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Med-Surg/Geriatric; Medical-Surgical ICU
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CrazziiRN913 has 5 years experience and specializes in Med-Surg/Geriatric; Medical-Surgical ICU.

RN, CCRN in school for my MSN (2017)...future FNP...God just keeps on blessing me!

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  1. CrazziiRN913


    Think of it this way...you can't kill dead...but sometimes we can bring it back! [emoji16]
  2. CrazziiRN913

    Should I leave this racist town?

    I would find me a new job in a more urban area personally! I don't have time for people's ignorance and also for it to be tolerated by management...nope I would not feel comfortable at all working there!
  3. CrazziiRN913

    Unsafe ICU staffing/ patient ratios! Please help!

  4. CrazziiRN913

    Going into the ICU as new grad

    I say go for the ICU job...its in a place and around people where you are already making the comfortable so why not! Plus you probably know most of the daily routines and kinds of patients the unit takes and since they know you I would think they would be more likely to help you when needed. Plus it's an awesome opportunity that you will learn invaluable knowledge.
  5. CrazziiRN913

    Putting nurses in a bad spot.

    in the ICU in which I work we can push prop, succs, and etomidate only in the presence of the MD performing intubation. Only MD's perform intubations at my facility. But we can bolus prop off the iv pump if they have a drip running.
  6. CrazziiRN913

    April 2015 Facebook group

    a new one that just started like a month or so ago is " Motivation for WGU nursing program student" and a very active one is "WGU RN to BSN discussion group" they require your email address to join that one but it is vey helpful!
  7. CrazziiRN913

    Financial aide and enrollment

    I think the issue is that most state grant programs go to institutions with in the state. I'm pretty sure if WGU was in PA they would recognize it but since it is based out of Utah you are probably out of luck. :-)
  8. CrazziiRN913

    RN-BSN in 6 months is DOABLE!

    yes they have an option to have a payments plan it cost like $55 to start the plan and then its broken into 4-5 equal payments
  9. CrazziiRN913

    WGU, Who else is starting with me

    We'll maybe I can get my 33 done in 6months lol I was gonna shoot for 6 but 12 if necessary :-)
  10. CrazziiRN913

    Is there really a future for new LPN's??

    I think it should be too it is really an excellent setup only time it better is when two RNs are teamed up lol
  11. CrazziiRN913

    WGU, Who else is starting with me

    Yay this is exciting the just posted my degree Plano line yesterday and I'm almost done completing the orientation :-) thanx for your response guys good luck to us all!!
  12. CrazziiRN913

    Anyone going to western governor university?

    Your welcome :-) and I will.
  13. CrazziiRN913

    Is there really a future for new LPN's??

    The hospital I work at doesn't hire CNA's. ON the floors we are podded together with LPN's as a care team. so the RN does charge and lpn does care and passes meds to the patients in their pod. Its a pretty sweet set up. especially if you get teamed up with someone who is a good worker. You can get a lot accomplished together for your patients.
  14. So I made the decision to go with WGU for my BSN and everything is all set to start on February 1st. Just wondering who else is starting in February? Or anyone the started in the recent months let me know how its going. :-) I have a nervous/excited energy about starting. Im hoping to be done by the end of 2014 and have 33CU's to go.
  15. CrazziiRN913

    Anyone going to western governor university?

    I start feb 1st. the math was basic from what i can remember. nothing crazy to study for honestly.
  16. CrazziiRN913

    BSN in 6 months?

    I'm suppose to start in February 2014 as we'll and have 34 c/u's to complete before graduation I would love to get it done in 6 months but if I have to do it in twelve I will :-)

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