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HikingNinja has 8 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Emergency, Psych.

Former travel nurse, now at a perm job while I finish my PMHNP program.

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  1. Hello, I am inquiring about your DNP study at Touro. I came across your post and am considering DNP. THANKS

  2. HikingNinja

    Post Master Psych Certification

    Not on here that often. There are FB groups that are more active for PMHNP students. I'd check out PMHNP's and More FB group. Lots of current PMHNP students on there. And from what they say the program is awful.
  3. HikingNinja

    Psych NP program

    Try the FB Groups PMHNPs and More, PMHNP (this one asks for your RN license to prove you're a nurse), and DNP Discussion Group. You'll find more info there.
  4. HikingNinja

    Psyche NP

    There's a FB group called PMHNPs and More. I'd join that and ask. Lots of current PMHNP students on there.
  5. HikingNinja

    Psychiatric Telehealth

    Try the Telepsychiatry and Mental Health Discussion Group on Facebook. Pretty active group of over 800 members, all telepsych. Many PMHNPs.
  6. HikingNinja

    Need psych np preceptor

    Glad I could help.
  7. HikingNinja

    Need psych np preceptor

    First, how many hours do you need this Fall? My program wanted 100 hrs child, 100 hrs senior, 200 adult and 200 whatever we wanted. But these were spread over 3 semesters & we could mix age groups each semester. I got the majority of my child hours through telepsych. Alay Health Team based in Wisconsin. It's a quick 2 weeks to get licensed there. Check with your program. They may not allow telepsych or may limit the number of hours. They also take on site students if you are able to do that. Extremely flexible with schedule. Get on their website & send an email to their info@alay email address. The other 2 sites are mostly adult, some child. After approving the preceptor the school sets up of a clinical contract with the preceptors workplace. They have to check business license, liability insurance, etc. It's actually a pretty involved process. I'm uncertain as to why your program didn't give you a heads up on that part. I also recommend joining the FB group PMHNPS & More. It's a group of students & potential preceptors. Very helpful.
  8. HikingNinja

    Need psych np preceptor

    Did you ever find a preceptor? Do you need child hours only? Or would adult be okay? What school? I might know of a place in Nevada. Quick licensure. But at this point I don't know if you'd be able to get a clinical contract in place that quickly. Let me know.
  9. HikingNinja

    New Grad PMHNP Salary negotiation

    There's a FB group called PMHNP. You can join if you are a PMHNP, student PMHNP. They have over 3000 members. They do a yearly salary survey located in their files and often offer advice on salary ranges, negotion,etc. If you submit a request to join make sure you have in your profile somewhere that you are a PMHNP student or you'll have to wait for them to contact you and ask you if you are a student or PMHNP. It's a great group. Very informative. If you look up some of my other posts you'll see I did a comprehensive list of PMHNP FB groups that was very helpful recently.
  10. HikingNinja

    Weird meeting with manager

    Fellow ER nurse here. Do you have a union? If so, you can bring up these issues with a union rep? Even using procedural pyxis, i've always either written the pts name & MRN # down, rolled the computer over, or sometimes simply gone back to the computer to look at the name again if I've forgotten. I'm sorry, similar names should not be an issue. It's hard to imagine this in a busy ER, but slow down. If you cannot give pain medication in All in all though, your best bet is to seek employment elsewhere. Places like this are notorious for throwing any nurse they can under the bus if a sentinel event occurs. They will whip out a policy you've never seen, and they've never even followed, to lay blame on you. Firing you at best, reporting you to the BON at worst. Get out while you still have a license.
  11. HikingNinja

    PMHNP Student Helpful FB Groups list

    I'm attending Gonzaga. I chose it for a variety of reasons. First - It is a second masters (I have an MSN Ed) already and wanted to be able to use federal loans. Post certs are out of pocket or private loans. Second - Good reputation and top ranked program Third - immersions every semester, it allows me to interact with other students and faculty I'm full time in the program - and I work part time. They don't help with preceptors, they provide a list of previously approved precepting sites. If you really can't find a preceptor, I think if you are willing to relocate to the campus they may be able to assist with finding one locally. They go by regular semesters, Fall, Spring, Summer. What I would recommend is to look closely at practicum requirements. Call the schools and ask them # of hours required, who can precept you (psychiatrist/PMHNP), how many years experience do they need?, how many hours required in each age group, any therapy hours required, do they allow telepsych? Get as much info as possible on practicum requirements. I've met some students from other schools whose practicum requirements are so crazy they are having a heck of a time finding preceptors. And that's an already difficult task to find a preceptor anyway. Good luck
  12. HikingNinja

