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nakeia has 6 years experience and specializes in NICU.

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  1. nakeia

    Any1 work at CHKD?

    The NICU is a busy unit here. There are nurses that have left other units to come to the NICU. It depends on what you like first. But from what I hear most do not like working on the floors at CHKD. I heard the PICU is a cutthroat unit but not too bad if that is what you want to do. I would recommend starting with these units: ED/NICU/PACU/PICU and not the floors.
  2. nakeia

    Any1 work at CHKD?

    hello! i work there.. but in the NICU. i'm sorry that i cant give you info about the ED but i can give you some tidbits about the hospital. it is the only pediatric hospital in the area and services hampton roads to the eastern shore to parts of northern north carolina. there are satelites but for peds offices, outpatient surgeries or radiology. i'm not sure what the pay will be for experienced rn's (i started as a new grad here) but i can tell you that we recieved a 2 percent pay raise last year (yes! a full 2 percent!) and that was the first in 5 years. Also, the hospital is a little outdated as far as technology goes. they are just catching up with the rest. CHKD is a hospital that is respected in the community but everyone has there complaints about working here. i enjoy working here but am looking to find something else... mostly because of pay, secondly because of tunnels and traffic. hope it helped. :)
  3. I wouldn't worry about the pregnancy and finding employment. I was in your shoes a year ago. Found out I was pregnant after graduating. I didnt tell my employer until the time was right. I was able to take off for 6 weeks, they call it short term medical leave where I work. I would definitely continue the search for a nursing job.
  4. nakeia

    Who came up with the idea of 12 HOUR SHIFTS?

    i love the 12's but since when did they have to start at 630 in the morning!! what about a 9a-9p?? I can do that. Plus, when you work nights you are basically working TWO days... hellllo people!! lol
  5. nakeia

    NICU = love :)

    I like that the patients do not talk back to you and the challenge of figuring out what is wrong with them because they don't talk back. I dislike that the parents are there to talk back to you (lol... well the overally obsessive and ignorant ones) and the fact that I participate in keeping a 23/24 weeker alive. It also sucks when a baby dies but who is a fan of death??? OB would be the rotation!
  6. nakeia

    How Much Does a STUDENT NURSE TECH Make???

    $9.30 at this Palmetto Health $10+ at Providence
  7. nakeia

    24 Hour Visitation

    The NICU I am working in will soon be transitioning to 24 hour visitation for parents. That means they will be able to be present for shift change as well as procedures that you would usually ask parents to leave for. For those of you who work in a NICU that has 24 hour visitation for parents... How has it been working out?
  8. nakeia

    I Passed the RNC!!!!!!!

  9. landing a job early means applying early... real early! i graduated this may and some in my class started applying in december and they had jobs by february.
  10. nakeia

    CHKD salary

    New Grad Here... Starting there in a week... Base: $20.38 Differential: Evening-$2.00, Nights-$7.00, Weekend, $2.00 Experienced RN may be higher... Dont know...