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  1. JStylesNY

    How many of your schools require a pharmacology class?

    Hey citylights89 :) yea i find it very weird, and at this point im a tad bit confused. But if you think that your professors have covered all the pharmacology material that they plan to cover, then simply go take a look at a few practice tests. If you find that most of the material is new to you, then I suggest you take the full blown pharmacology course. Check if your campus offers it at a time that will be convenient for you, if not, you can always take it as a visiting student at another college. take a look here:Practice Questions - Help your Exam Score with free Practice Test Questions CuriousMe: i understand it's a board approved program. i was simply surprised. most programs i've heard of require a bit more than just the most common drugs.
  2. JStylesNY

    How many of your schools require a pharmacology class?

    CuriousMe: The name doesn't matter at all, but by reading "citylights89" post, it sounded as if her institution doesn't require the material at all. She said that the students who go on to pass the NCLEX "did the work themselves" and i assumed it meant that they had to teach themselves pharmacology to pass the exam. I haven't taken the exam yet so i dont know how it's like. But there are people who can study material solely for an exam, people who pass may simply be good test takers or crammers. I think a course (regardless of its name) covering the important aspects of pharmacology is vital. I actually cant imagine a program which would leave it up to the students to teach themselves the material...
  3. JStylesNY

    How many of your schools require a pharmacology class?

    I'm not completely sure on this matter, since I'm still in school, but I find it extremely disturbing that we actually have nurses out there who haven't taken Pharmacology.....
  4. JStylesNY

    Help me plan next terms Course Load?

    Thanks for the advice! And yes, after a little research, I came to the same conclusion also :) But it's comforting to have some reinforcement for the decision! Thanks a lot!
  5. Hello, I'm trying to figure out the courses I should register for next term (Spring 2011) along with the pre-requirements for my next Nursing Course. Anatomy and Physiology 2 (4 Credits) and Chemistry 2 (4 Credits) are the Pre-Reqs for [Nur 230 Clinical]. I have the following classes to choose from, which will be added on top of the two courses above. 1. Microbiology 2. Pathophysiology I guess I basically want to know, which course is the less difficult one? Micro or Patho? Would it be too difficult to take both A&P2 and either Patho or Micro at the same time?
  6. JStylesNY

    I just ordered a Zuca bag for school

    lol, there is NO way I'm carrying that giant thing to campus everyday... It's my second year in nursing school, and to this day I still get by carrying a textbook in my hand, and 3 pieces of folded loose-leaf along with a pen in my back pocket : ) no bags
  7. JStylesNY

    Do you actually READ your nursing books or just skim?

    i'm pretty surprised your professor encouraged you to skim... in my foundations of nursing course, we didn't have exams or quiz's, but we did have many papers to write. we were required to do all the reading, and our professor always emphasized the importance of completely understanding the material in the course. having said that, i'm an extremely lazy person, so i always skimmed through the pages. made it out of the course with an a : ) i don't feel like i missed out on anything. skimming isn't skipping. if you're going to skim, then i suggest you read the first few lines of each passage, if you understand it, then skim the next page of "explanations". if you don't understand it at all so far, you probably shouldn't skim.
  8. JStylesNY

    Well, No Nursing for Me

    in my opinion, the fact that you dislike the program or school policies should not dictate your career path. if you would love the job, you should pursue it. having said that, it seems you've done adequate research and made a realistic decision based on your circumstances, so i do respect your decision. i wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.
  9. JStylesNY

    Do you donate blood?

    i typically donate two times a year at our campus. i also work with a club to promote donating blood on campus and in our community, but it's shocking to see how many people are afraid of needles!
  10. JStylesNY

    First week of school! :-)

    this is my second year in nursing school, and nothing has me excited about this term. i have no clinicals either, just a few sciences this term. i don't know how i'll make it!
  11. i dont know about job prospects, but i honestly think that being male helped me get accepted to the nursing programs i've applied to. my GPA is....mediocre... 3.2 but i've been accepted to every nursing program i applied to. i just cant find any reason to justify that when my female peers were rejected from a lot of the same programs with better GPAs... that having been said, AllNurses needs to get a manly male nurse smiley. im tired of having to use the female nurse smiley dammit! but here it is again.
  12. JStylesNY

    need some calculation help

    i agree, it should be 0.5ml for the first calc/ 1/200=0.005 1/100=0.01 what you need is 0.005, what you have is .01/ml 0.01x = 0.005 x = 0.005/0.01 x = 0.5
  13. JStylesNY

    Failure of non-required classes 5 years ago?

    The colleges i have experience with (CUNY Hunter College, CUNY City Tech, D'Youville College) typically will not pay attention to grades from 5 years ago. the downside is that they'll also refuse to give you credit for any pre-reqs you've passed 5 years ago.
  14. JStylesNY

    Debt! I'm making the right choice, right?

    Since you already have your BA, you might want to look into Pace University. I've heard its about 1 year (maybe 1.5) for those who already have a BA/BS. Cost is somewhere around 45K. Additionally, you can also look into the Navy's Nurse Candidate Program. They pay you $1,000/month as stipend + tuition assistance + books. I was living in NYC, but after graduating high school I came to buffalo to pursue my BSN at D'Youville College. Compared to NYC, rent here is dirt cheap (navy takes care of that). Tuition is about 20K yearly (navy takes care of that too). Obligation to the Navy would be 4 years of service after graduation. 3 years if you're with the candidate program for only one year. I think its a great idea =/ the navy pays nurses well, and after you get out of the Navy, what hospital will reject you when you have military nursing experience on your resume? -best of luck Tan
  15. Personally, I wouldn't take both at the same time, only if I had given more thought to the decision a few months ago -.- It isn't confusing going back and forth between the two, in fact, the material covered is significantly different. A&P2 is NOT a continuation of A&P1. You can even take 2 before you take 1 without any troubles what so ever. howeverrrrr These are two tough science courses, and you need a lot of dedication to do well when taking both at once. And even then, you will struggle. Good luck =/ =]
  16. JStylesNY

    How many of your schools require a pharmacology class?

    I didn't think that there were any Nursing programs that didn't require pharmacology... Is there one that doesn't require Anatomy and Physiology??

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