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  1. kakamegamama

    Meeting AllNurses in Real Life?

    I have to laugh, but yep, me too! (Especially if some of the members are former and present students of mine.........)
  2. kakamegamama

    Everyone is white?

    Yes to all of this. And, the term "pasty" is offensive to some, and is indeed, impolite.
  3. kakamegamama

    Everyone is white?

    If you were hired, how is there discrimination? Just because a group of people are of a majority race/color, it doesn't mean discrimination. It could mean they are the best qualified for their positions. I have been the only white female in an African village hospital/clinic. I have been only one of 5 white Americans in an Asian city who worked in healthcare. I have been the only white person on a unit in a hospital in a major metropolitan city in the United States and the nurses refused to speak English at the nurses' station. So what. There are worse things in life, I promise. If you have been passed over for promotion because of your race , then you might have a legitimate complaint. If it's simply because the facility head honchos are white, and discrimination can't be proven and you set out to complain about your perceptions, you will only encounter trouble.
  4. kakamegamama

    Resign first or wait until I find out if I'm fired?

    In some states you cannot receive unemployment if you quit. So, take that into account. Don't assume the worst, if you have no disciplinary actions , such as verbal or written warnings, in your file. Hearing them out sounds like a good idea. Who knows----you may be offered a great opportunity, that if you quit, you will miss out on! I wish you the best!
  5. kakamegamama

    Any regrets becoming a NP?

    Becoming an NP has opened doors for me that remaining a RN would have been closed. I am thankful to be able to work in a practice in which the providers and nurses/assistants work as a team to provide quality care to our underinsured/uninsured population. I've been able to use my skills in far flung places as well, which is such a blessing and adds interest. I'm not sure I would be so thrilled in an acute care setting, however, or in a private practice different than the one I am in. Would I do it again? Yes.
  6. kakamegamama

    Lost Integrity: When Nursing Students Cheat

    What do you suggest?
  7. kakamegamama

    I found a way to avoid HIPAA violation!

    I'll be there as soon as I finish this hand of Texas Hold'em......
  8. kakamegamama

    Stupid hurts.

    ....and, we're supposed to be an evolved species......
  9. kakamegamama

    I found a way to avoid HIPAA violation!

    Who has TIME to be on social media at work????? (The same ones who play cards all day? )
  10. kakamegamama

    I hate fake call outs.

    Well, hmmm....that isn't kind. I do indeed understand your frustration and have been there myself, but really, wishing an illness on someone just because they upset you is just plain wrong.
  11. kakamegamama


    Marie, you are doing the right thing now, and have done so with contacting the CEO/Chief Medical Officer. Ease up on yourself, just as you would want someone else to forgive you. You are taking the right steps in getting counseling. I think it will help you in many ways and I wish you the best. May the peace that passes all understanding be yours.
  12. kakamegamama

    Grades when you were in Nursing School

    Yes. One semester I received a C (the lowest accepted to pass) in Med/Surg clinical. I celebrated because I had doubts that I would pass clinicals. It was rough. If possible, make an appointment with your faculty and review what/how you miss/are missing important information to do better. Be proactive and persevere.
  13. kakamegamama

    Case Study: HIPAA violation or not?

    Is this a homework assignment, or a real event that happened in your clinical? If the former, what do YOU think?
  14. kakamegamama

    Worsening Health, Considering Resignation

    I had to leave the bedside due to a blown back. I sorta enjoy being able to walk without pain, stand up straight, and sit without pain. I became a NP in part because I wanted to remain connected with patients and to make myself more useful internationally. I hate you are having these struggles and I wish you well.
  15. kakamegamama

    Nicotine Drug Testing in the Texas Medical Center

    I can remember.....walking into the nurses' station on the postpartum unit and breathing second hand smoke from nurses who smoked at the nurses' station. I can remember.....itchy, watery, and swollen eyes, sneezing uncontrollably, and going home smelling like cigarettes because I had to spend too much time at said nurses' station for whatever reason. For people like me who get sick just smelling the stuff, I'm glad that hospitals are restricting the use of cigarettes in their employees.
  16. kakamegamama

    How do you decompress?

    Watch movies/series on Amazon Prime. Talk to my husband. Organize my room (only a 2 year project--long story), work a puzzle that didn't get completely disassembled the last time I put it together. Stare into space......