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  1. Threw out back, what’s next?

    A good chiropractor can help you . Mine, for instance. I ruined my back years ago at the beside and a chiropractor helped me walk after that incident. My current chiro I see whenever I need to. He uses an instrument that is not painful and doesn’t do...
  2. Frustrating Nurse Family Members

    I usually try to not let people know I am a nurse. Sometimes I am not successful, like when I tell nursing students wearing their stethoscopes in a bbq restaurant while eating bbq that that is not the right thing to do.......but, as a patient I am pr...
  3. Witchcraft Resurgence

    And, the Nazis killed those who did not fit their description of worthy individuals. In addition to the Jews they murdered, they murdered those who were mentally handicapped, physically handicapped, mentally ill, Christians and others who helped the ...
  4. Witchcraft Resurgence

    You do not understand who the Nazis were and what they did.
  5. Witchcraft Resurgence

    Please stay out of healthcare professions as a career. Your suggestions invoke memories of history (think Nazi Germany) and current practices in some countries. (And, without realizing it, Godwin’s Law is where I went.)
  6. To kill or not to kill... another person dream?

    Yowzers! I'm glad you got that bag and are doing much better! Good luck with the criminal case. It sounds like it will take that to wake both the girl and her parents up. I kinda actually feel sorry for the girl because obviously her parents are bl...
  7. To kill or not to kill... another person dream?

    I am so glad you are okay, or at least in the process of become okay! How absolutely terrifying and awful of that girl. Perhaps a discussion with her and her parents is called for. And, I think talking to your contacts at the schools is a definite ...
  8. What Nurses really Want to Say When They Chart

  9. Witchcraft Resurgence

    Yes, sometimes when people pray we hear a voice. It may be audible, as at times it has been for me, or, it may be a sense or knowledge in the depth of my soul that tells me I am to do something or am headed in the right direction or perhaps, the wron...
  10. Witchcraft Resurgence

    That isn't unusual at all where I live. My dad, although he passed 50+ years ago, would still be called "Daddy" in all probability if he were alive today. It is seen (at least in our family ) as a title of respect and affection to our male parent.
  11. Witchcraft Resurgence

    Is this a self mixed formula, or one with proportions already determined? Is "manuka honey" a particular kind? I from time to time work in a mobile clinic in Eastern Ukraine---something like this could be so helpful for any of the patients who have...
  12. Witchcraft Resurgence

    Well, in some countries hospitals are not safe, doctors buy their degrees, and care is minimal at best.
  13. Meeting AllNurses in Real Life?

    I have to laugh, but yep, me too! (Especially if some of the members are former and present students of mine.........)
  14. Everyone is white?

    Yes to all of this. And, the term "pasty" is offensive to some, and is indeed, impolite.
  15. Everyone is white?

    If you were hired, how is there discrimination? Just because a group of people are of a majority race/color, it doesn't mean discrimination. It could mean they are the best qualified for their positions. I have been the only white female in an Afri...