Fire Drills nightmare


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Today we had a fire drill everything was going fine till a 7th grade boy went into cardiac arrest out of the blue, no warning just heart stopped. He is doing fine i got his heart back to a normal rhythm thanks to my AED before EMS got to the school:)

Any of you have fire drill nightmares?

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((HUGS)) how horrible! That deserves a bubble bath and a glass of wine.

Great job!!!!!!!!!

I'm not a school nurse I'm an ER nurse. We had a volunteer fire department mental giant who thought the drill on the school bus would be more realistic by using a smoke bomb....needless to say the mass causality drill was no longer a drill.


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i like the wine idea!!

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Good heavens!!!! Did he have any cardiac history???


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Kudos to you!!!

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That IS a nightmare! Good for you! Nope, biggest issues have always been a few scraped knees from tripping and falling and hope that's all it ever is! Yikes!!

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Wow wow wow. Great job at saving a life!!!

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OMG I have chills!!! Awesome job!!! Thank God you were there!


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Wow! So glad you were there! What a scary situation! Please let us know how he is doing!!

The only issues I've had with fire drills are that once last year and once this year our fire alarm went off (not a drill) and we had to evacuate into freezing temps. The day last year was 12 degrees and this year was at about freezing. 900+ students (and all employees) evacuated without coats-- including a student with cold urticaria. No emergency situation followed, thankfully

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When I worked in the ER one of our old Attending MDs would often say, "Well, we snatched another kid from the jaws of death!" YOU DID TOO!! Awesome!


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Thank you all! this child is doing fine and in happy sprits, I want to the hospital after school and found out he has a hx of arrhythmia and is on antiarrhythmic meds and to top this off for about 3 mouths he has been without meds. :banghead:

In the end everything is fine the sweet boy got saved and gave me a big hug, so now I feel good about myself and about being a nurse.


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Awesome job! Was his history not disclosed to the school?