Ever have a major crush on a doctor

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Ever know someone who has a major crush on a doctor?

Then you have to be extra nice to all the doctors so it's not so obvious that your so nice to your crush doctor. Then your co-workers name 6 other doctors that they think you have a crush on!

Someone else was supposed to be on call one day, I was in a hurry, didn't do a thing with my hair or makeup, then I saw him! (Yikes) So now I watch carefully what I wear, and make up and hair everyday. I've also lost weight. And since both he and I are married, it kinda works for my husband. My husband likes that I do my hair and make up, lost weight, etc. Then I come home and I'm lovey dovey with my husband.

Both my crush doctor and I are both married with kids at home. I would never cheat - you can never take that back. I would never be able to break up 2 families. If my crush doctor ever attempted to cheat on his wife with me, it would kill that whole crush and I would be disgusted with him. (Which I'm sure he'd never do - which adds to his wonderfulness *sigh*)

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Not quite to the degree that you're describing.

There's a surgeon at work who's good looking, but what really makes him attractive is how he says "hello, how are you" to everyone, asks about "the kids" and "how's Kathy doing? has she come back to work yet?". He remembers a LOT about the people on our floor (employees that is) and treats them like human beings. And to beat all, he writes NEATLY and you can READ IT, AND puts the seat down in the bathroom.

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LOLOLOL...I'm a student so I'm giggling because the only crush I've had on a doctor is Noah Wyle on ER!

I'm sure when I start working, there will be one and I too am happily married.

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I read an article about 6 years ago regarding women and their OB docs. There is a high percentage of "crush things" going on in that relationship.

I did have a little crush on one of my OB docs when I was preggers with my second son.


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Too bad you couldn't wear the makeup and loose the weight for yourself, and for your husband, rather some hopeless case. :)


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I can't recall having a 'crush' on a doctor. I have admired some, learned from them, enjoyed working with them, and even look forward to seeing the really 'nice' ones.. Then there's the others...LOL!

But then I was happily attached from the getgo starting nursing school, and was smart in my choice as I was aware of my needs: I would never last being married to a doctor, as the wife and family are always second and the doctor's ego is generally #1. That's just me though, many women prefer prestige and the lifestyle over the personal commitment. Me...I like my own sweet working class bluecollar hubby who knows all my faults and loves me anyway.


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My wife was dating a physician then a B-52 pilot before meeting me but they paled in comparison to...zenman! LOL!

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Actually of all folks to get crushes on, Doctors would not be a good choice. :)

Tweety . . . very good point.


Great response mattsmom81,

I agree completely on your blue-collar hubby. I am also married to a man who is so committed to me and my happiness that anything to take time away (like being a doctor or lawyer for the matter) would impede on "our time". He may not make the big bucks like those careers but we will never want for anything.

As far as crushes on doctors, I see it the other way around. A doctor is totally infatuated with two of our young nurses. Even though one is married, he still flirts and asks when she's leaving him :p It really funny I have to say because the nurses laugh about it behind his back. No harm really.

I will admitt there is a resident on our floor who is super nice and handsome. But as others posted, looks are not the reason he is beautiful. He is compassionate to the patients and nurses, and takes time out to say hello.

Just my two cents,


Oh and Zenman...you must have written the same time as my post! Hillarious I didn't see it until later! LOL


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I like my own sweet working class bluecollar hubby who knows all my faults and loves me anyway.

That's so darn sweet...I agree 100%, and feel the same way about my own bluecollar man.

I don't think I will have a problem with "Doctor crushes", because I have never been attracted to anything other than blue collar, working class, tough on the outside/ soft on the inside, kind of man. I can remember my friends going nuts over the guys in business suits while I was while I was ogling the construction workers.


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Too bad you couldn't wear the makeup and loose the weight for yourself, and for your husband, rather some hopeless case. :)

very astute! :)

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I like all kinds of men! LOL!LOL!LOL!!!

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