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  1. CrazziiRN913

    For Fun--Kudos 2 Me...The "toot your own horn" thread

    I have been inspired by this thread! I'm always getting B's not that anything's wrong w/ that. I got B's in fundamentals, maternity. and psych and an A in pharm... But I'm spired to try an get a's for my last 3 classes before I gradf! I'm sooooo excited c/0 2012
  2. CrazziiRN913

    UTHSCSA BSN vs Baptist HS RN???

    I would do BSN only because the ADN is not saving you any $$$ at least tutition wise and you want to get ur BSN ultimately
  3. CrazziiRN913

    Should I get the CD's that come with the textbooks?

    The books helped me a lot because my teachers pulled questions almost verbatim off of the test books...at least for my psych nursing class....but they help studying the have lots of questions and addition info as well as so have videos with nursing skills on it...I say get the ones with the CDs I'm a advocate of them lol
  4. CrazziiRN913

    What would you have done?

    IDK if he is a NS because a lot of programs require that class...but I'm glad you told...stuff like that and people like that just really up set me...it seems like a lot of younger people in this generation (but nnot all) has no sense of work ethic....I'm only 21 and get pride from making my A's and B's on my own...I would feel terrible cheating my way through...
  5. CrazziiRN913

    Just for fun; Quotes you use for encourgement

    Phillipians 4:13 - I can do all things through Christ which strenghtheneth. God wouldn't allow me to get this far not to see me through Put up, shut up, and just do it. Get it done! He won't put more on me than I can bear....I just got to stay focused and just do it.
  6. CrazziiRN913

    What all ER nurses need to watch.... soooo funny

    OMGoodness I think that was hilarious...I watched a couple other and I'm feeling inspired to make a mocie myself.
  7. CrazziiRN913

    Short-Term Disability/Maternity

    My state (NY) @ my current job (non-nursing/healthcare) its 60% of your pay but mine started after a week...they don't pay you for the first week ur out
  8. CrazziiRN913

    dont know what to do now....

    I would try to fit the a&p class in...and if its any consolation I failed a&p1 and I had to take it again but I'm going in to my last year of my nursing program this year :-) there is hope and this too shall pass.
  9. CrazziiRN913

    How to survive 1st year of nursing school

    I just completed my 1st year or my AND program with B's in all of my nursing classes which is normal for me. I agree with everything that the OP said...just remember to get things completed on time....and take it one day @ a time no matter how hard that seems! #nursingstudentsrock! #justsayin
  10. CrazziiRN913

    2 yr ADN students..question on IV's and blood draws

    I'm going in to my 2nd year of my AND and we learn how to do them then but on dummy patients in the nursing labs....unfortunately we are allowed to do them in the hospitals during school but they teach us 3rd semester
  11. CrazziiRN913

    Do you have any authority in your LTC facility?

    I don't find hard to believe she said that! People put all there information on social networking sitess why wouldn't they tell someone there use to seeing most of the week and is most likely comfortable around. Some people seriously lack common sense these days!!!
  12. CrazziiRN913

    'Just a med/surg nurse'

    Every nurse that does there job and especially the ones that do there job well is important! Point blank period!
  13. CrazziiRN913

    Just accepted into adn program! Should i accept or decline?

    I'm in the process of completing my ADN now and then I plan on going on for my BSN right after...its cheaper at least here...and plus ur already excepted! Also you can start working sooner.
  14. CrazziiRN913

    Got into LPN and RN What Should I Do?

    I would go straight for the RN if you eventually want to get it anyways. I will save you money and even though its 2 years you'll make more when your done! :-) good luck on which ever you choose