck to everyone..myself included!


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