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  1. 8 Work From Home Jobs

    Hi, I am a nurse preparing for the J. A. Thomas (JATA) pre-hire test for a CDI position. What should I focus on? I am thinking of making flash cards with Diagnosis on one side and the Signs/Symptoms on the other. Would that be a good approach for t...
  2. Hi,

    I am a nurse preparing for the J. A. Thomas (JATA) pre-hire test for a CDI position.  What should I focus on? I am thinking of making flash cards with Diagnosis on one side and the Signs/Symptoms on the other.  Would that be a good approach for this test?

    Thanks for any advice!

    1. loveit


      Hello, did you end up passing? I’m about to take mine soon. Any tips you can share? Thanks. 

    2. featherzRN

      featherzRN, MSN

      Sorry I never saw these questions - Never took the JATA exam, thankfully my hospital did not require it. I hear it is tough - make sure you know your interpretations of signs and symptoms - expecially things like COPD/MI/CHF/Sepsis. 

    3. LouisianaNurse2006



      I ended up not taking it, sorry I can’t help.

      I was given a promotion in my current Position that was too good to pass up,

      Good Luck!


  3. eShift Question

    Our hospital just started using "eShift" for scheduling. I am trying to get to the website to log in from home and can not find it. Does anyone here use eShift and can tell me how to get to the employee login website?? Thanks for any info.
  4. Orthopedic Certification

    Hi! This is a question for all of you wonderful nurses that are Orthopedic Certified.... Where did you start? What steps did you take to study/ prepare for the test? Which preparation material helped the most? How long did it take to prepare? Th...
  5. TKR question

    Back to the original topic... (pain meds/ anticoagulants are physician/ pt specific)..... In our ortho unit (we have 2 drs that do most of our TKRs), #1 begins ROM with PT on POD#1, #2 Dr starts POD#2 with ROM. Until ROM is allowed, the pt still amb...
  6. Nursing 101 Question - Experienced Nurses, how would you answer this?

    We were told it is not a good idea to cut off the cast without MD permission, unless it is an emergency and you can't get in touch with any MD. A is still the best answer in my opinion. Keep checking Neuro/CMS, check the PRN order to see if you can...
  7. H&H Question

    THANKS GUYS! That does make sense.
  8. H&H Question

    This is probably a stupid question, but I am a new nurse, so here it goes anyway......... I am working in the ortho unit (for 2 weeks now), and we have an order from one Dr that if H&H is falling to order a SOB (Stool for Occult Blood). Now I kn...
  9. Thank YOU!

    Just wanted to drop in one last time to tell everyone THANK YOU! for all the support, helpful hints, and encouragement I have received on this forum during the last month, I will also post the e-mail that I sent to all my friends from nursing school ...
  10. Polar Care Question

    Hi all, We have to little Polar Care ice chest for our patients, which are very nice, but the ice melts too fast! We are constantly having to refill them.... any suggestions???? (Our ice machine puts out very fine ice... I think that is the main pro...
  11. Positive NCLEX Thread

    Everyone say a prayer for me also........ I take mine at 8:00am... in about 10 hours!!! Can't Sleep........Can't wait to get it over with! I am sick, sick, sick, of studying..... Do NOT want to go through this again, so I am going to PASS, I will PA...
  12. Att

    I got mine 3 weeks after graduation.
  13. Help with p/p on removal of JP drains.

    New nurse here, so I'm not much help, but I have d/c's the JP drain already. I would think the manufacturer would have good info for a protocol regarding removal. If you come up with something, it would be nice of you to post it here, so we all kno...
  14. Ortho Nurse Question

    I got hired on the Ortho floor right out of nursing school with no other education. You learn the basics in nursing school and the details in orientation in the hospital. It's hard work and you have to really care about the patients and not become ...
  15. Did you get a postition before getting a license?

    Sure, RNA right after my name, and with RN pay! If a don't pass I get bumped down to Intern status and pay. (almost same as CNA). All you have to do is put in your application just as you would any other time and let them know when you take your NCL...