Does the school you go to reflect the pay


not sure if I should go to a community college or a university in canada.

will I get hired more easily or get paid better if I go to university instead?


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will I get hired more easily or get paid better if I go to university instead?

Simply put, NO


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Nope, most hopsitals have pay scales based on years of expereince.


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My employers have shown little to no interest in my education. They have all shown interest in my license and experience level.

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perhaps if you decide you want to go to a prestigious graduate school, your undergraduate school may matter. otherwise, a nurse is a nurse is a nurse. you get paid by years of seniority and/or experience, not by the school you went to. a bsn will make you more promotable in the future -- or so i'm told -- but most places are requiring their managers, case managers, etc. to have msns now anyway.

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I would have to agree with the other responses: Most employers really aren't concerned with the school you attended unless, perhaps, it is one with a very well known poor reputation. As you often hear said about doctors: "Somebody had to graduate at the bottom of the class, but they are all doctors just the same." I guess the same could be said of nurses. Once you have your license, all nurses are created equal for the most part, at least in the eyes of prospective employers.

In nursing, unlike some other professions, it seems in general simply having an advanced degree such as MSN and PhD that will matter when considering promotion to management type positions or to positions offering higher pay, not the school one attended.


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accreditation matters right? or no?


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accreditation matters right? or no?

Not to an employer.


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Originally Posted by nakeia viewpost.gif

accreditation matters right? or no?

Not to an employer.

This might be true, but if you graduate from a school that ISN'T ACCREDITED you probably will have a hard time getting your license (nclex).:icon_roll


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Hospitals don't care as long as you have an active license but I would recommend a BSN over an associates because the actual course work is usually 1 semester more for the BSN but is you decide to go back and do it it will likely be 4 more semesters of work (I did it the long way). As for accreditation that matters...especially if you are in Canada and want to come to the US to practice, you will not be able to transfer your license to the states it the school is not accredited...I think most if not all the states require graduation from an accredited program for licensure...

Good luck...

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The person that attends an "ivy leauge" school and passes the NCLEX is a REGISTERED NURSE as is the person that goes to the lowest "ranked" nursing school, graduates and passes the NCLEX is also a REGISTERED NURSE. One may have an Associates vs. a Bachelors and it may matter if they teach, do research or something like that - but overall - no difference in their status as an ENTRY LEVEL REGISTERED NURSE. Oh, one may well have a bunch more debt for their education. Note: Yale hospital does not pay graduates of Yale Nursing any more $ when they start the work of a RN.



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I think that your schooling matters while you are a new grad with no experience. Someone who went to a prestigious university will get the job over someone who went to a rinkydink community college. However, once you start to gain experience and become a seasoned nurse, your schooling will have no impact on getting hired.

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