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  1. I have taken Anatomy and Physiology twice before. Once at Ivy Tech, the instructor did not prepare you for any quiz or exam. You were expected to know ALL of the information with no direction on what information would be on an exam or quiz, at the least. I took A&P I at Beckfield college as well...my mind wasn't in the right frame at the time that I took these courses before. However, I found this class to be extremely difficult. I am now at Brown Mackie College in Northern Kentucky and I will be taking Anatomy I and II with Laura Tierney if you've had her before. I'm in the Practical Nursing program. Classes are a month long, so A&P I and II will be done in 2 months time. My first class of A&P starts in a couple of hours, and I'm literally wigging out about it. I feel like I'm more prepared and dedicated to my studies this time around. I just want to pass! I didn't even make the effort to try to get through my previous Anatomy classes due to the difficulty and my frame of mind. So far at Brown Mackie, I've taken Intro to Nursing and passes with a B, AND Microcomputer Applications I passed with an A...I would'nt have received those types of grades had it been this time last year when I was struggling. I've heard that A&P isn't that bad at BMC (Brown Mackie College), they teach you the basics and the information you NEED TO KNOW, not the superfluous bs that some colleges enforce into their curriculum. I understand that this won't come easy, and that I'll have to study as much as I can. I'm dedicated now more than ever and I have to pass this class. Has anyone been as worried as I am and then ended up passing? Any tips? Thank you!