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And do you have to treat them? I am just curious. Your stories always seem to either crack me up or shake my head in amazement. Thanks for sharing :)... Read More

  1. by   CathiP
    How about the patient who had a tubal ligation on Monday (the usual labs including negative pregnancy test were done), did a home preg test on Wednesday because "she had it anyway", it came back positive so she came to ER insisting on a blood test.
  2. by   louiseRN
    Quote from JWaldron
    Well, there's a lot of truth to what you say, but the really sad thing is that an awful lot of these people just don't have a primary physician, and this is their only entry into the health care system. We have all these ridiculous things being brought to the ER, and we also have the people coming in who should have had medical treatment long ago, but have no MD and no insurance and no $ for health care.. Pretty sad state of affairs.

    Sad but true... if u don't have insurance or primary physician where do u go to? public clinics? you're lucky if they will schedule u within a month.
  3. by   Christy1019
    Quote from RhiaRN75
    Great thread! I have seen:

    -I was watching Diagnosis X..... Well, you might have some rare condition. My teeny ER doesn't happen to have the one doc on the east coast that specializes in that working tonight. Sorry.
    -The umbilical cord dropped off.
    -'I had a scratch a few weeks ago. I don't remember when my last tetanus was. I've been waiting 30 minutes, why can't the doc just see me quick? This is why I would never come to this place for a real emergency.' Ummm.... he's arranging an airlift.
    -Yeast infection.
    -30 minutes after triage, presenting complaint of 'baby spits up'. The parents announce they are leaving now- 'We've waited too long and the ped is back from lunch...."
    -I took the smiling Bob pill, got a headache, just want to make sure it's ok to proceed as planned.
    -I got this letter a couple of days ago so I want to make sure my child doesn't have lice. He didn't.
    -Sunburn. Not even pink.
    -Sunburn, fairly bad a week ago, healing now.
    -Saw the doc two hours ago, took a pill 30 minutes PTA, no better.
    -Overheard a stranger at the store talking about 'the mursia'. Wants a 'salve in case it's catching'.
    -Had a fever/threw up/had an itch/ etc. yesterday. Resolved now.
    -A pt brought in by EMS after a minor fender-bender. No damage to either vehicle. Pt refused repeatedly a c-collar or backboard and even signed the paper. Refused again at the ER. Refused the soft-collar at D/C even though we never mentioned one and it wasn't ordered. Also stated to the doc upon initial assessment- 'I just need documentation in case I sue for whiplash.' Good luck with that!
    -Elderly pt, family in for the yearly visit. They brought pt to the ER and dropped the pt off! Pt states to me "I don't know why the beep I'm here."

    People are interesting, that's for sure.

    those two sounds like pts i have at least once a shift, oh lord u made me laugh till i cried with that lol thanks!
  4. by   Christy1019
    Quote from USParamedic2RN
    In the ER was a guy who came in saying he had " groin pain" he acted very peculiar and it was hard to get a history and definitive c/c. Said he could only talk to the male doc. So when we finally get him in the back, I try to talk to him and explain to him i work for a fire dept as well and I work with all men and I am very understanding....come to find out, he came to the ER cause he had masterbated earlier in the day and now " can't get it up" for his wife who would be coming home and wanted sex. He said if she found out he had masterbated she would kick him out and divorce him so it was easier to come into the ER and complain something was wrong.

    For all the BS that came into the ER, some of them were miraculously healed after a nice 8 and 12 hour theraputic wait
    thats hilarious, thanks for that i needed something to put me in a better mood
  5. by   Christy1019
    good for you, you caught on quick! lol
  6. by   Toquay
    A few yrs back had a 32 yr old female arrive by EMS... she walks off the rig through our doors holding her fingers to her carotid "I have no pulse" and denies any other complaints. Ems giggling and shaking their heads.


  7. by   wahwahgerman
    Quote from Ruby Vee
    Years ago when I was working in another city, I got a patient from the ER with the admitting diagnosis of "decubitus ulcer." Now I thought that was mighty strange until I actually saw the patient. He had a decub all right -- the exact size, shape and depth of a toilet seat.

    When asked how he got a pressure sore like that, he said he'd been sitting on the toilet for four days and four nights.

    "Why were you sitting there for so long?"

    "Looking for God."

    He had multiple surgerys and months of antibiotics -- he was still there a year later when I changed jobs!
    Silly guy...everyone knows you find God in prison, not on the toilet.
  8. by   Nprifti
    I had a woman come to the ED by EMS for feeling "hot" not feverish just hot.

    EMS informed me that the woman had her heat turned up in her house to somewhere in the 80s.

    It was summer time in North Carolina.

    I guess the EMS crew tried to explain to her that she felt hot because her house was like an oven. She didnt belive them and came in anyway.
  9. by   LCLARN
    A mother brought in her 11 year old daughter with c/o "lump" and pain around her nipple.....duh? DX: Breast Buds!
  10. by   tagaBohol_RN
    had a lady come in thru triage complaining of a pimple !!!
    what did she want me to do, pop it?
  11. by   inteRN
    Just yesterday I had a girl come in c/o itching after shaving......with rubbing alcohol. WT???
  12. by   sharpeimom
    Quote from intern
    just yesterday i had a girl come in c/o itching after shaving......with rubbing alcohol. wt???

    shar pei mom
  13. by   MidwestMedSurgRN-BC
    When I worked nightshift there was many times I thought about renting a van and going down to the ER and asking all of those that was constipated, thought they was pregnant, and had a fever of 99 degrees to raise their hands. I was going to offer to take them to Walmart and help them get the items required to solve their medical issues and save some money