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  1. justchill

    The Nurse vs The Person Inside You

    We are nurses but... We give you small, sometimes sad little smiles as you leave for the night, letting us know that your mom or dad or grandparent is ready for bed. We nod and smile then tell you that we'll be glad to help them back to bed. Once you're off the unit, we sigh gently and look at all the medications, wound dressings, orders and other tasks we need to perform on up to 6 (at least my workplace) patients for the 12 hour shift we're about to endure. Sometimes...we forget that we're doing these "tasks" on your mother, father, grand-parent. We're people too. We have parents and grandparents too and for some of us, they are alive and well. They aren't a stroke patient who has left side paralysis and a PEG tube. They don't have delirium with a UTI requiring frequent doses of Haldol, a HiLo bed and q15 minutes checks. But we're people too. We often get reminded that this is your mother, father or grandparent when they talk about you, or ask about you after you've left or even confuse us for you. We smile and inquire or reorient them to their surroundings. We help them get to bed, turn and prop them, make sure to float their heels and set the bed alarm after taking them to the bathroom one last time. We haven't peed or drank in hours, but we're nurses. We smile at you in the morning as you come back to visit, with small tired smiles. You ask how the night went, we lie a little. We don't tell you how your mother, father or grandparent punched the nurse aide while trying to clean up their incontinence. We say, "Oh they didn't get much sleep but they weren't any trouble." We hurt, our backs hurt from turning and lifting, but we're nurses. We sit in corners, talking to patients with addiction issues letting them know as much as they love heroin, it doesn't love them. It's okay to love yourself again. We smile and laugh with you, no matter the issues you have outside the doors of the hospital. We tell you things can get better and that we'll help you because we're nurses and we hope that we're right about it getting better, even if we see you again. We write names on death certificates and listen for the absence of heart sounds. We look up at you with a little nod of the head to let you know your mother is gone. You're relieved that she's no longer in pain but your heart hurts. Ours does too, we're thinking about our mother because we're people too. We drive home, perform some more homely tasks on auto-pilot and sometimes stop for groceries. Cashiers see our badges that we've forgotten to remove and say, "I could never do your job." or "So-and-so was in hospital last month and they fell." We smile and nod and shrug. "It's not so bad." We're tired and we want to go home, but we're nurses outside of work too. We shower, crawl in bed and think about the man who cried to you after his daughters left because he found out he has bladder cancer and he hasn't told them yet. We think about how we made time to walk with him in the hall, watch the end of the baseball game with him and remind him he is NPO after midnight for his TURP in the morning. We stare at our ceilings, thinking how the procedure is going and we just can't sleep.... We care, because we're nurses but we're people too.
  2. justchill

    Reading Hospital School of Health Sciences

    I graduated from them in 2012. The instructors have changed around a little bit since I've left but there were great the whole way through. There were only a few (it's a big staff) that caused issues but the Director of the program is good about protecting the students and such. As for books, they are included with your tuition. You don't need to bring them to class. They expect you to be prepared, on time and ready to ask questions. It's really a good program.
  3. justchill

    EBP topic

    Thank you! I had my ah-ha moment not to long after posting thing. Bedshift report. :)
  4. justchill

    EBP topic

    I just started my nursing research course in my RN to BSN program. I'm having a difficulty selecting a topic for my EBP paper. I want something that I could see on the job while working on my medical-surgical floor. I'm having trouble deciding due to be anxious about not finding enough information or getting too specific.
  5. justchill

    Unit Newsletter!

    Hi everyone! Hope you all enjoyed your summer. On my unit, as part of shared governance, I'm one of the editors for our monthly newsletter. We're a med-surg floor. Right now the newsletter has been very basic with just some updates on the unit such as No Pass Zone and flu vaccines etc, etc. I just wanted to brain storm some ideas to make it more interesting. What have newsletters on your unit looked like or included? I want there to be something educational included, even if it's something just pointing them to a free CE somewhere. Or staff spotlights, etc. Any experiences would be appreciated.
  6. justchill

    How do you draw up meds for IVP?

    I almost always dilute all narcotic IVP meds, but in general if it needs to be diluted I go one of two ways. 1) If I'm using all of the dose from the bottle, I just put a needle on a flush and draw up. So our dilaudid comes in 1mg/1ml ampules so I just take a filter needle on a 10cc flush that I've already wasted about 3ml from and draw up with the flush with a filter needle 2) If I'm only using a partial dose from the vial and need to dilute, I use an empty syringe to draw up the amount needed then inject into a flush. I dilute regardless of fluids running, especially if they have LR or something other than NS running, just gives me some peace of mind. If they don't have fluids running, I always bring an extra flush so it doesn't sit in the line at all.
  7. justchill

    please please critique my resume

    My username is positive reinforcement =) I need to get a bracelet haha. Thanks a lot. I'm just waiting to hear back now. crossing my fingers
  8. I recently got an interview for a job in which they had my original resume. I had updated in the mean time applying and getting the interview. I took the newer one to the interview. The newer one doesn't contain the job I had as a teenager(I'm only 20 so it was recent) and I added a job that is very PRN and isn't an RN position. It's health screening. I had a job during college that is still on there. So my question is, did I hurt anything by adding that job to the new resume? I never thought of putting it on because it's so PRN but the manager told me he would allow me to use him as a reference because I am on very good terms with them. Or am I just really over thinking it? I really want this job and it was my first interview as an RN so I can't help but to think of all the things I may have done wrong =( They are doing background checks so I won't hear anything by sometime next week and it's killing me!
  9. justchill

    please please critique my resume

    Thanks for the feedback. I just had my first interview Monday, I applied to that job with an older resume but gave them this one included in my portfolio. I think it went okay. I was nervous ekkk crossing my fingers.
  10. justchill

    Interview Thank you Card

    I overhauled the whole thing saying pretty much Thank you for your time and consideration. I enjoyed having the chance to interview with you. I look forward to hearing from you soon and added a sentence about a point we talked about in the interview. I think it was four or five sentences
  11. justchill

    Interview Thank you Card

    Thanks. I was short and simple and added a little personal part to it. Hey, it can't hurt my chances.
  12. justchill

    Interview Thank you Card

  13. justchill

    Interview Thank you Card

    I bet they don't to be honest. I only got interviewed by the manager so its easier. I am a card person and they drilled that into me in school as well so I hope it works. Thanks!
  14. justchill

    Interview Thank you Card

    I have trouble with putting thoughts on paper. That sounds great actually. Thanks so much. He said I can expect to hear anything by the end of next week because they do backgrounds before they make offers. I think the interview went well save for in the beginning he asked tell me about yourself and I feel like I fell flat :/ its a new grad position so I'm hoping to get it. I really like the hospital.