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  1. Just Curious about NICU/Peds

    I graduated in 2006 and went directly into pediatric nursing at CHOA. I had no problems finding a job with them as a new graduate and their new grad program is excellent. They even have a floating preceptor at night you can call whenever you need her...
  2. prereq's at Gordon....

    Frankly I don't believe any college or university prepares you for nursing school. Nobody told me that it wouldnt be a good idea to binge and purge the information. They certainly werent testing me they way they do in nursing school either. I graduat...
  3. Any NICU info for Atlanta?

    I agree with Disneyfan! Northside would be the 1st on my list as well....actually it is the 1st on my list! I'll be starting there in their NICU this Monday and am so excited. My mom currently works there and has been there about 10 years I think!!
  4. Does anyone work for chlidrens healthcare of atlanta??

    I currently work for children's scottish rite on the neurology floor, but will be leaving to work in Northside Hospital's NICU! I loved my time and it has been a great experience. The nurses here are wonderful and the new grad program and mentorship ...
  5. New Grad RN, can I work NICU?

    I was told the same thing by both my nursing professors and my mom (who has been a NICU nurse for 21 years). Luckily I decided to work on a medsurg in an all pediatric facility. I think they tell you that so that you can hone your assessment skills a...
  6. How long did it take you to get into the NICU?

    My mother is a NICU nurse and has been for the past 21 years so I took her advice. I spent my 1st year after graduation on a pediatric medsurg floor to get more expereince and to hone my assessment and time management skills. I'm on my second year he...
  7. Does anyone work for chlidrens healthcare of atlanta??

    If anyone is interested in PACU they are accepting applications for their PACU internship!!
  8. Atlanta Hospitals Hiring new RN Graduates

    If you want to go into pediatrics check out Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. If you want to go into L&D check with Northside Hospital the Atlanta location is always hiring. It's the baby factory of Georgia!! Good luck to you!!
  9. loans/hospitals/peds- ATLANTA

    I currently work at CHOA but I don't know anything about a loan repayment. You may want to talk to a recruiter in regards to that. CHOA will hire you as a GN but you will be considered a nurse-grad tech and will be oriented as a tech until you pass N...
  10. GPC Fall 08?

    I graduated from Gordon in 2006 but I did transfer to their school after I withdrew from GPC in 2003. I couldnt start their program until the followin fall b/c at that time Gordon only accepted students in the fall. Now they have a fall and spring ad...
  11. Which are the best and worth Nursing schools in GA?

    I graduated from Gordon College and having nothing but great things to say about their program. It's an ADN program and they did a great job preparing us for what we would face as nurses. Other BSN schools I've heard that are great are; Clayton State...
  12. Paying for Nursing School

    Service Cancellable loans is how I'm paying off my student loans. Basically they give you a set amount of money each semester for nursing school and you pay it off by working as an RN in Georgia!!
  13. GPC Fall 08?

    GPC isnt the only nursing school out there. If you want an ADN degree try Gordon College in Barnesville, Ga. Sure it's far but 9 times out of 10 you can find someone to carpool with. When I went there, there were people driving grom Gainesville, Newn...
  14. CHOA Interview

    As far as I know CHOA has the best benefits. Our retirement plan is awesome, Healthcare and dental are pretty good. We even have benefits for pets!! That says it all right there!! The pay of course could be a lot better but that's anywhere you go! Ev...
  15. CHOA Interview

    Hey Blessone, I've been working at CHOA (Scottish Rite Campus) for 1 year and 9 months. I'm sorry but I don't remember what the interview questions were like. They went beyond the whole why do you want o be a nurse questions but it wasnt difficult. T...