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  1. NursewithHeart

    HESI Entrance Exam for ITT-Tech

    Hello all! I'm wondering if any of you have started at ITT Tech's nursing school yet. If so, how do you like it so far? I'm interested in the school as a possible instructor.
  2. NursewithHeart

    Nurses getting screwed over....

    PopeJane3rd- While you an your satisfaction at work in very important, and Tweety gave good advice, think about this... As a nurse YOU are the patients advocate. If you can't speak up for yourself, are you going to be able to speak up for that patient in their time of need maybe when they can't advocate for themselves? As nurses, we are responsible to advocate for our patients. I have had to question physicians, call ethics consults, and go to my manager and other upper management to get what is right for my patient before. So when you think about it this way...can you handle this part of nursing?
  3. NursewithHeart

    im out, i had 3 strike already ... huhuhu

    Michelle & Tracey- Any word yet on your testing results?
  4. NursewithHeart

    Nursing student accused of making threats in classroom

    Creepy, that mug shot sends chills up my spine! I don't know about you all, but I always err on the side of studying instead of making terrorist threats, but maybe that's just my preference! haha
  5. NursewithHeart

    im out, i had 3 strike already ... huhuhu

    Michelle02- Have you tried the Kaplan review? I swear by it. They have online classes, on site classes, books, flask cards, mock tests, videos, tons of stuff. http://www.kaplan.com then go to test prep. I took the course, used ALL of the study materials in the Kaplan library, took the test in 30 minutes, did 75 questions and passed. I was an average student in school and didn't test well at all. The Kaplan class was the answer to my prayers.
  6. How about back pain for 3 years? Then when you asked the patient why he came in after 3 years he says "something to do on a saturday afternoon" I can think of plenty of things to do on a saturday afternoon than spend it in an emergency room. Turns out when he saw the doctor, he demanded percocet for his CHRONIC BACK PAIN and when the doc wouldn't write for it, he walked out of the ER. Figures.
  7. NursewithHeart

    Grading students by other means (not just exam grades)

    To build on the quiz topic. When I was an undergraduate, during one of my med-surg lectures we had unannounced quizzes where we were allowed to use 1 side of a 3x5 note card for our notes for the quiz. These quizzes were more objective because they were strictly knowledge based, no higher level thinking. So every week I would cram every bit of information on to that note card I could, not realizing what I was doing. I was studying and making a study tool for myself for the final exam! On the final exam I could picture my note cards in my head and pick the right answer (I'm obviously a visual learner) even though I didn't have the card. Some weeks we would have a quiz and I would use the card, other weeks we wouldn't have quizzes but I would still make the card just in case. I hope you find this helpful. Let us know what you decide to do.
  8. NursewithHeart


    http://www.kaplannursing.com/Nursing_Domestic/NCLEX-RN/Practice-the-NCLEX-RN/NS_nclex_qclient1.html check this free quiz on Kaplan's site.
  9. NursewithHeart


    I used only Kaplan and some hand me down flash cards I got from a friend. Kaplan has the actualy class, videos, MANY mock exams, flash cards, HUGE question banks and a method to the madness. There are so many resources in the Kaplan library. I worked 40 hours a week and felt like I studied another 80 hours per week for 2 months straight. Really though, Kaplan teaches you test taking methods that are priceless. It is well worth looking into.
  10. NursewithHeart


    I took the Kaplan course. While it may seem expensive, it was well worth it for me. They not only teach content, they teach proper test taking skills and how to pick the right answer even when you are unsure. I highly recommend buying at least the Kaplan study guide but the class and all the resources was well worth it. I took 75 questions in 35 minutes. I was the fourth one to start and the first one to finish.
  11. NursewithHeart

    Does anyone teach at ITT Tech?

    I have been researching ITT Tech as a possible place to work as a faculty member and would like some insight on the company and program.
  12. NursewithHeart

    Are second career nurses promoted faster

    I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "not have been spoiled by nursing". I went from HS to a 4-year college, wanting to be a marine biologist and swim with Shamu. After realizing that that dream might be far fetched and wanting to go back to my home town and leave the college I was at, I needed a scheme in order to sell my parents on the "coming home to school" idea. I looked up a local university and they happened to be advertising nursing school. Bingo! That would be my ticket to convince my parents. Little did I know they would hold me to it. I hated nursing school until my very last year when I found critical care and ED nursing. So long story short, I graduate when I was 22 years old. I went from a new grad in an ED to a interventional cardiology/vascular lab, to being almost finished with my MSN in education and being a clinical educator. As a clinical educator in an emergency department I also am able to work on special projects inside the hospital and find I am often looked to first as a resource. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I have been promoted a couple times over and I'm 26 years old. I work very hard, continuing my education, and participate in many service activites. I strongly believe promotion has nothing to do with first or second career, but that it has more to do with heart, passion, work ethic, interests, and institutions.
  13. NursewithHeart

    interview advice for new grad - PLEASE

    Be gracious and don't go into the interview acting like you know everything. Managers and directors many times are looking for not your nursing knowledge (because obviously you are a brand new nurse), they are looking to gain insight on your work ethic, attitude, how responsible you are, etc. mykidzmom gave great advice and those questions are asked many times. In every interview I've ever had, I been asked at least one of those questions if not all. Good luck! Let us know how it goes.
  14. NursewithHeart

    Advice for First Night on the Floor?

    First...STAY CALM. When I was a new grad in the ED, I was a basket case. The nurses used to call me "Starbucks" because I was at top speed to the point of almost shaking all night long like I had 10 too many lattes before work. Haha. Second...LISTEN to your patients. Many times they are on point. Do you remember learning about feelings of impending doom? If a patient tells you they are going to die, they are probably right. Stay on top of them. I have seen this many times and it's so creepy. Third..like others have said, find a mentor. Ask questions when you are unsure. Most of all...have fun and keep learning. I learn something new everyday. Learn from your patients, the ED techs, other nurses, doctors, everyone around you. ER nursing is fast paced, dramatic, fun, funny, sad, joyous, scary...ever changing. BE FLEXIBLE, BE READY FOR ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.
  15. NursewithHeart

    Staff development to Nurse Faculty

    I am currently in Staff Development as the Clinical Educator in a busy emergency department. I manage the competencies and education of about 60 staff members, Unit secretaries, RNs, paramedics, and CNAs. I will be finished with my MSN in Education in November and I have started the job search for a position in a school of nursing. I am currently considering a position as a full time faculty member in a diploma program. I have an interview in two days. I just need some words of wisdom and encouragement. I really want to move away from Staff Development for various reasons, but mainly I feel like teaching students is my calling. Any insight is greatly appreciated.