Does it sound like I can get my job back?

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At the Nursing home I work at we use walkie talkies to communicate with other staff members. A nurse that I work with one night got a resident to say "Get money b****** over them. She then posts on my Facebook using the residents initials "I got .. to say get money ******* over the walkies." State was at our facility last week and called me in to talk with them asking me if I knew of any staff members posting about residents on Facebook, I told them I didn't because honestly I forgot about that incident. This past Monday, the Director of Nursing called me and explained to me that I was terminated due to residents rights and there was a pending investigation by state against me and the nurse. I did absolutely nothing wrong, I never posted anything on how is it my fault for her actions and why am I being terminated for something somebody else did? Does it sound like I will be able to get my job back seeing that I didn't do anything?

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Why didn't you report that she posted it? I don't even list my workplace on my facebook. If someone posted anything about work on my facebook, I'd probably delete it and tell them I didn't want anything like that on my page. Employers are really serious about keeping patients off of social network sites. Never involve residents/patients with anything outside of work. HIPAA (sp?) Is serious. Good luck. Hopefully it will be a lesson learned.

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It was your responsibility to remove the unwanted and rather tasteless comment from YOUR FaceBook page.

I have seen many co-workers get called in by Human Resources for issues with comments made on social media websites. While I think it is healthy to have friends from work and post status updates such as "Night 3 of 3, almost done!" I think it is dumb and tasteless to put things like "Huge Code Brown in 60289, no more GoLytely for you!"

I think we should all use a little common sense tis' all. Best of Luck!

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In effect you lied about not having anything posted on FB. HIPAA was violated, a patient was exposed to ridicule and their dignity was slammed. There was no way for the investigators to know that you had forgotten your fellow staff member sent that post to you.

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None of my coworkers are 'Facebook friends' of mine for this very reason. It is more trouble that it is really worth.

You should have deleted it ASAP. I don't find it to be funny. You prob. won't get your job back so I would start looking elsewhere.

Now you know why people do not associate their Facebook accounts with their work.

To be frank, nurses are a dime a dozen and you are a problem.

You need to know that this might not be over, and you might be called to your BON. It might be a good idea to get some legal advice on what could happen and what your options might be eg. how to handle stuff.

I'll also repeat that Facebook is for kids, folks - grow the heck up, drop your account if you still have one and join the adult world.

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When you saw it you should have reported the other nurse, you can say you forgot it and no one will believe ou. No you can't get your job back and if i was your boss i wouldnt give it to you.

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I am sorry this is happinging to you:hug:. In some states there is a mandated reporting clause that by failing to report you were just as guilty. You probably won't get your job back for now it looks like you lied.

We cannot give legal advice on AN. If you feel you have been unfairly treated seek legal advice. There are many resources for assistance and pro-bono assistance just google your state.

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I doubt you can get your job back by claiming you didn't do anything. I think the point is that you didn't do anything.

When something is on YOUR social networking page, it's viewable by any of YOUR friends that see your page. Thus, if you don't remove it, you're responsible for spreading that information- whether it's actually a HIPAA violation or just unprofessional. You should have deleted the post when it was put on your page.

Here's another example. Someone sends you a picture of a patient to your phone. You don't delete it. The picture is later found on your phone and you're fired. You didn't take the picture, you didn't send the picture. But you were in possession of the picture and anyone could have picked up that phone and seen the picture. You're still responsible for the presence of the picture on your phone.

I'm sorry this happened for you. In the future, remember that SOCIAL media is for SOCIAL situations, and work information does not fall into that category.

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