End of Semester Burnout? Don't be like what's his name!

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Hello fellow students!

I'm a pre-nursing student working on my pre-reqs. I've been reading lots of posts here on allnurses lately with a common theme: end of semester burnout, and debates about quitting.

Did you know that the difference between success and failure is usually only a 10% difference in effort?

A couple of decades ago, there was this skier. His name was...ummm... I forget. Let's call him "what's his name". In the Winter Olympics that year, the gold medal winner for a certain downhill event was a guy named "Jean-Claude Killie". The silver medal winner, was....you guessed it - "What's his name".

Jean-Claude beat the number two guy by 1/10 of a second.

The next year, Jean-Claude went on to earn 2 million dollars in product endorsements. That same year, the number two guy earned $30,000 as a ski instructor.

For those of you who are getting behind, or are just shy of a passing grade and want to give up, please think about this story. Sometimes just a little extra effort is all it takes to make the difference between success and failure.

Remember: the pain is temporary - the glory is forever.

Good advice and an inspiring story!

Awesome story and very motivational!!! :D

I suppose I should go study now! LOL:roll

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This sounds suspiciously Tim Robins-esque...


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Thanks for the encouragement!


Hi Bluesky,

I'll agree that is does sound a lot like a T.R. tale.

By the time it reached me, it was coming from my pastor, though. It was the theme of that Sunday's sermon, titled: the "S" word. Not "sin", not "sex", but "success".

Life is all about choices, and action on those choices.

Okay, I'll zip it now.....

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Okay, Okay! I can take a hint! I'll quit lurking the boards and go study now!!

:D :D :rolleyes: :D :D

I will remember this for next yr- and other yrs to come ! :D

Roadrunner - who is eager to hit the books in 2004 :cool: ;)

Awesome words in the final hours. I like everyone else am sweating my last A & P 2 test tommorow and the COMPREHENSIVE FINAL on Wednesday but I am going for it, maybe I will get an A for effort! :balloons: :balloons: :roll


I caught you on allnurses again, didn't I? Get back to the books!

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The moral of this story: finish school and you too can be making 2 million dollars in product endorsements!

Woot! Back to the books with me!


Seriously, great story, thanks for the motivation! :)

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I needed that story. I have a lab and lecture final coming up in A&P I and it is so hard to stay motivated when all I want to do is go play in the snow. Now I feel ready to study :)

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