First Day/First Week of Nursing School. How Did it Go?

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My first week of nursing school this week and so far it's been great. The teachers seem really excited and proud of not only the class they have but also their program. They boast about their pass rate almost every lecture. They are seem very helpful in all the settings. I even got a study group together the first day of class and so far we've studied every day this week. This is the first time I have felt like I've accomplished and learned something in a study group.

I've gotten my books and lectures organized so I know what I'm doing day to day and I'm still very excited and nervous about being in school. So far so good though..I have no complaints......................................................yet.:)

How was your first day/week/month/year of Nursing School!!!!!!?


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I am glad you've had such a wonderful school week!

Keep it up!

We start next week and I just hope and pray that I like it! If I like it, I know that I will give 110%....... isn't that what it takes to make it anyway?

I am glad you started this thread, I also am interested in what others are doing their first week....... I believe getting organized would be top priority at the beginning!

Good Luck and keep us posted!


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We had our first class (Med-Surg) yesterday, and we got a ton of handouts of things to remember! We're starting off with the fluid/electrolytes/acid-base balance stuff, which is a yucky topic! We have our first clinical day tomorrow, and we'll just be doing an orientation around the hospital, which is gonna be fun. The faculty do seem just as excited as we are, and they've put a TON of work into getting ready for us. I just keep telling myself that they're not setting us up to fail, and that they're not gonna give us more than we can handle, because some people are *already* stressing out. Don't stress!! :nono:



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i am going through my first week of lab only, all other i start on monday and tuesday and clinical on wend and thur. i just start to organize my huge syllabus: lab, lecture, clinical, pharm. i am scared of amount of things to learn but i know that it is my responsibility to be a good nurse with knowledge that i can apply to my future pts. now i have lots of tests: body mech, infection control, VS, health physical assessment, transfer, OSHA, cardio-resp. diseases and dugs. lots of stuffs to prepare and learn. i think when i get more organized with all of this i calm down. i know it is not only me to freak out. i know will be better. "don't worry be happy". :)


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I just finished my first week (no friday classes this week) and I love it so far. I have a 5 chapter Unit test on Monday and an A&P quiz monday night but I am still exceited. Our class (06 grads) got to meet the 05 grads and we are triple in size. I know (by gossip) that 1/2 of their class failed out of the program but no one said a thing about it to our class and everyone has been real positive. I enjoy the classes so far and just marked week one off my "weeks till grad" calander! Good luck in school!

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Good to hear you all seem to be enjoying the experience.


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well I've only had one class so far this week. We started on Wed. and 2 of my big classes (fundamentals and pharm) are on tuesday so I won't go to them till next week. I had my body structure class yesterday and we just watched a video and went over the course setup like test dates, grading scales and stuff like that. Tomorrow I have my all day lab (7:30 - 3:30) and we are getting our big thick nursing handbooks and going over that as well as doing a short lab. I LOVE it so far! I hope that's how I feel in a few weeks. lol. This weekend will be full of reading and studying already. Good luck to everyone who has already started and to everyone starting this next week!

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orientation! a lie! orientation week was more like the first day of school. tests already. i have a drug and dosage calculations test tommorow morning. we have learned so much seems like someone hit the fast forward button or something. i'm okay, but i'm just ready to fall into a routine instead of wondering and guessing about stuff. omg!!! my books were soooo expensive $940 is not a nice number. i'll be okay. :chuckle *nervous laughter*:chuckle



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OMG I feel so overwhelmed. I am already being feed a ton of info. Not at all like any other class I have ever taken. I expected the first couple of days to be an ease in thing. Boy was I wrong. 2nd day we were shown how to do wet dressign change and foley cath. Tested Wed on it! They are dumping so much info I am going to have to totally rearrange my life. I was taken back by everything. However, I love every minute of it and am proud to have made it this far. I will do what ever it takes to get through it, even if it means no sleep and lots o'coffee. Can't wait to start clinicals in 2 weeks. I just wish I could get my brain to wake-up and get out of vaction mode and at least try to recall some of the stuff I learned form my pre-reqs....


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It's cool to read about eveyone's first week of school and how differnet they are. We only went took the NET test on Monday(which doesnt count against us),Tuesday we went over bedmaking, bedbaths and oral hygiene, Wed we had our introduction to nursing lecture, dosage calculations rewview, and we practiced bed making, bed baths and oral hygiene in our lab, and Thursday we went over Therapeutic Communications. Seems like a lot but it didn't feel like it. I did most of my reading the weekend before class started and I just went back over what I read and did the study guides out of the book the night before class. We did have a quiz on hygiene and if you didn't pass you couldn't get checked off in skills lab. I passed with a 100!!! Whooooo!! I can't let my ego get too big though...we don't have our first exam until Sept 1 and we have to pass that with a 75 or higher. Good luck everyone and keep your experiences coming. It's nice to know I'm not the only one that's nervous, anxious, and excited.

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I'm coming from the other end, just about to finish up the first quarter of an ADN program. I have one more week of classes, then finals. My advice to you is to stay on top of things, and get plenty of rest. I am soooooo exausted. Also, if your school is anything like mine, the tests will be MUCH harder than you expect. I carry a 3.86 GPA and received my first D ever! 79.68 is a D in our program anyway you look at it. What a kick in the pants that was! I am currently getting B's (84-91%) in the classes with the finals left, so unless I really blow it I'll pass with more than the required 80%. Many in my classes are going into the finals with a 74-78%. They need to do great on the final just to continue.

Good Luck! You can do it!!!!!!!!!!

Me, I'm really looking forward to the two week break! :rotfl:

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