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  1. 2005 Nurse

    Who will be starting El Centro's program Fall 2004?

    A year ago, I would have told you, you have NO chance of getting in at El Centro with those grades in AP and Algebra. From what I understand now, they will be using the net as the primary rank. This could work in your advantage, If you do really well on the net. Remember though there are alot of people trying to get in there, so even though they are changing the ranking the competition will still be VERY STIFF!
  2. 2005 Nurse

    Who will be starting El Centro's program Fall 2004?

    Pretty much you will need all A's on pre-reqs, as many support as possible and a good score on the NET now! Good Luck. I refuse to retake AP1 (I got a B) so I am just moving on...
  3. 2005 Nurse

    Anyone applying to El Centro or Brookhaven

    Nikki pretty much has it covered! I applied for the January class and was not accepted I had a 3.67 GPA and had all of my Gen Ed complete except Micro and was in progress AP 2. My friend, is retaking AP 1 and is hoping to get in next January. I didn't here if she applied this semester. I also heard that the El Centro program was about to start requiring Spanish and Chemistry? Don't know about that yet, the info packs where not available online. I am dropping out of the rat race, when I didn't get accepted I decided against retaking AP 1 (The only class of 4 I got a B :angryfire ). It will take me the same amount of time to finish a BAchelors and ultimately become a RD (Registered Dietician), which I think is more up my ally anyway!
  4. 2005 Nurse

    G.P.A for admission to your school?

    Lowest accepted at my school for this semester was a 3.77! The minimum to apply is 2.5 but if you don't have a 4.0 on the four pre-reqs you can pretty much plan on waiting (perhaps forever...no waiting list). 4 Pre-Req's Engl 1301 College Algebra A % P 1 General PSYC I had a 3.69, got a denial. Now I am preggo, and will have to wait or change majors. We'll see.
  5. 2005 Nurse

    New Dallas Student...help!

    Actually, Brookhaven has their very own program now. They will be accepting 30 students for the next 3 years. This program will be strictly Brookhaven and will not be considered a "satelite" program. As for Irving, they are saying that Northlake may be the new alternate campus (satelite) but I haven't got a confirmation on that for the program starting next fall.
  6. 2005 Nurse


    I don't use my laptop in class, but it has still been a great tool :). I retype my notes, add page numbers and reference the material to study. The typing is like rewriting it reinforces it in your mind. Other then that I study at Starbucks, school, the library, and IHOP when I need to get out of the house. I can't imagine life without it.....
  7. 2005 Nurse

    Where are the MOntana Nurses?

    Good to hear from you! I put the post out to see if anyone even look at this BB. I love the Flathead Valley. As a matter of fact I was born and raised in the Whitefish area. I have been away from the valley nearly 10 years. My husband and I get a change to vacation there from time to time. I do consider going there (short term assignment) for a short period of time to work after I graduate. Just hopefully not winter time. ( I am spoiled here in Texas :) ) I have alot of family in Oregon, I like it there too. Probaby will never live in the NW again though.
  8. 2005 Nurse

    Should I take the final A&P I??

    TAKE THE FINAL!!!! I got a B in A & P and it completely eliminated me from acceptance to the nursing program. I had all A's on the other pre-req's and the one B and that was not good enough. You can't do worse then a B, but you have the potential to get that A. I say go for it.
  9. 2005 Nurse

    To all students who also work.....

    I haven't started my actual nursing classes. but have taken a full load (16 hrs in the spring) and work PT for Starbucks. I am a supervisor so I make $9/hour + tips (up to $2/hr). I work between 25-30 hours (less during finals, or when my load is particularly heavy). I really enjoy it, plus they offer full time health benefits (health, dental, vision) for PT work. I will stick with it until I graduate, because I really enjoy the people and the work, and my boss is very understanding with the schedule.
  10. 2005 Nurse

    Dallas Nursing Students FYI

    I had a feeling this would be coming soon. I read the press release also and it sounds to me they may only be accepting 30/YEAR! (Thats the way I read it anyway). I too have submitted an application to TWU and with the new articulation agreement between TWU and DCCCD I am hoping that I will get in. (I didn't get accepted at Brookhaven because my GPA was 3.69) I will still have 2 more semesters of core work however I will finish with my BSN. Truth of the matter is I could wait that long to get accepted to an ADN program anyway. The rumor is Northlake will be the next satellite campus. Has anyone else heard that? I wonder if they will be accepting apps for fall.
  11. 2005 Nurse

    End of Semester Burnout? Don't be like what's his name!

    Awesome words in the final hours. I like everyone else am sweating my last A & P 2 test tommorow and the COMPREHENSIVE FINAL on Wednesday but I am going for it, maybe I will get an A for effort! :balloons: :balloons: :roll
  12. 2005 Nurse

    Where are the MOntana Nurses?

    Hello All, I don't live in Montana any more (born and raised in the Flathead Valley), but I would consider it down the road (post graduation.) Happy Holidays Y'all.
  13. All good suggestions. Will you be working at all while attending school? The reason I ask is although I am not a single parent, my hubby is self employed and we could not afford to pay for health coverage out of pocket. For 2 and maternity coverage (just in case, accidents happen) it was $400/month. I did some reasearch and found out that Starbucks offers FT benefits for PT jobs. I work 20hrs/week totally flexible and the benefits are much better then my last corporate job.
  14. 2005 Nurse

    Have some skeletons I need help with (sorry kinda long)

    Fortunately I have the support of a husband and have no children (but we're trying), but I am in the same situation with my past. Some years ago when I was fresh out of school I enrolled at 2 CC's at different periods in time. Each time I started a class or two and then failed to drop them resulting in F'S!!!!!!!!!! Recently, I returned to CC to pursue my ADN. I had my previous course-work waived and have now completed nearly 36 hours with better then a 3.5 GPA (3.67...i think). Unfortunately the wait is long at my CC. You have to have a 4.0 at the CC. The local university graduates more nurses then any other University in Texas. Problem is full disclosure, I had all transcripts sent to the Uni and it is in Gods hands. You are lucky you have an interview. All ya gotta do is show them your serious, and you will be fine. GOOD LUCK :kiss
  15. 2005 Nurse

    What do youdo with old text books?

    List them on ebay for the lowest price. You will be surprised how many will sell. And it is EASY!