    psychiatric nurse practitioner

    There are very few programs out there anymore that will provide preceptors. At the time I started my program there were no PMHNP programs in my state. I chose a distance program with with a top ranked PMHNP program. Even that program would only assist with finding preceptors by providing a list of previously approved sites. If you really could not find a site they did offer to find a preceptor if you relocated to their geographic area. It's frustrating. I know. Does your school allow telepsych? That's how I'm doing my clinical hours for this semester. Look for my posts. I posted about where I'm doing my rotation and which schools they are already approved. And no, they do not charge a fee of any kind nor make you sign a post grad employment contract. I also posted some FB resources that were very valuable to me. Good luck
  13. HikingNinja

    PMHNP Student Helpful FB Groups list

    Hello fellow PMHNP students, I just wanted to put out there a few FB groups that have been invaluable to me. Some are career oriented, others are more clinical case consultation, some are strictly for students. But they are all specifically for PMHNPs. Just make sure if you request to join that your profile says you are a PMHNP student and where or send a message with your request or contact one of the moderators to let them know you are a PMHNP student. PMHNP – large group, over 3000 members, clinical case consults, lots of interesting info, great way to network, they also do a yearly salary survey which is extremely valuable Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner – about 1300 members, case consults, general job discussions as well as job postings Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Student Board Review – 400 + members, students discussing study materials, those who have taken the test also pop on and talk about what they found helpful PMHNP's and More Students/New Grads/Preceptors – networking site for students needing preceptors, new grads needing resources, and preceptors looking for students Hope these are helpful to some of you. I found my current preceptor (who is ridiculously wonderful) using these groups.
  14. HikingNinja

    Social workers who became PMHNP

    I have a similar background. I started out with an MS in Psych. I worked under a licensed psychologist and couldn't bill independently in my state so I never got my LPC as it wouldn't have made a difference in my scope or job opportunities in that state. I knew no Psych NP's and at the time, didn't even know what an NP was. I did do some research and discovered Psych NP's, was intrigued. Finally when I moved to a different state I decided to take the plunge. I completed by BSN and have worked as an RN for 8 + years. Currently in a PMHNP program, finally attaining my dream. You might be thinking of bypassing the hands on nursing part. But honestly, it was the best decision I ever made to work as an RN in critical care all these years. I have no doubt that my exposure to all varieties and stages of the disease process with all ages of patients will make me a better PMHNP. Oh, and depending on your geographic area, after obtaining your BSN, you could work for a hospital system with your RN, make more than with your MSW ..... and have the hospital pay for your NP degree. I make double what the social workers do in my hospital system. Food for thought...
  15. HikingNinja

    EKU PMHNP program

    I just chatted with someone who is in there last semester at EKU. She didn't seem to have issues with the program or content, but did have problems with the practicum hours. Alot of programs have hour requirements such as so many hours must be spent between adult, child, senior patient, so many inpatient vs outpatient. Usually these are reasonable. She was telling em EKU is really strict. You can't have same preceptor for more than 2 clinicals, very strict # hours spent doing therapy, telepsych restricted, years of exp of preceptor, how many hours you can do with MD vs NP. It's made finding preceptors a nightmare for her. I'm so glad I decided to go elsewhere just hearing what she is going through trying to find preceptors.
  16. HikingNinja

    Anyone completing or completed an online PMHNP program?

    I'm doing a post MSN 2nd masters through Gonzaga U in Washington. It's distance, with on campus intensives for a weekend each semester. Practicum of course is local to you. I do have site visits from my instructors (they only accept students in certain states because of this). I chose it for it's reputation. So far, very pleased. The close clinical supervision, site visits, and semester onsite campus intensive make me feel really connected with the program. There are no on campus programs in my geographic region, and finding a program I would need to relocate to seemed silly, as many of them do not even provide preceptors anymore. I like online learning. So this works for me.