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  1. Need a nurse to interview

    Hi, I am a DNP student and I need to interview (well ask 6 questions to) any nurse who is involved in nursing influence in regulation of nursing practice and/or legislation. If you can answer 6 questions and wouldn't mind helping me get this paper do...
  2. Thank you for your review on Purdue FNP certificate program. I am currently researching programs and there isn’t much on the certificate program. I also have seen lots of bad reviews from the Kaplan side. Thanks for sharing your experience. Did you feel you were well prepared for boards?

    1. Gina Ellis

      Gina Ellis

      Can someone who attended Purdue Global FNP Program call me?

       Gina 954.798.3035

       trying to get more info prior to paying.

    2. DeanG


      Yes. The program does prepare you for the boards in two ways. 1st, your hours in clinical and the data you must upload regarding your patient encounters will increase you clinical competencies in the primary care environment. 2nd, you will have a commercial review course (we used Barkley but that may have changed). This review is like most commercial ones you could purchase on your own where there are 10-15 modules and a practice exam. Just FYI, their practice exam was difficult and worth a portion of your grade.  From my experience the program was well organized and the online platform was streamlined. I continued to their DNP online program which is also well structured. I hope this helps. 

  3. Purdue University Global

  4. Pacu report????

    pt name, who's pt it is (dr. whom-ever), what procedure, allergies, drains, caths, urine out (especially if you did an i/o), dressings, machines (av foot pumps, scds, ect...), family and belongings and then i always end with... do you have any questi...
  5. thx for the support yesterday - i passed

    Congrats! I know how you feel...Just enjoy the bliss. I let my 5 yr old have an ice-cream sandwich for breakfast! (at least its dairy lol) Good Job :)
  6. I Passed (unofficially)!!

    Ok this is how I got my results, I went to the PearVue site: Then on the left where it says Sign In, I signed in with my account name and password that i got when I registered for the NCLEX. It had my name, date I too...
  7. i did it @75!!!!

    Congratulations Kathykaye. I know you must be all :).
  8. When can I expect results?

    I took mine Thursday too, at 9AM, but in NC and my results were just on the PearVu site, keep trying...refresh your screen. Good Luck!
  9. I Passed (unofficially)!!

    I am just so happy I had to post. I took mine in NC, on Thursday (July 6). My Locker number was 6, and my computer number was desk 6! Too many 6's to pass...but I looked and got the unofficial results on PearVu web site and it said status PASS :) I f...
  10. Nursing students at health fairs.

    Our school gave us credit (clinical hrs) for doing health fairs. First year students were permitted to do BP checks, weight, height and Pulse rate. Second year students were allowed to do Acu-checks. Ask to see if you can get credit for your time. G...
  11. Do PearsonV. people know our score when we leave?

    OMG! I was thinking the same thing! I had a guy, and he put his hand on my shoulder when I raised my hand to if to say..."It will be ok,you can always retest." I am freaking out, I will not sleep till I get my results. Glad to know I'm n...
  12. Go to which ever is closer to you. Gas is expected to rise to $100 a barrel by winter. Thats approx $3.75 (reg) a gallon. I know its crazy but If the CC is cheaper, and lets say...30 miles away, it may not be cheaper after all. Good luck.
  13. ERI testing

    Hi, we too have eri testing at our school, and I feel the same as most. The tests are not providing me with any knowledge that is in conjunction with our course content. At best, I have learned how to memorize answers. To some-what answer your quest...
  14. May Grads! Where are you working?

    OR, thank goodness! two slots for open new grads and I got one. No weekends for 6 months (after... on call 1 weekend a month) M-F 6:30-3:00 LOVE IT!!!!
  15. Regis or Walden?

    I do not know about the nursing program, but I can say my hubby completed his masters online with regis in IS and the school was wonderful. Their distance program is on the ball, they were very organized and never kept him in the dark on any issues, ...