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  1. kakamegamama

    Worsening Health, Considering Resignation

    I had to leave the bedside due to a blown back. I sorta enjoy being able to walk without pain, stand up straight, and sit without pain. I became a NP in part because I wanted to remain connected with patients and to make myself more useful internationally. I hate you are having these struggles and I wish you well.
  2. kakamegamama

    How do you decompress?

    Watch movies/series on Amazon Prime. Talk to my husband. Organize my room (only a 2 year project--long story), work a puzzle that didn't get completely disassembled the last time I put it together. Stare into space......
  3. kakamegamama

    Online FNP Programs

    UMass-Boston has one. Texas Woman's University has one. These online programs are online for courses, and of course, you have to find your clinical sites. I imagine you can go to the BON website of the state you are interested in and find more there. These are just 2 that I am aware of.
  4. kakamegamama

    Lose vs. Loose

    It's a bit like fingernails down the chalkboard, perhaps? I spend hours grading papers of students, many who are already nurses, with similar errors...painful!
  5. kakamegamama

    Lose vs. Loose

    This is my life right now as I grade student papers........I often cringe, as I correct their spelling, grammar, etc. Sigh.....
  6. kakamegamama

    Those parents who believe everything their kids say

    The OP called the child the snowflake.
  7. kakamegamama

    Those parents who believe everything their kids say

    Oh, I agree that kids need to learn to manage their allergies, etc. And, comments made by many do not seem to reflect that some are not in their "first days" and are "WELL aware that an allergic person doesn't have to eat their allergen." School should be a safe place for these kids, combined with helping them learn to manage their allergies. My 6 year old grandson who is highly allergic to pineapple and eggs knows he is not supposed to eat either, and is learning to tell us/others that he cannot. However, he is not always aware when those are present.
  8. kakamegamama

    Those parents who believe everything their kids say

    It's a little disturbing that you call a child a "snowflake". First graders? Seriously? Maybe a review of growth and development would do you some good.
  9. kakamegamama

    Those parents who believe everything their kids say

    A child with peanut and nut allergies does not have to eat either to have a reaction---they only need to be nearby. My daughter is highly allergic to walnuts. Her dad loved to buy the ones in shells and crack/eat them, daily. One day, she walked into and through the room where he was doing so, and by the time she got into the kitchen she was in distress. My grandson has a friend who, even sitting next to someone eating a pb&j sandwich at school would go into a severe allergic reaction, needing an epipen. So, those "peanut tables' as you call them are not farfetched.
  10. kakamegamama

    As seen on TV

    Just a trivia note: McDreamy has a lakehouse not far from where we live. When my son and his new bride left their reception via boat, I think the guests--mainly female guests---were looking, not so much at the couple but hoping to see him out on his dock (which, it seemed he like to visit frequently while there!)
  11. kakamegamama

    As seen on TV

    What?!? You mean, this can't/shouldn't be done?!?
  12. kakamegamama

    I'm over the nonsense...

    Can you address this directly with the teacher, and put it in writing. Then if needed the principal?
  13. kakamegamama

    Any nurses dealing with Tinnitus?

    OP- I have had nonstop tinnitus since April, 2009. It is aggravated by loud noises, fatigue, and stress. I like to say it started in my "rocker years" but, alas, that would be a lie. I had had it sporadically prior to that time and it would "go away" as the day progressed. On that day, it started and never stopped. Anyway----I also have a hearing loss primarily in that ear and wear hearing aids which actually help. Sometimes if it is too quiet the tinnitus is louder. If i am busy and don't pay a lot of attention to it, it is minimal to non-existent. As to stethoscope use---unless you have a hearing loss, you probably won't have any difficulty using one. Just train your ear to "hear above the noise" of the tinnitus. Good luck!
  14. kakamegamama


    I think you mean for the heart to display instead of dispay? Of course, this teacher has been grading papers that say what they mean while not saying what they mean or meaning what they say so I could be a bit confused.... Carry on & just ignore me!
  15. kakamegamama


    Thanks, Davey Do....now I can't get that song out of my head!